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Hello all,

I'm Luke the new webmaster, and with the aid of WhitePhoenix I will be restoring Pokemon Dungeon to it's former glory. I will do my best to maintain the haunted theme & style of the site whilst making the site as google/seo friendly as possible. I am currently working on restoring all the old content in a way that fits the new site.

We will be looking for lots of stuff once that and the shell of the site are complete. What we'll be after:-
- Writers! You can never have too much new content. Reviewers, game guide writers, news editors are all welcome.
- Artists! We will not only be running an 'artist of the month' section but will be hosting infinite art galleries by people who like to draw or digitally create Pokemon.

I will work with WhitePhoenix to get a site history online soon, it would be wrong not to considering Gengar and Haunter founded this site in 2000.

Stay tuned for further updates & thanks for visiting.



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