Do you run a Pokémon or Nintendo website? We are looking to exchange links with a few select Pokémon fan sites. Pokémon Dungeon is an old site and as such carries some weight in terms of the quality of the link back you'd get from us and how it will help you.

We have a couple of requirements when considering sites to partner up with:-

  • Reasonably established sites with a good level of unique content
  • Our link to be displayed in the same way yours is. ie: If we have it in our affiliate block in the footer on every page, it would be nice to get the same back. Whereas if your link is featured only on our link page then we'd expect the same in return.
  • Your own domain as opposed to free hosted sites like geocities etc.

Benefits to both sites

  • Both sites will get traffic from each other. Our visitors are Pokémon and/or Nintendo fans; some of which will undoubtedly be interested in clicking your link and having a browse of your site
  • Collaboration; if you've recently published some content that is a) relevant to our readers and b) something you'd like help promoting we will promote it on our social media channels and do a news post about it on the frontpage - just give us a shout!

If you run a Pokémon or Nintendo fan site that meets the above criteria please get in touch and we'll get it done!



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