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Pokémon is one of the most succesful videogame franchises in the world (perhaps only the Mario series being bigger) and spans over two decades. As well as the enduring appeal of the games and the anime themselves amongst fans The Pokemon Company's advertising / media team are obviously doing something right. This section contains some of our favourite Pokemon TV Commercials & Advertisements from our collection as well as our playlist for the same on YouTube.

Some of the ads are generic game ads, some are fan made and some are for special promotions, toys, games. In Japan inparticular they have some really crazy ones. Check out some of our favourites below:-

This Japanese Ad for Pokemon Bread being a personal favourite. I don't speak Japanese, but you get the idea. "Must, eat... Pokébread". Watched it? Now you too can suffer hearing that tune in your head for weeks to come. You can't unhear it now.

This one believe it or not is an unofficial, fan made production. It's for Pokemon Sun & Moon by John Wikstrom. And it hits you right in the feels. "You evolved. So did we."

A Tomy Toys TV Commercial for Pokemon Action Figures. The Venusaur and Blastoise attacks do look really cool.

A classic TV Commercial for Pokemon Red & Blue versions on the Game Boy. "Where can you catch all 150 Pokémon?! on your Game Boy that's where!"

A USA TV Commercial for Gen 7 titles Pokemon Sun & Moon.

Plenty more where these came from and adding new ones all the time. We have USA, European, Aus/NZ as well as Japanese Pokemon TV Ads and commercials. You can sub our channel below, if you like!



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