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As promised in my previous post I have been working pretty flat out to get a lot of the old content back online; including but not limited to the PokeDex. Our PokeDex was one of the very first online, as such it's a little out of date but still an excellent resource if you need a dex for Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow or Gold, Silver, Crystal.

We've also got archived information from The Library back online and are rebuilding our Pokemon RBY and GSC sections. Due to some technical problems progress is a bit slower than I would like which is a shame as one of the things we want to get up asap is an updated Forum. It's also really encouraging to hear that White Phoenix is in contact with many of the old Pokemon Dungeon community who may resurface once a suitable forum is online.

In the mean time we could use any and all help we can get our hands on - we need writers mostly but would also welcome artwork submissions from anyone who enjoys drawing or digitally creating Pokemon images.



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