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Pokemon released originally as Japanese anime television series and has since been adapted for global audiences, Pokémania has been in full swing since it all kicked off back in April of 1997. The series spans over 20 years and 20 seasons to date and has paved the way for 18 movies.

The series' also directly tie in with the main series of Pokemon videogames in terms of the plot and Pokémon featured within them.

Click on the seasons logo below to be taken to more information about that series including information on the plot, characters, related movies, region(s) it takes place in, episode lists as well as trivia and information on the cast etc.

Pokemon Indigo Season 1 Logo Pokemon Adventures in the Orange Islands Season 2 Logo Pokemon The Johto Journeys Season 3 Logo
Pokemon Season 1
Indigo League
Pokemon Season 2
Adventures in the Orange Islands
Pokemon Season 3
The Johto Journeys
Pokemon Johto League Champions Season 4 Logo Pokemon Master Quest Season 5 Logo Pokemon Advanced Season 6 Logo
Pokemon Season 4
Johto League Champions
Pokemon Season 5
Master Quest
Pokemon Season 6
Pokemon Advanced Challenge Season 7 Logo Pokemon Advanced Battle Season 8 Logo Pokemon Battle Frontier Season 9 Logo
Pokemon Season 7
Advanced Challenge
Pokemon Season 8
Advanced Battle
Pokemon Season 9
Battle Frontier
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Season 10 Logo Pokemon Battle Dimension Season 11 Logo Pokemon Galactic Battles Season 12 Logo
Pokemon Season 10
Diamond and Pearl
Pokemon Season 11
Battle Dimension
Pokemon Season 12
Galactic Battles
Pokemon Sinnoh League Victors Season 13 Logo Pokemon Black & White Season 14 Logo Pokemon BW Rival Destinies Logo
Pokemon Season 13
Sinnoh League Victors
Pokemon Season 14
Black & White
Pokemon Season 15
BW: Rival Destinies
Pokemon Season 16 BW Adventures in Unova Logo Pokemon X & Y Logo Pokemon X & Y Kalos Ques Season 18 Logot
Pokemon Season 16
BW: Adventures in Unova
Pokemon Season 17
X & Y
Pokemon Season 18
X & Y: Kalos Quest
Pokemon XYZ Season 19 Logo Pokemon Sun & Moon Season 20 Logo  
Pokemon Season 19
Pokemon Season 20
Sun & Moon



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