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As an oldschool content based website we are always on the lookout for new writers with a love of Pokemon. PD ran from 2000 to around 2012 as an active site however we have just relaunched after a period of downtime.

We are looking for
- General content writers and editors: Would like to write a page we don't have yet? or enhance an existing one? maybe you want to help update the PokeDex?
- Guide writers: One of our projects at PD is to provide good quality guides to each Pokemon game from the main series of games right the way across to the smaller spin off games.
- News Editors: We could definitely use the help of one or two writers who are well informed on the newest developments in Pokemon to help keep us up to date
- Reviewers: We would like to add a number of reviewers to our team, be that for the newest Pokemon games or retro reviews of the older games.

- A good standard of spelling and grammar and strong knowledge of Pokemon.
- Some examples of your previous work would be beneficial.

Benefits for our writers
- A link back to your personal website or a social media profile of your choice (ie follow @writer on twitter, visit writers youtube channel etc) at the footer of any article you write.
- The option for the tasteful implementation of your own personal Google AdSense code to monetize your work
- Full credit and exposure on the main site and articles promoted via our social media channels
- After a period of time our writers will be considered for other benefits and rewards for their work

If you love Pokemon and love to write, we'd love to hear from you so please get in touch so we can have a chat and see how we can work together.



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