Staff & Credits
Staff & Credits


Pokémon Dungeon and Pokémon Dungeon Forums
Staff and Credits Page

Staff Members

Gengar (Curtis Alumbaugh) – Founder and webmaster Gengar & Haunter’s Pokemon Dungeon, and Gengar & Haunter’s Pokemon Forums
Haunter (Ian Alumbaugh) – Founder, co-webmaster Gengar & Haunter’s Pokemon Dungeon, administrator Gengar & Haunter’s Pokemon Forums
Luke Ketchum (Luke Hackett) – Webmaster, Pokémon Dungeon, and Pokémon Dungeon Forums
White Phoenix (Rod Lockwood) – Assistant webmaster, Pokémon Dungeon, and administrator Pokémon Dungeon Forums
Kaidelong – Assistant webmaster, Pokémon Dungeon, and Pokémon Dungeon Forums
FloppyBelly – Administrator, Pokémon Dungeon Forums
Ametrine – Moderator and PD-ASB Administrator, Pokémon Dungeon Forums
Krisp – Moderator, Pokémon Dungeon Forums

Inactive Staff Members

SK – Moderator, Pokémon Dungeon Forums
FrostFire – Moderator, Pokémon Dungeon Forums
KholdStare – Moderator, Pokémon Dungeon Forums
MeLovesGhosts – Moderator, Pokémon Dungeon Forums
Eevee – Moderator, Pokémon Dungeon Forums

Website Credits - was a popular Pokemon Fansite that is no longer running, and allowed us to host their old content at Pokemon Dungeon.   – Official website of Pokémon   – Official website of Nintendo   – Thanks for names of pokémon in Japanese, GHPD Pokedex entries, and the secrets/codes
Skill-Stat Finder   – Thanks for the pokémon stat formulas which we used in calculating max stats, base stats, and percentiles in the GHPD Pokedex.

Book/Magazine Credits

Pojo's Unofficial Big Book of Pokémon   – R/B/Y pokémon pics, Trading Card Prices
Pokémon Master Pokedex: Prima's Official Strategy Guide   – GHPD Pokedex (Version 2.5–4.0)
The Official Nintendo Player's Guide: Pokémon Special Edition   – GHPD Pokedex (Version 1.0)
The Official Nintendo Player's Guide: Pokémon Stadium 2   – Type Chart
The Official Nintendo Player's Guide: Pokémon Stadium   – GHPD Pokedex (Version 2.0), RBY Items, RBY Attacks & Abilities, RBY TMs & HMs
The Official Nintendo Player's Guide: Pokémon Gold/Silver Version   – GS Items, GS Attacks & Abilities, GS TMs & HMs
Nintendo Power   – GS pokémon pics, Important Dates
The Official Nintendo Player's Guide: Pokémon Crystal   – Crystal Items, part of the GHPD Pokedex version 4.1

Other GHPD/GHPF/GHPE Credits

Gengar – Thank you for the online and offline GHPF Pokedex. The centerpiece of this site for many years. Preserved on Pokémon Dungeon for posterity.
Haunter – Thank you for coming up with the idea of a Pokémon site and sharing it with us.
Pukacho - GHPE Moderator
PKMN Mewtwo - GHPE Moderator
Delta Dragosaur – Thanks for submitting the Stadium 1 Pokedex Entries.
Mechanism8 – Thanks for submitting your max stat graph.
Sara Francis (representative of Marketing and New Media at Miramax Films) – Thanks Sara for the exclusive Pokémon 4Ever synopsis and pics.
SJ10689 – Thanks for reporting the many errors so that we could fix them.

Other PD/PDF Credits

Ametrine – Thanks for the marketing analyses and advice.
Crystal Ribbon - Thanks for making the really nice section heading images for many of our category pages for the modern (2017 onward) Pokemon Dungeon.
Nirav Zaveri – Thanks for the Pokémon Breeding Guide which is now part of Gengar’s Pokédex.
Shad0w_Sciz0r – Thanks for creating the Haunted Pokémon Dungeon banners, logos and artwork.
Tiff - Tiff was the webmaster of and kindly allowed us to take on their old content.
White Phoenix – Thanks for not totally destroying the site while attempting to update and repair it.



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