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Hey all thanks for stopping by at the haunted ruins of Pokémon Dungeon.

Myself (Luke), WhitePhoenix and Big Bad Benni Castellanos are still working hard in the background to restore the site to former glories. And here's the first update on what may be new since you last visited:-

New Content

Our Pokémon Go section is now open. We've also added a couple of other important Pogo pages such as how to claim your defender bonus (it changed during the recent gym rework) and how to evolve eevee into all five of the currently available evolved forms.

The Pogo page was pretty massive and took me a good week plus so I decided it was time to kick back relax and cover Camp Pokémon as a bit of an easy option. For those who don't know Camp Pokémon is a free app for iOS/Android so maybe give it a go if you're really, really struggling for something to do ;-)

Likewise our Pokémon Sun & Moon section is also open and is pretty much finished. We've also added a page telling you how to get the latest round of mega evo stones. There's still lots more I want to cover for these too so stay tuned.

Ben Castellanos has also been hard at work on sections for his own favourite Pokémon Games and has covered Pokemon Gold & Silver, the section for which is now live. Ben's also just finishing off his page on Pokémon Crystal too.

The Forums

Although online forums mostly died a death in the mid to late 2000's ours was one of the ones that prevailed and remained popular right the way through to 2012 when technical difficulties knocked it offline and it's lain dormant ever since. Being as we still have a core memberbase of users, mods and admins showing interest in returning to their once loved forums we have ressurected them... well OK, 'we' might be a bit rich... WhitePhoenix has ressurected them, cleaned them up and I am pleased to confirm our forum is now back in business and ready to welcome back/welcome members old and new.

Special Thanks

I would also like to give special thanks to our artist Crystal-Ribbon for designing the headers for three more of our sections. For anyone else interested in Becky's work she does take commissions so contact her via her DeviantArt profile

Reviews header
The header for our reviews page

Games section header
The header for our game pages

Gallery header
The header for our artwork pages

Projects in the Works

One of the main projects being worked on here at PD right now is the Pokémon Trainer's assistant which WhitePhoenix has been building over a period of years. As a result of this project being huge it is likely to be released in stages... starting with the MoveDex which we anticipate will be out in a couple of months by now. It's actually up and working but we don't have the SQL, PHP skills between us to implement it into the site as yet.

Like to write? Like to draw?

If you're a Pokémon fan who likes to write about their favourite games, movies or episodes of the anime or even the trading card game please get in touch. We could really use more writers.

Likewise if you are an artist who draws or otherwise digitally creates Pokémon art we would love to feature your work with links back to DeviantArt, Tumblr profiles or any personal websites from your gallery page. We are currently in the process of selecting our artist of the month for July 2017. So again if you've seen some Pokémon art online that you thought was really great please let me know.



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