Pokemon Dungeon Update: June 1st 2017
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Hello all!

Just a quick site update to let you know that although on the surface it's looked a little quiet myself and WhitePhoenix are working on the following

- We've just finished restoring content from the old site including the original online PokeDex for the first two gens.
- Our Fan artist of the month for June 2017 is Ipun - check out her gallery here
- Despite my technical ineptitude I have been able to get our first Poll of the Month working. Be sure to show your support for your favourite water starter Pokémon!
- We've added a tonne of Pokemon Wallpapers, most of which are in HD - visit our wallpapers section
- Our Pokémon TV commercials section is now open too.

We've still got problems restoring the old forums, although we did at one point have them working they are very much down again at the moment. The forums were a key part of this site and it's once thriving community of aspiring Pokémon Trainers and we will do our best to get them back up soon.

In the mean time should anyone be a massive Pokémon fan and aspiring writer please don't hesitate to contact me... we could sure use more writers to help us get back to where we were!

That's all for now. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned.



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