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Pokemon Conquest
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General information
 Platform  Nintendo DS
 Developed by  Tecmo Koei
 Published by  Nintendo / TPC
 Generation  Generation V
 Release dates
  Australia  June 21st, 2012
  Europe  July 27th, 2012
  Japan  March 19th, 2012
  United States  June 18th, 2012
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Pokemon Conquest title screenReleased on Nintendo DS, Pokémon Conquest, also known as Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition, is a turn based strategy game and a cross over with the Nobunaga's Ambition game series, portraying the unification of the feudal Japan during the Sengoku Period.

It is the first Pokémon game in this genre, featuring several Pokémon up to the fifth generation. The game has a rather unique gameplay and storyline, where both Japanese Warlords and Pokémon work together to unite the divided Ransei region.

The first news of Pokémon Conquest as an upcoming game was in the first volume of CoroCoro Magazine released in 2012 and an announcement at Jump Festa 2012. Later on the game was officially revealed during the Jump Festa 2012 event and it's official website launched not long after.

Official Description

Warlords and Pokémon unite to conquer the land!


The story starts out with the player picking to play either as a male or a female then choosing a name for their character, who's the newest Warlord in the Ransei region and the ruler of the Aurora Kingdom.
Pokemon Conquest Hero and his EeveeThe Hero and his Eevee
The region is divided into seventeen Kingdoms, where a Warlord governs each one of them. The region is also home of a legend that foretells the return of a mighty being that created the whole region, once it is finally united. After being mocked by the three Warlords Masanori, Mitsunari and Kiyomasa who find the player unworthy for such title, the underrated Warlord gets challenged by two Warriors from the Kingdom of Ignis. A girl named Oichi joins the player's side in the battle and together they beat the Warriors. She then entrusts the player with the responsibility of uniting the feuding Kingdoms, all while teaching them most of the game mechanics and tricks.

The player starts by first conquering the three Kingdoms of Ignis, Greenleaf and Fontaine, in order, crushing their respective Warlords Hideyoshi, Motonari and Motochika. As the player progresses as a Warlord, they learn how to recruit other Warlords to team up with them, along with new wild Pokémon.

They decide, next, to conquer the Violight, Chrysalia and Pugilis Kingdoms ruled respectively by Ginchiyo, Yoshimoto and Yoshihiro. Once that is done, the Kingdom of Illusio governed by Shingen and the Kingdom of Terrera governed by Kenshin, become available for conquest. As the player decides to attack either one of them, the selected Kingdom responds with an attack on the player's Kingdom, forcing them to go and defend it. Succeeding in defending their Kingdom, the player transforms into a stronger Warrior and is now able to conquer one of the two Kingdoms, as both of them will Shingen Pokemon ConquestShingen automatically join the player's side once one of them falls. As Kenshin and Shingen join the player's party, the famous Nobunaga, who turns out to be Oichi's brother, appears and reveals that he too seeks to reunite the whole region under his supreme rule.

The player continues to conquer the rest of the Kingdoms in the area and obtains throughout the process three evolutionary stones that can be used to evolve Eevee. Now that all the available Kingdoms are defeated, Ieyasu, Nō and Mitsuhide, who are Nobunaga's strongest Warlords, appear with their respective Kingdoms Valora, Spectra and Nixtorm. Beating them gives the player access to the last Kingdom, Dragnor, where the Nobunaga resides.

With the final Kingdom under control, strange lights shoot out from different parts of the region toward a tower in Dragnor, where the player finds the legendary Arceus; the awaited creator from the legend. The player successfully links up with Arceus, but is then, once again, confronted by Nobunaga and four of his Warlord followers, revealing that his true motive was to get Arceus to appear and then defeat it. The real final challenge takes place between the player and the five Warlords, from which the player emerges as the victor and ultimately reunites the region and restores peace to the land. Arceus then disappears, stating that it is destined to meet with the player again.

Completing the main scenario wil unlock Special Episodes, in the form of different smaller missions each with their own short storylines.


Pokémon Conquest offers a variety of Pokémon from the first five generations, which the player can befriend and set as partners for their Warlords. Some of these Pokémon can only be obtained through special ways like the Swarm Pokémon and the Legendary ones.

Befriend a Pokémon

When there are wild Pokémon present on the battlefield, the player will notice a medal above them, which determines their compatibility and how much Link they can achieve with the current Warlord, whom Pokémon the player is moving. The medal's color refers to the degree of compatibility between the Warlord and the wild Pokémon. If they're compatible, the player can choose the link option, after getting close to them. This will trigger a mini game, where the player has to hit A, as each energy ball goes through the circle. Successfully hitting the button while the energy ball is in the middle of the circle will increase a gauge that needs to be filled up completely to befriend the Pokémon. The befriended Pokémon will then join the player's side, disappearing from the battlefield.

 Medals and their respective achievable Link
Medal Link
Red Cross Not compatible
Bronze Medal 40% - 60%
Silver Medal 60% - 80%
Gold Medal 80% - 100%

Some of the Warlords and their partners

Hideyoshi and Monferno

Ginchiyo and Luxio

pc kenshin and mewtwo

pc mitsuhide and lapras
Hideyoshi and Monferno Ginchiyo and Luxio Kenshin and Mewtwo Mitsuhide and Lapras

Swarm Pokémon

During the game, the player will get randomly informed that some wild Pokémon are Swarming a certain area, that will appear in one of the Kingdoms. The Swarms that last for the whole month of in game time, are the only place to find these specific Pokémon:

 Pokémon Kingdoms they swarm in
374Beldum Valora
347Anorith Chrysalia
515Panpour Fontaine
511Pansage Greenleaf
513Pansear Ignis
215Sneasel Nixtorm
133Eevee Aurora
587Emolga Violight
425Drifloon Spectra
443Gible Dragnor
531Audino Aurora
453Croagunk Viperia

Legendary Pokémon

Throughout the Special Episodes, the player might receive a notice of a weird Pokémon appearing in a new area, on one of the Kingdoms. The weird Pokémon will turn out to be a legendary one and the player has only one chance to befriend it, since it won't reappear again if the player fails.

 Legendary Pokémon Warlord they link better with
144Articuno Mitsuhide
150Mewtwo Kenshin
379Registeel Ieyasu
383Groudon Shingen
384Rayquaza Nobunaga
483Dialga Tadakatsu
484Arceus The player
639Terrakion Keiji
643Reshiram Hideyoshi
644Zekrom Nobunaga

Password Pokémon

The game features a password system where they can different codes with which many Pokémon are unlocked. Unlike other games, where passwords unlock the Pokémon instantly, Passwords only make sure that the Pokémon's encounter or event will happen for sure. Once the Pokémon's password is entered, the player might get told about the Pokémon swarming certain areas.

 Pokémon Passwords for the Japanese version
Pokémon Code
133Eevee 0エレフレ8カ0
513Pansear ネ8フニミゼテラ
515Panpour ズヂメ7メボオ6
511Pansage レロロカ8ロヂガ
25Pikachu メキト7ア8オト
587Emolga テヘビトカ1リミ
501Oshawott 2ゾ2ケグヘロヒ
495Snivy 8トセギモビセヒ
447Riolu セ9タフロヂロ
390Chimchar ママフ1ヲ0ゾチ
610Axew ドルリヘ8トナヤ
443Gible ゾボエ1ナナボコ
215Sneasel コレキ1カキテゾ
547Whimsicott ヲイベカ0カビへ
200Misdreavus ヨヂボマ0ノネハ
246Larvitar カボエ7ロオボヒ
453Croagunk 28セメフフロヒ
531Audino セ6ゼチ86ヤヒ
633Deino リヂビ4サ8ボメ
555Darmanitan 28セメハクハ1
147Dratini キエメヒメカ0ド
130Gyarados レルル6カミルフ
374Beldum カマ8メカセヂキ
131Lapras エ8カクゾ9トオ
636Larvesta ホヂ84カチトミ
549Lilligant 8メセヤモビナフ
123Scyther トロ06カロラデ

 Pokémon Passwords for the International version
Pokémon Password
133Eevee 2rz3XFCKmR
610Axew BqWxXEK3xg
246Larvitar Lpu3ggCYk8
443Gible LTb3n3RYJ8
495Snivy XyADXkr138
447Riolu Shw8mxRAJR
390Chimchar RKGBxzC2n8
200Misdreavus mnKX3qwrZR
518Musharna iMYXwqtHgL
374Beldum CMqkZRRSRX
215Sneasel Rc338MpqLx
25Pikachu urALRZwvRg
511Pansage q5wwwxHD8n
515Panpour CNZF3wpq3x
513Pansear niE33w9rwM
147Dratini Sr5Z5GqAgR
573Cinccino vVALFrGTXX
555Darmanitan pK5RgzqLG8
453Croagunk LKpk8FRQR8
587Emolga Jnm3kqgN8X
571Zoroark 6iYmwq1Y8w
549Lilligant RwGxLbHRRk
636Larvesta yQAw81qxGR
501Oshawott frCLRpXG88
130Gyarados mq2xRVNgRL
131Lapras GfV33RVN3F
123Scyther 8GV3LMGrnM

Setting and Characters

The game takes place in the Ransei region, a big island shaped like Arceus (which is actually its creator), filled with many mountainous areas and surrounded by sea. It is divided into 17 Kingdoms, each of them ruled by a Warlord that uses one of the 17 Pokémon Types.

 Kingdoms of the Ransei region
Kingdom Warlord Pokémon Type
Aurora The player Normal
Ignis Hideyoshi Fire
Greenleaf Motonari Grass
Fontaine Motochika Water
Pugilis Yoshihiro Fighting
Violight Ginchiyo Electric
Chrysalia Yoshimoto Bug
Terrera Shingen Ground
Illusio Kenshin Psychic
Cragspur Ujiyasu Rock
Viperia Nene Poison
Yaksha Kotarō Dark
Avia Masamune Flying
Valora Ieyasu Steel
Spectra Ghost
Nixtorm Mitsuhide Ice
Dragnor Nobunaga Dragon

Befriending characters

The player may befriend both common Warriors found randomly in the different Kingdoms and the actual Warlords ruling the Kingdoms. To befriend a Warlord, the player has to either defeat their Pokémon without taking from it, or defeat their Pokémon in 4 turns. Some Warlords would depend on scenario progression before becoming available for recruitment.

Gameplay and Features

In order to reunite Ransei, the player would have to defeat many Warlords and Warriors. When a character is defeated, they join the player's ranks and their Pokémon become available. The player may switch the Warlords' Pokémon and try to find them better partners, having a Pokémon that can reach a perfect Link with the Warlord will allow them to be extremely strong, stat wise, and be able to evolve thoroughly.

Overworld Map Mechanics

On the overworld map, the player have different functionality at their disposal, which increase as the game progresses. Any available area may be selected on the map, giving the player information about the Kingdom itself and their inhabitants. The player can enter a selected Kingdom, within which there are several sub areas, including fields, caves and wild areas containing wild Pokémon. There are also civilized places, where the player may interact with the citizens there, like the shop keepers.

Pokemon Conquest The Aurora Castle in the Kingdom of Aurora
The Aurora Castle in the Kingdom of Aurora, the players home Kingdom.

Battle Mechanics

The battles take a turn-based strategy format, where players can use up to six Pokémon at a time, with their respective Warlords partners. Each Pokémon has only one move, instead of four, and mostly from their Pokémon type. The battles between Pokémon does still obey the weakness and resistance battle mechanics, featured in the main series. Moreover, Warlords too have abilities that influence their Pokémon during the battle, by increasing their stats or even helping them recover faster. To win the battle, all the opponent's Pokémon must be knocked out, or the player must reach their goal in the mission.

Monthly Action

Each month the player has one monthly action, with which they can do one of several activities. Aside from battling, the player may dedicate their monthly action to buy an item from the in-game shop. One should notice that browsing the shop without buying any item won't consume the monthly action. The player can also use the monthly turn to train the Pokémon, increasing their Link with their Warlord.

In-Game Events

At the start of every month, variouis people will appear on the overworld map, informing the player with the events occurring in the different Kingdoms. These are the events that the player might encounter:

  • A doctor might appear and educate the player about ranks, evolution and abilities.
  • When a Warlord isn't used for a prolonged period of time, they might try to attract the player's attention by giving them a special item.
  • A firework festival will start at the beginning of a new year, if the player has already found the fireworks item.
  • The player might be informed of a legendary Pokémon's location. This only happens after finishing the main story.
  • A merchant might sometimes visit the player, selling rare items.
  • Random citizens will contact the player and ask them to help retrieving a stolen item.
  • If the player doesn't attack an enemy Kingdom for too long, their strength will increase considerably.
  • Sometimes, farmers might appear and ask for monetary donations. If you donate 5000, very rare items will be unlocked in the shop. If 2500 is donated, the player will get discounts from the shops in the region. If only 1000 is donated, the number of items sold by the shop will increase.
  • Extreme weather conditions might hit the Ransei region, ranging from Snowfall, Rain and Heat which will respectively increase Pokémon moves from the Ice, Water and Fire types.

Warlords and Pokémon Evolutions

Both Pokémon and Warlords can evolve in Pokémon Conquest. For a Warlord to evolve, they need to reach the highest Link possible with the their perfect match Pokémon. When that is done, they'll undergo a transformation, changing their appearances and increasing their stats.

As for Pokémon evolution, most Pokémon will evolve upon raising their stat levels to a certain amount, while others will require a different process. Certain Pokémon would need to have an item, such as the Metal Coat or Water Stone, attached to them and be used in battle. Others would require raising the Link percentage to a specific number.

EeveeFurthermore, the player's starter Pokémon, Eevee, has a unique evolution process, as it can evolve into different Pokémon, depending on various conditions. To evolve Eevee, its Link should be raised a lot and then used to battle a specific nation. Eevee will evolve into a Pokémon corresponding to the type used by that nation. For example, if Eevee is used to battle a nation using the Ice Type, it will evolve into Glaceon, While using it to battle a nation using the Grass Type, will evolve it into Leafeon.

After Story Missions

They are the post game episodes, unlocked after defeating Nobunaga in the main storyline. The player will encounter many new Warlords within these missions, along with their Pokémon, which can be added to the player's ranks. Only 8 missions are available at first, and many more get unlocked as the player finishes them, reaching a total of 33 mission.

 After Story Missions, their goals and their unlocking conditions
Mission Goal Unlocking Conditions
Tragic Determination The army of Nobunaga must be defeated before the 4th of January Available as one of the first 8 missions
Happily Ever After Unify the Kingdoms in the local area Available as one of the first 8 missions
The Joy of Battle Win 5 battles Available as one of the first 8 missions
The Burden of Peace Gather 100 Pokémon Available as one of the first 8 missions
The Way of the Warrior Unify the Kingdoms in the local area Available as one of the first 8 missions
Pride and Precociousness Unify 7 Kingdoms Available as one of the first 8 missions
A Shroud of Darkness Unify 8 Kingdoms Available as one of the first 8 missions
Not Worth Fighting Over (1) Unify 4 Kingdoms Available as one of the first 8 missions
The Rose of Ransei Unify 7 Kingdoms Finish " Not Worth Fighting Over (1)"
Not Worth Fighting Over (2) Unify 4 Kingdoms Finish " Not Worth Fighting Over (1)"
Not Worth Fighting Over (3) Unify 4 Kingdoms Finish " Not Worth Fighting Over (2)"
All Grown Up Unify the Kingdoms in the local area Finish "Tragic Determination"
Ransei's Legendary Beauty Unify 7 Kingdoms Finish "Tragic Determination"
The Visionary's Quests Befriend 100 Pokémon Finish "Happily Ever After"
The Reluctant Genius Unify 8 Kingdoms Finish "Happily Ever After"
Teaching Them a Lesson Unify 8 Kingdoms Finish "Happily Ever After"
Love is a Battlefield Unify 7 Kingdoms Finish "The Joy of Battle"
Land of Love and Righteousness Unify the Kingdoms in the location area Finish "The Joy of Battle"
A Ninja amongst Ninjas Unify 8 Kingdoms Finish "The Burden of Peace"
The Unparalleled Warrior Unify the Kingdoms in the local area Finish "The Burden of Peace"
Time for Battle! Unify 8 Kingdoms Finish "The Way of the Warrior"
Archenemies Win 5 battles Finish "The Way of the Warrior"
Blowing in the Wind Unify the Kingdoms in the local area Finish "Pride and Precociousness"
The Final Gamble Unify the Kingdoms in the local area Finish "Pride and Precociousness"
The Rebel The army of Nobunaga must be defeated before the 4th of January Finish "A Shroud of Darkness"
That Which He Holds Dear Befriend 40 Warlords Finish "A Shroud of Darkness"
This One Goes Out to My Fans Unify the Kingdoms in the local area Finish "All Grown Up"
Grace and Beauty Unify 8 Kingdoms Finish "The Unparalleled Warrior"
PokéMari & Me Befriend 40 Warlords Finish "Archenemies"
Putting the Books Down Befriend 100 Pokémon Finish "Blowing in the Wind"
The Dragon's Dream Unify the Kingdoms in the local area Finish "Blowing in the Wind"
I Want to be the Best Unify 8 Kingdoms Finish "That Which He Holds Dear"
The Road to Conquest Unify the Kingdoms in the local area Finish 9 missions
The Two Heroes of Ransei Unify the Kingdoms in the local area Complete all the previous missions

Multiplayer Feature

Pokémon Conquest does also offer a multiplayer mode thanks to the wireless feature of the Nintendo DS. Player's may battle each other, with the Host being the one who manages all the match details, like the area where it will take place and the Pokémon Link limit. They may also choose whether they'll be attacking or defending, or they might also let it be randomly chosen.


Videos from Pokemon Conquest including the trailer, TV commercials and opening/intro.

USA TV Commercial

Announcement Trailer

Intro / Opening, definitely worth a watch to give you a feel for the game

Trivia & Facts

  • The perfect Link of Hideyoshi and Monfero is a reference to the real Toyotomi Hideyoshi who was often called "Saru", meaning Monkey in Japanese, as he resembled one physically.pc hideyoshi and infernape
  • If Pokémon Conquest wasn't released, another Pokémon Crossover game would've been done instead, with the game Fire Emblem.
  • The Warlord Hangei was given the lowest stats of all, referencing to the real life Takenaka Hanbei who was a sick man suffering of tuberculosis and dying because of it very young. Another reference is done in the game, at the end of his story, as he appears to be somewhat sick.
  • Since "Hey You, Pikachu!" 's release, this was the only Pokémon game to be released in English and Japanese.

Sales figures

Within three months of its release, the game sold 269 thousand copies in Japan, around 10 thousand in Europe, and nearly 244 thousand in the USA. The sales continued to rise, reaching a total of 368 thousand copies sold in Japan, 50 thousand in Europe, and almost 511 thousand in the USA, with a final global number of 1.02 million copies.


Review scores

The game was for the most part very well received, receiving some exceptionally high scores on major review websites. Let's take a look at these scores:

  • Audrey Drake from IGN found the game very entertaining with its fun and diverse mechanics, rating it 9/10, the equivalent of "Amazing" on the IGN scale.
  • Heidi Kemps of GameSpot also enjoyed the game, finding it quite unique and stating " Pokemon Conquest's concept and setting are unique, and the curiosity factor alone adds a good amount of appeal and fun to a fairly standard strategy RPG.", while rating the game 6.5/10, which equates to "Fair" on the GS scale.
  • On GameRankings, Pokémon Conquest received a high score of 81.97%, over 29 reviews, while it scored 80%, over 40 critics.
  • DetroitDJ reviewed the game on behalf of Pokemon Dungeon, and wasn't as impressed... scoring it 2 out of 5 stars.

Overall, the game was one of a kind and successfully merged the worlds of Nobunaga's Ambitions and Pokémon, creating a game that would please (most) fans of both games.
Nobunaga with his Black RayquazaNobunaga and his Black Rayquaza

Media & Artwork

Official Artwork Gallery from Pokemon Conquest - A large gallery featuring many of the Pokemon from the game
Box Art from Pokemon Conquest including numerous regional variations + editions
Screenshots from Pokemon Conquest



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