Pokemon Communities and Fan Groups
Pokemon Communities and Fan Groups




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These are some of the best places to connect with other Pokemon fans from all around the world in different communities and groups on Social Media.

Pokemon Dungeon Facebook Page & Group

Like Pokemon Dungeon's facebook page for the latest Pokemon news, a weekly retro feature, fun stuff, quizzes and other random Pokemon. You can also choose to join our group if you want to talk Pokémon, exchange friend codes or even Battle (err Pokemon Battle) with other fans! :-D

We mod the group pretty well, so all are reasonably safe from trolls, horrible people and unrelated spam. We have every intention for these communities to become the best most laid back places on the internet to talk everything Pokémon.

Like us on Facebook and be part of the conversation! Look forward to seeing you there!

Connect with us on Google+

Prefer to use Google+ over Facebook? You can get all the latest info on the series if you follow us on Google+ I'd also recommend checking out our Pokemon Community which currently has over 25,000 people in it. (We don't own this, but we do help to moderate it.)



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