Pokemon Fanfic: Legend of the Exile Introduction
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An End of Times

In the swirling winds of pale-white snow, the Eevee padded up the icy slopes of Mount Coronet, his eyes filled with determination with every pawstep. With the will of the spirits he ascended the snowbound trail and scaled icy ledges, padding straight into the heart of the rising chaos. The crux of all the good and evil that Mythic knew was approaching swiftly as he continued up towards the disturbance in the twilight skies.

At last, he found himself standing at the foot of the Spear Pillar, the ancient shrine constructed eons ago at Mount Coronet's hallowed peak. Mystical tendrils of long-lost time tugged at the Eevee's fur as he ascended a set of faded marble steps and entered the open sanctuary.

But then the Eevee froze in his tracks as he saw the ominous figure standing at the far end of the old shrine before an ancient monolith, whose pale fingers tightly gripped a bronze staff, whose breath was shallow and chilling. Its eyes were turned upon an eight-piece diamond symbol etched upon the face of the monolith, shimmering like glass.

Dread gripped at Mythic's fur as he stared at the mysterious intruder, his paws prepared to sprint. But it was too late to stop the hellish figure. A vile aura erupted from the mysterious creature as he flung two glowing bells into the air and swung his staff high, shattering them both in a single strike.

Time and space came to a standstill as the broken bells rang their last, their glittering fragments clinking to the floor, their final rings reverbrating like dying screams. The diamond insignia upon the monolith flashed as the faint shadow of a horrifying beast appeared upon its reflection, complete with blood-red eyes.

And as Mythic gazed in terror upon the malicious gaze of the dragon-serpent bursting forth from the ancient gate, the devil's slave awaiting his master's arrival, the Tanuki's heart began to thrash furiously with paralyzing dread, knowing that Giratina the Exile had returned at last.

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