A Guide to Pokemon Natures
A Guide to Pokemon Natures




Natures and StatsNatures first appeared in Ruby and Sapphire and have, since then, remained an integral factor in the stats of Pokemon. In the original Ruby and Saphire games and later games, certain NPCs allude to the fact that natures can raise stats. For example, one of the TV programs in Diamond and Pearl broadcasts a Rich Boy who tells you that a certain nature raises a certain stat.

Not all Pokemon players choose to care about nature; knowing about nature isn't integral to gameplay. However, Pokemon players who are interested in competitive battling should definitely consider natures as natures are important in maximizing Pokemon's stats.

With the exception of five neutral natures, each nature raises one stat by 10% and lowers another stat by 10%. So, in a way, natures basically sacrifice one stat for another. Among natures, every stat is paired up with every other stat this way. For example, there is one nature that raises Attack but lowers Special Attack and one that raises Special Attack but lowers Attack. The exception is HP which is never lowered or raised by any nature. So, counting the five neutral natures, there are a total of 25 natures.

This tastes better than that

Aside from acting as a stat multiplier, natures also have significance to those who Pokeblock and Poffin makers out there. A Pokemon of a certain nature will dislike one of the five flavors but like one of the other five. Conveniently, each of the flavors corresponds to one of the stats. This also means that the Pokemon with neutral natures for stats don't like or dislike any flavors.

  • Spicy(Cool) corresponds to Attack
  • Sour(Tough) corresponds to Defense
  • Dry(Beauty) corresponds to Special Attack
  • Bitter(Smart) corresponds to Special Defense
  • Sweet(Cute) corresponds to Speed

Natures Table

  • The + before a stat name indicates a nature is raised
  • The - before a stat name indicates a nature is lowered
  • Neutral natures are listed across the diagonal

  +Attack +Defense +Sp Attack +Sp Defense +Speed
-Attack Bashful Bold Modest Calm Timid
-Defense Lonely Docile Mild Gentle Hasty
-Sp Attack Adamant Impish Hardy Careful Jolly
-Sp Defense Naughty Lax Rash Quirky Naive
-Speed Brave Relaxed Quiet Sassy Serious




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