Pokemon Puzzle Challenge Review by Timmy Petersson
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Pokemon Puzzle Challenge Review

"This is the PERFECT puzzle game!"

I just want to make one thing clear to you all before we start the review; this game is a remake. A remake of an old game called Tetris Attack, released for the SNES and Game Boy, featuring the Super Mario World 2 characters, but this is about Pokémon Puzzle Challenge...

Game: I use the Screenshots that you can find a link to in Game Information to explain this a little better.
As you can see, we've got different colored blocks all over the game field, and two white squares. You can move the white squares around with the +-pad. When you press the A button you change places on the two blocks inside the squares, that's it... The goal is to line up three or more blocks, so they disappear. The more blocks you line up, the higher score! What happens next depends on the game mode...

Graphics: 9 - As colorful as it gets with a Game Boy Color, and it's good. Clear graphics and easy to see what you're doing!

Sounds: 7 - Well, the sound effects can be pretty irritating sometimes, but the music is pretty good for being a Game Boy game...

Challenge: X - It's a Pokémon Puzzle Challenge!! Sorry for that, just joking... No, truth is that I cant tell you if it's hard or not, mostly because you can play on so many difficulty levels, from easy to intense (easy is real easy, intense is rock hard). The rest of the game is just about beating your own scores, and I don't know how good you are... I can't say anything about Multiplayer either, because I don't know your opponent!

Long-Living: 10 - YES, it is long living! You can play it every day for months without getting tired of it, and it's true, 'cause I did... Then I got a little tired of it, but I can guarantee; buy this and you'll get value for your money!

Multiplayer: 10 - This is the only game in the house I've got two of, it's a pretty long story so let's take it another time...
Ok, the multiplayer is good, and the scores are saved (which would be a pain for me if I lose)...

Total: 9 - It's a very good game, no doubt about it. The only thing that stops it from getting a full 10 is the fact that this is just a remake... But I can almost guarantee that if you go and buy it, you wont be disappointed!

Overall rating Star Rating Half 4.5 - Very Good



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