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Niantic, the creator of Pokémon GO, and the Bitcoin rewards company Fold have collaborated to introduce Fold AR, an upcoming augmented reality game that allows users to earn Bitcoins. 

This exciting partnership offers users a unique and engaging way to interact with cryptocurrencies using cutting-edge AR technology. 
Notably, Pokémon GO heavily inspired Fold AR, and it is part of Fold's bigger plan to create a virtual world where people can mine and share Bitcoins. 
In Fold AR, players go on an exciting adventure through real places, just like in Pokémon GO. Instead of catching virtual creatures, players search for hidden Bitcoin treasures and mine them using their smartphones.
Players only need to install the Fold app and access the "Play" option to get started. Using AR, the app reveals hidden bitcoins and other rewards in the real world. Opening a new block every ten minutes brings a rewarding experience. 
It offers satoshis (the smallest unit of bitcoins), extra spins for more rewards, time extensions to prolong gameplay and orange pills that protect users from negative surprises. Poison pills and shitcoins should be avoided because they can result in Bitcoin loss.
The game uses real-time location data and cool AR features so that players can see virtual Bitcoin nodes and mining equipment overlaid in the real world. Players can locate valuable Bitcoin deposits by exploring various locations and then compete with one another to mine them first.
The emergence of a game combining cryptocurrency mining and AR technology is unsurprising. It aligns with the increasing popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
Niantic's success in creating immersive AR experiences aligns well with Fold's focus on facilitating Bitcoin earnings. Together, they aim to provide an innovative way to interact with cryptocurrencies through AR gaming.


Currently in beta testing, Fold AR is available to a limited number of users, allowing them a designated time each day to experience the AR gameplay. Fold Visa Debit cardholders also receive special offers to boost their Bitcoin cash-back rewards within the app's AR section.
Users who download the Fold app gain access to the Fold Wallet feature. This feature allows people to save the Bitcoins they earn while playing the AR game. Developing a unified platform for managing cryptocurrency by Fold and its partners will benefit future game developments.
As Fold AR continues to evolve and expand, users can expect an immersive and rewarding journey. This journey will bring together the metaverse and bitcoins, creating an exciting convergence. 
It is essential to stay up-to-date on the latest advances in cryptocurrencies and gaming, from new game releases to Bitcoin casino news. The collaboration between Fold and Niantic signifies a new era of exploration and earning opportunities in the metaverse, appealing to cryptocurrency and gaming enthusiasts alike.
If you're interested in immersing yourself in Fold AR, you can sign up for updates on the Fold's official website. Once you've entered your email address, you'll be updated on the latest developments and advancements. You will also be notified when the full game is released.




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