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This section contains a list of all the Pokemon games that were released on PC, Mobile or Tablet and has information on them all as well as links to each games own page.

Pokemon Titles on PC

The first Pokemon title to ever release for the PC was Pokemon Play It which was released in December 1999. Since then there have been a number of titles released on PC; nothing of course resembling that of the core series of games but still nice stuff for the die-hard Pokemon Fans amongst us; you had Pokemon Project Studio Blue and Red versions which enabled kids (and adults) to make greeting cards, flyers, invitations and a whole host of other stuff featuring your favourite Pokémon.

Additionally Pokemon Masters Arena was a compilation of eight mini games, Pokemon Team Turbo which was a racing game and the TCG online I believe to be self explanatory.

Pokemon Masters Arena PC Pokemon Team Turbo PC Pokemon Project Studio PC Red Edition
Pokemon Masters Arena Pokemon Team Turbo Pokemon Project Studio: Red
Pokemon TCG Online Pokemon Project Studio PC Blue Edition
Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Pokemon Project Studio: Blue

Pokemon Games on Mobile and Tablet

Pokemon made it's debut appearance on our mobile phones in Pokemon Shuffle on February 15th, 2015 - a freemium title introducing the premise (to Pokémon games) of the game being 'free' but with the option to pay for additional features. Camp Pokemon then arrived on our tablets in April 2016 and finally July 6th 2016 saw the arrival of the world best selling Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Mobile Camp Pokemon iOS
Pokemon Go Camp Pokemon
Pokemon Shuffle PC  
Pokemon Shuffle  



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