What makes Pokemon appeal to all ages?
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Would you believe that it is now over 20 years since we were introduced to Pokemon? What started as a run of mill anime soon turned into a cult classic. It wasn’t just the show or the films that made an impression. We were swamped with merchandise and games too. While Pokemon may have found itself a new audience, the truth is that those original fans are still loyal and still clinging on.

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An inability to let go

We’re told that as adults we are to let go of some of our past loves, but the truth is that there is no fun in that! That’s why, some two decades after its release, grown men and women are still into everything that Pokemon has to offer. They may have had a break at some point in their lives but there is some mystical draw that pulls them back in. Let’s be honest, Pokemon is really aimed at a younger generation and the younger generation of today are just as big fans as those from 20 years ago. What is happening now though is that adults who missed out on the hysteria first time around are now giving it a go as they have discovered the phenomenon through their own families.

A touch of nostalgia

We all like to look back at our pasts through rose-tinted glasses and remember happier times. That is one of the biggest reasons that adults haven’t let go of this cult classic. The feelings of nostalgia and the ability to relive the past is a little too much for them to give up. What’s different from now and how things were 20 years ago is that these original fans now have money! They are adults and they work. That means that they can snap up new games releases and invest time and money into the likes of Pokemon Go. These adults get just as much joy from playing the original Pokemon as they do from playing the newer versions that have been released.

Fans for life

Pokemon remains so popular because the way it reinvents itself means that there are fans for life. Those who experienced the first generation of Pokemon are not left in a position where they can just walk away. The truth is that new games keep coming and, although they all follow the same basic storyline, they all add something a little new to the Pokemon experience. The real test will be another 20 years down the line. Will the adults of today still be playing? Are we going to have a group of 50 and 60 somethings that still can’t get enough of Pokemon?