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For most people, betting offers an easy and cool way to make cash outside of their normal salaries or wages. The act of betting itself is a simple endeavour that involves wagering on the possible odds for the outcomes of an event and hoping the odds go in your favour. In recent times, the practice of betting has grown especially with factors like rising inflation levels, high unemployment rate and simply the thrill involved in being able to predict the possible outcome of an event among a host of other factors. The practice, which has evolved over time now involve funding your wallets or accounts from the comfort of your room, and with your mobile devices and simply wagering on the best odds for eSport, on whichever team you desire. Betting has also grown in time to accommodate not only physical games like horse racings, tennis, football, basketball and other sports, but has also extended to include virtual betting which is more less a simulated version of these above-mentioned types. For whatever reason you choose to wager your money, its also an experience that comes with a number of thrills that punters enjoy.


On the other hand, esports (short for electronic sports) is a term that describes competitive and organised video gaming, in which professional competitors, across different leagues or teams face off in the same games that are popular among at-home gamers. As such, it is basically a form of competition based around video games. It has grown with time and now offer valid alternative experience to physical games as most people prefer to watch from the comfort of their homes and betting on their favourite teams to emerge as winners. esports betting has been described as betting 2.0 as punters now prefer it as a credible alternative to physical, what more, esports also offer the experiences you can dream of from regular teams. So, if you are a punter and wish to wager on your favourite esports team,  check out our site for the best odds for esports. we offer the best odds for esports around and have glowing reviews from punters.


For newbies getting into esports for the first times, it is very important to understand the terrain of esports betting as they are certain differences in regular physical game betting and esports.
  1. It is completely virtual: while regular betting firms may offer both physical and virtual gaming to punters, esports, like the name implies, is completely virtual and involves wagering or betting on teams playing virtually and the odds are generated based on the likelihood and history of performance. It is purely a professional video gaming competition platform that involves different teams or individuals, and while it also offers non-sport games, esports also provide an alternate reality where athletes are digitally represented. So, your favourite athlete can be simulated to represent a team.
  2. It is a multi-billion-dollar market: the esports market has grown with time into a multi-billion-dollar market with market cap of over $1.09 billion which is projected to even rise to $6.81 billion in 2027. This is a testament to the growing interest in the field and bookmarkers have also joined by offering best odds for esports, with most punters getting interested in the space.
  3. It usually involves professional gamers: while traditional betting involves wagering on your best teams or individuals to offer you the best outcomes possible, esports usually involves professional gamers who fight each other for fame, glory and a prize pool.
POPULAR ESPORTS GAMES The most popular esports games include:
  • FIFA
  • NBA 2K
  • Fortnite
  • PURG
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Call of Duty
  • Siege
  • Super Bros
esports betting has been hailed as the next big thing in betting. Although still a relatively new method of betting, it has grown massively in recent years and has attracted a wide range of punters interested in venturing into the space. There are various types of esports betting like the social betting, challenge, real money, fantasy esports betting etc. The steps involved in playing esports betting include signing up on any betting platform like signing up on your choice betting platform , funding your account and playing any of the best esports odds available. You can read through this article for more information.