Pokemon Rumble (WiiWare)
Pokemon Rumble (WiiWare)




Pokemon Rumble WiiWare
Pokemon Rumble WiiWare
General information
 Platform  Wii
 Developed by  Ambrella
 Published by  Nintendo
 Generation  Generation IV
 Release dates
  Australia  November 20th, 2009
  Europe  November 20th, 2009
  Japan  June 16th, 2009
  United States  November 16th, 2009
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Pokémon Rumble WiiWarePokémon Rumble is a beat em up Pokémon game released on Nintendo Wii and available for 1500 Nintendo Points. The game features Pokémon from the first and fourth generation, as toys that came to life, battling each other through different stages. As the game progresses, the player has a chance to befriend the Pokémon they beat. The befriended Pokémon can be switched instantly within the stages, which can give the player the advantage over the current enemies, as the Pokémon attribute weakness and strength rules also apply to the game. Clearing stages earns the player points that can be used to purchase new moves for their Pokémon, which will make them stronger and gets them ready for the "Battle Royale".

The Battle Royale is the game's main event, unlocked after the player recruits a Pokémon with a high enough Power Level, and where they have to battle waves of Pokémon at once, in order to prove their Pokémon's strength. When it comes to graphics, the game pictures the Pokémon in 3D models very similar to those of Pokémon Ranch, but with smoother animations. All the Pokémon attacks are animated and are fun to watch. The game features some soundtracks from the previous spin off Pokémon games, like Pokémon Channel, along with new exciting ones.

Official Description

Introducing a new kind of Pokémon challenge, available exclusively to the WiiWare service! Pokémon Rumble is an action game in which you control Toy Pokémon (referred to as "Pokémon") and take on wave after wave of other Pokémon in a variety of stages.

Befriend some of the defeated Pokémon along the way, adding them to your collection and granting you the ability to use them in battle. Switch between collected Pokémon at any time, taking advantage of the fact that the amount of damage you deal depends on the type of move used and the type of Pokémon hit. Be the last one standing to gain the right to compete in the Battle Royale and test your skills against many Pokémon at once.

Or team up with three people for some multiplayer action, working together to take down tough Bosses and earning points that can be used towards recruiting or training Pokémon. You can even save your favorite Pokémon to your Wii Remote controller for exchanges with friends.Mewtwo Pokemon RumbleMewtwo in Pokemon Rumble

Combining beautiful cel-shaded graphics and exciting game play features with the world of Pokémon, this is one Rumble you won't want to miss!


All of the first and fourth generation Pokémon are available in the game. There are three ways of adding Pokémon to the player's team, either by befriending them, by password or by ticket:

Pokémon Recruited through friendship: When the player defeats the enemy Pokémon in the game stages, there is a chance that they will be later on recruited. The player might also encounter some Shiny Pokémon and these will automatically be befriended. In the menu list, some Pokémon names will appear in different colors depending on whether they're typical Pokémon, Shiny Pokémon or Pokémon with Special Skills:

 Pokémon Name Coloration
Typical White
Shiny Blue
with Special Skills Pink
Shiny and with Special Skills Blue

 Special Skill Description
Attack Increases the Attack by 50%
Defense Increases the Defense by 50%
Toughness Increases the Hit Points
Speedy Increases the Movement Speed
Clean Hit Increases the Critical Hit rate by 50%
Knockout Increase the Critical Hit rate a lot
Mood Maker Increases the Strength of all allies in multiplayer
Fan Club Increases the Strength of both the user and the allies in multiplayer
Pokémon Sunday Increases the Strength of both the user and the allies in multiplayer
Information Club Increases the Strength of both the user and the allies in multiplayer
Water Guard Reduces the damage received from Water attacks.
Fire Guard Reduces the damage received from Fire attacks.
Electric Guard Reduces the damage received from Electric attacks.
Grass Guard Reduces the damage received from Grass attacks.
Ice Guard Reduces the damage received from Ice attacks.
Normal Guard Reduces the damage received from Normal attacks.
Poison Guard Reduces the damage received from Poison attacks.
Bug Guard Reduces the damage received from Bug attacks.
Rock Guard Reduces the damage received from Rock attacks.
Steel Guard Reduces the damage received from Steel attacks.
Ground Guard Reduces the damage received from Ground attacks.
Normal Guard Reduces the damage received from Normal attacks.
Fighting Guard Reduces the damage received from Fighting attacks.
Dark Guard Reduces the damage received from Dark attacks.
Psychic Guard Reduces the damage received from Psychic attacks.
Ghost Guard Reduces the damage received from Ghost attacks.
Flying Guard Reduces the damage received from Flying attacks.
Dragon Guard Reduces the damage received from Dragon attacks.
Nature Healing Heals 1% HP per second
Quick Act Less power up time for attacks
Tactician Double the Strength of low Strength attacks
Stubbornness Gives immunity to status changes
Gorgeous Pokémon drop more money
Blow Away Opponents are blown away when hit
Feel Good The Pokémon doesn't get blown away when hit

Pokémon earned by Password
: Pokémon Rumble features a Password system which allows acquisition of specific Pokémon. The Passwords are found in different sources, whether on the official game website or on Nintendo Power Magazines. They also differ from a region to another:

Passwords available for the North American Region
Password Pokémon Unlocked Pokémon moves
6824-2045 007 SquirtleSquirtle Bubble
9580-1423 009 BlatoiseBlastoise Aqua Tail
7927-6161 004 CharmanderCharmander Ember
7968-4528 006 CharizardCharizard Flamethrower
1589-3955 003 VenusaurVenusaur SolarBeam
9900-2455 393 PiplupPiplup Bubble - Pound
8109-8384 390 ChimcharChimchar Ember - Fury Swipes
8672-1076 387 TurtwigTurtwig Razor Leaf - Absorb
0511-0403 133 EeveeEevee Quick Attack
5575-2435 399 Shiny BidoofBidoof (shiny) Superpower - Hyper Fang
9849-3731 019 Shiny RattataRattata (shiny) Reversal - Double Edge
7540-5667 421 Cherrim Sunshine FormeCherrim (Sunshine Form) SolarBeam
5468-6284 492 Shaymin Sky FormeShaymin (Sky Form) Seed Flare
8322-3706 487 Giratina Origin FormGiratina (Origin Form) Shadow Force
9561-8808 151 MewMew Cut

Passwords available for the European and Australian Regions
Password Pokémon Unlocked Pokémon Moves
1250-2002 007 SquirtleSquirtle Bubble
5982-9039 004 CharmanderCharmander Ember
6921-0136 001 BulbasaurBulbsaur Vine Whip
5631-9548 133 EeveeEevee Quick Attack
2424-3624 399 Shiny BidoofBidoof (shiny) Superpower - Hyper Fang
0215-3612 019 Shiny RattataRattata (shiny) Reversal - Double Edge
6838-5121 492 Shaymin Sky FormeShaymin (Sky Form) Seed Flare
3280-5739 487 Giratina Origin FormGiratina (Origin Form) Shadow Force
5221-1368 151 MewMew Cut

Passwords available in the Japanese Region
Password Pokémon Unlocked Pokémon Moves
2110-9011 025 PikachuPikachu Volt Tackle
6998-4642 025 Shiny PikachuPikachu(shiny) Thunderbolt - Quick Attack
9465-8823 026 Shiny RaichuRaichu (shiny) Thunder - Agility
9600-4319 006 CharizardCharizard Flamethrower
1770-0982 399 Shiny BidoofBidoof (shiny) Superpower - Hyper Fang
9236-7400 400 BibarelBibarel Rollout
3884-9402 019 Shiny RattataRattata (shiny) Reversal - Double Edge
7653-3521 047 ParasectParasect X Scissor
0331-4118 390 ChimcharChimchar Ember
9721-3750 448 LucarioLucario Brick Break
7213-6317 446 MunchlaxMunchlax Tackle
2405-3396 143 SnorlaxSnorlax Belly Drum
8379-5196 437 BronzongBronzong Hypnosis
9965-2344 461 WeavileWeavile Night Slash
2219-8658 450 HippowdonHippowdon Earthquake
6295-6406 038 NinetalesNinetales Safeguard - Fire Blast
2750-2839 130 GyaradosGyarados Waterfall
9266-8795 468 TogekissTogekiss Air Slash
5958-6223 467 MagmortarMagmortar Lava Plume
3111-7449 466 ElectivireElectivire Discharge
6106-1639 462 MagnezoneMagnezone Thunderbolt
1824-8991 445 GarchompGarchomp Dragon Claw
3376-0940 149 DragoniteDragonite Dragon Rush
9986-3607 476 ProbopassProbopass Magnet Bomb
9966-1569 479 RotomRotom ThunderShock
5873-1954 133 EeveeEevee Quick Attack
9338-1684 134 VaporeonVaporeon Surf
7702-2229 470 LeafeonLeafeon Razor Leaf
8473-9946 471 GlaceonGlaceon Icy Wind
1923-1298 421 CherrimCherrim (Sunshine Form) SolarBeam
7837-7094 492 ShayminShaymin (Sky Form) Seed Flare
8106-8836 145 ZapdosZapdos Drill Peck
0752-0878 486 RegigiagasRegigigas Giga Impact
3421-4198 487 Giratina Origin FormGiratina (Origin Form) Shadow Force
8614-0248 151 MewMew Cut

Pokémon earned by the Release Tickets
: In addition to the Pokémon Passwords, the game also features a fun Release feature. If the player releases 5 copies of a Pokémon, they'll get a ticket unlocking its evolution. 5 copies of the final evolution of a Pokémon are released, the one previous to it will be acquired through ticket. Some release combos may unlock special and rare Pokémon like the legendaries.

Ticket Release Combos for the US Version of Pokémon Rumble
Pokémon Released Pokémon Acquired Through Ticket
414 MothimMothim x 5 Burmy (Plant, Sandy or Trash Coat) 412 Burmy Plant Coat412 Burmy Sandy Coat412 Burmy Trash Coat
412 Burmy Plant CoatBurmy (Plant Coat) x 5 Wormadam (Plant, Sandy or Trash Coat) 413 Wormadam Plant Coat413 Wormadam Sandy Coat413 Wormadam Trash Coat
423 Gastrodon EastGastrodon (East) x 5 Shellos (West) 422 Shellos West
423 Gastrodon WestGastrodon (West) x 5 Shellos (East) 422 Shellos East
422 Shellos WestShellos (West) x 5 Gastrodon (East) 423 Gastrodon East
422 Shellos EastShellos (East) x 5 Gastrodon (West) 423 Gastrodon West
135 Jolteon479 Rotom
Jolteon, Rotom
Rotom (Fan) 479 Rotom FAN
136 Flareon479 Rotom
Flareon, Rotom
Rotom (Heat) 479 Rotom HEAT
134 Vaporeon479 Rotom
Vaporeon, Rotom
Rotom (Wash) 479 Rotom WASH
470 Leafeon479 Rotom
Leafeon, Rotom
Rotom (Cut) 479 Rotom CUT
471 Glaceon479 Rotom
Glaceon, Rotom
Rotom (Frost) 479 Rotom FROST
131 Lapras134 Vaporeon
Lapras, Vaporeon
Phione 489 Phione
489 PhionePhione x 3 Manaphy 490 Manaphy
024 Arbok059 Arcanine411 Bastiodon006 Charizard115 Kangaskhan
Arbok, Arcanine, Bastiodon, Charizard, Kangashan
Shaymin (Land Form) 492 Shaymin Land Forme
022 Fearow125 Electabuzz026 Shiny Raichu018 Pidgeot
Fearow, Electabuzz, Raichu, Pidgeot
Zapdos 145 Zapdos
022 Fearow126 Magmar006 Charizard018 Pidgeot
Fearow, Magmar, Charizard, Pidgeot
Moltres 146 Moltres
022 Fearow124 Jynx131 Lapras018 Pidgeot
Fearow, Jynx, Lapras, Pidgeot
Articuno 144 Articuno
479 Rotom FAN479 Rotom WASH479 Rotom HEAT479 Rotom CUT479 Rotom FROST
Rotom (Fan, Wash, Heat, Cut and Frost)
Darkrai 491 Darkrai
411 Bastiodon445 Garchomp448 Lucario462 Magnezone149 Dragonite
Bastiodon, Garchomp, Lucario, Magnezone, Dragonite
Dialga 483 Dialga
395 Empoleon445 Garchomp009 Blatoise130 Gyarados149 Dragonite
Empoleon, Garchomp, Blastoise, Gyarados, Dragonite
Palkia 484 Palkia
094 Gengar445 Garchomp442 Spiritomb477 Dusknoir149 Dragonite
Gengar, Garchomp, Spiritomb, Dusknoir, Dragonite
Giratina (Altered Form) 487 Giratina Altered Form
483 Dialga484 Palkia487 Giratina
Dialga, Palika, Giratina
Mewtwo 150 Mewtwo

Game Modes

The game can be played whether in single mode, teaming up with the AI, or with friends in the multiplayer modes. There mainly two modes in the game: the Adventure mode and the Battle Royale mode. The game will feature only the first generation Pokémon within the different Adventure stages and the Battle Royale, until the next difficulty level "Advanced Mode" in which the Pokémon featured are from the fourth generation. To unlock the Advanced Mode, one has to beat 4 difficulty Ranks in normal. Completing the Battle Royale in Normal difficulty level, Rank C will unlock the next Rank. Ranks are in order : C,B,A and finally S. Defeating Mewtwo in Normal difficulty Rank S, will unlock the Advanced Mode difficulty level. Finishing Rank S, in Advanced difficulty will Unlock the hardest difficulty level, Ex Mode in which both Pokémon from generation one and four will appear.

  • The Adventure Mode: It's mainly made of 6 different stages, where the player can befriend and recruit a wide variety of Pokémon. At first, the player will start in the Silent Forest stage, with fairly weak Pokémon. Clearing the stage will unlock the rest of the stages. Within the stages, the player will have to befriend different Pokémon and build a stronger team, until they befriend a strong Pokémon with high Power Level or reach the Power Level with their own Pokémon, unlocking the Battle Royale. The stages available are as follows :
  • The Silent Forest: A green forest, where mostly Bug and Grass Pokémon dwell. It is advised to use Fire and Flying Pokémon, to faster clear the level.
  • The Rocky Cave: A dark cave, lit by crystals and the home of Rock and Fighting Pokémon. Using Water and Psychic Pokémon will help clear the area faster.
  • The Windy Prairie : A wide prairie housing a variety of Pokémon but mostly the Normal type, thus, using Fighting Pokémon will give the player the upper hand.
  • The Bright Beach: A sunny beach and the habitat of Water Pokémon. Electric Pokémon use is advised.
  • The Fiery Furnace: A construction site built on magma, where mostly Fire Pokémon live. Having Water Pokémon will give the advantage.
  • The Eternal Tower: A dark ancient tower, in which Electric and Poison Pokémon will be encountered. Using Rock and Ground Pokémon is encouraged.
  • The Battle Royale Mode: Clearing the Battle Royale is the principal objective of the game. It is an all out battle where a large number of Pokémon fight until one remains standing.


Check out these videos of Pokemon Rumble, Wii Ware including TV Commercials, Trailers and the intro video.

The official Trailer

A review of Pokemon Rumble (WiiWare) by CGUndertow

A U.S TV Commercial for Pokemon Rumble


Trivia & Facts

  • Pokémon Rumble was the first Pokémon game to be released digitally then physically.
  • Shiny Pokémon with Special Abilities have their names blue only.
  • Pokémon Rumble was the first game in the Pokémon Rumble series, followed by Pokémon Rumble Blast, Pokémon Rumble U and Pokémon Rumble World.

Sales figures

No official sales numbers were released about the game, but seeing how well the game was received, it was presumed to have successful sales campaigns.           

Review scores

  • Despite the critics about the recycled Pokémon models from My Pokémon Ranch, Pokémon Rumble was well received and managed to get good scores on many major review websites. Let's take a look at these scores :
  • Jack Devries from IGN thought "It was mindless, but it was fun'', giving Pokémon Rumble a score of 6/10, the equivalent of "Okay" on the IGN scale.
  • On GameRankingz, Pokémon Rumble earned a score good of 66.20% over 5 reviews, while it had an average one of 59% in Metacritic, based on 9 critics.
  • Overall, although the game can be a little repetitive, it's still fun and challenging and a great pass time for any Pokémaniac.

Media & Artwork

Screenshots from Pokemon Rumble (WiiWare)



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