Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Versions
Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Versions




Pokemon Omega Ruby
ポケットモンスター オメガルビー
Pokemon Omega Ruby Box
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
ポケットモンスター アルファサファイア
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire UK Box Art
General information
 Platform  Nintendo 3DS
 Developed by  Game Freak
 Published by  The Pokémon Company
 Generation  Generation VI
 New Pokemon  None
 New Mega Evo's  20
 Primal Reversions  2
 Remakes of  Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire
 Release dates
  Australia  November 21st, 2014
  Europe  November 28th, 2014
  Japan  November 21st, 2014
  United States  November 21st, 2014
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Pokemon Omega Ruby Title ScreenPokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are enhanced remakes of Gen III's Ruby & Sapphire titles, and they form part of Pokemon's Generation VI games for the Nintendo 3DS. Like all remakes within the Pokémon series these titles stay fairly true to the stories, plot, characters and flow of their original versions but offer additions and enhancements; in this case they bring in 20 new Mega Evolution's and 2 Primal Reversions and enhancements to Secret bases, which curiously make them less secret amongst other new features.

The greatest enhancement from the original versions however has to come in the form of the full stereoscopic 3D graphics/game physics, this was a significant advancement for gaming in general let alone just from their GBA predecessors, resultantly ORAS were well recieved by most fans and critics alike. Pokemon X and Y also harnessed the full power of the Nintendo 3DS hardware in this same way way,

These were the second set of paired main series titles that were intended to be released on the same day worldwide, this date was November 21st in 2014 when the titles were launched in all release regions except Europe who got it exactly one week later on November 28th, 2014. It's unknown why the European release was delayed.

Plot / Story

Arriving from Johto into Littleroot town, the Player family isn’t quite done with moving and unboxing everything as their mother explains they are on their new home and that they should meet up with Professor Birch, a friend of Norman who is the player’s father.  As they arrive  to Birch’s house Birchs’ wife greets the player who meets Brendan or May, depending on the player gender, child of Professor Birch; afterwards they leave to join Birch who is out on route 101 who is being chased by a wild Poochyena. Birth asks the player to take on a pokeball from his bag, and now the player has a choice between Treecko, Mudkip and Torchic as their starter Pokémon and the battle starts right away, after rescuing the professor they keep the player for saving him and asks them to meet up with his kid on route 103 for more information on how to be a trainer. After finding them they have a trainer battle and they return to Birch’s lab where the player gets a Pokedex and some Pokeballs.


Right after leaving May or Brendan provides the player with a DexNav upgrade and teaches the player how to use it. Once the player arrives in Petalburg City he meets with their father at the Gym, telling him he is happy to learn that they are now a trainer like he is. Wally enters the Gym, asking Norman for help to catch a Pokémon, Wally gets a Zigzagoon from him and a Pokeball, asking the player to tag along and help him. Wally gets a Ralts and they return to the gym where Wally thanks everyone before being called by his mother and leaving. Norman then tells the player that they should Challenge all the Gym Leaders in Hoenn.

Right before crossing through Petalburg Woods the player meats either Team Aqua or Magma, the grunt reveals that they are after something on Rustboro City, being spotted by a red-eyed grunt who reports it to her leader. The player finds May or Brendan before entering the Rustboro Gym, where he gets the Stone Badge after beating Roxanne, running then into Devon Researcher from the Petalburg Woods who tells the player that they have been robbed by Team Magma/Aqua and they need to get the Devon Goods back from the team. Mr. Briney, on route 116, tells them that the team has taken his Wingull Peeko hostage and gone into the Rusturf Tunnel, the player then confronts the grunt inside of the tunnel and retrieves the Peeko and the goods.Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Brendan

After returning the goods, the researcher asks the player to deliver them to Slateport City, the player then meets Mr. Stone, president of the Devon Corporation, who asks the player to stop by Dewford town to deliver a letter to Steven, his son; Mr. Stone gives the player the Buzznav upgrade for their Pokenav Plus. Heading back to Petalburg Woods into Mr. Briney’s house the player gets a ride to Dewford Town, north of Dewford lies the Granite Cave where Steven is exploring, the cave is open to anyone but a group of Ruin Maniacs is blocking the place where Steven is. They go after defeating the Knuckle Badge from Brawly at the Dewford Gym, and the player can find Steven who is exploring a Mural of Groudon or Kyogre, marked with Alphas and Omegas remembering old legends, after listening to Steven, the player delivers the letter to him and he gives the player the TM51 and tells that they could potentially become the Pokémon League Champion.

After leaving, Mr. Briney takes the player south of Slateport City, where a considerable amount of Team Aqua/Magma grunts block the entrance to the Oceanic Museum, the player tries to drop off the Devon Goods at the Shipyard they learn that Captain Stern is at the oceanic Museum, after they find him, they are confronted by two grunts, defeating them makes the leader Maxie/Archie appear to tell the player their plans before warning them to not get in the way again.

The player leaves Slateport City after delivering the goods, finding May/Brendan to fight them and then arriving at Mauville City where the player finds Wally and his uncle, Wally challenges the player to a battle to prove his uncle that he is ready to be on the Gym, after the battle the player is invited to visit Verdanturf Town sometime. After getting the Dynamo Badge from Wattson, the player goes to Vendanturf Town and uses Rock Samsh to clear the path previously blocked, heading into the Fiery path on the other side and getting to Fallarbor Town, where they meet May/Brendan again and provides them with a Strength HM, telling them about Professor Cozmo.

At the Pokémon Center the player meets Lanette, inviting them to her house as the Player finds out that Professor Cozmo was kidnapped by Team Aqua/Magma and they are at Meteor Falls, the player then battles Tabitha/Shelly alongside a grunt. They have stolen a Meteorite from Professor Cozmo and suddenly team Magma/Aqua appears and taunts their rivals, who retreats with the Meteorite to Mt. Chimney, warning the player to not interfere with them.

Atop Mt. Chimney both teams are fighting, and after fighting the admin of team Aqua/Magma  the player finds Maxie/Archie using the meteorite in a strange machine trying to turn it into a Mega Stone. The leader battles the player, afterwards the leader is informed of a better way to achieve their goals, give the players the meteorite and retreats.

Team Magma vs Team Aqua artwork
An Artwork of Team Magma and Team Aqua illustrating them with their sought after Legendaries and highlighting their aims.

Now that the teams are gone the player takes the southern path and exits Mt. Chimney, reaching Lavaridge Town, where they can beat Flannery. They get the Go-googles from May/Brendan afterwards, suggesting they challenge their father at the Petalburg Gym after getting the Balance Badge from Norman  and after visiting Wallys’ father they get the Hidden Machine for Surf.

Travelling east from Mauville City the player finds Steven again, they talk but are interrupted by a frightened Latias/Latios who motivates Steven to go and help them on the southern Island where team Admin Courtney/Matt is terrorizing Latios/Latias. After fighting them off Latios/Latias joins the players’ team and gives them their mega stone. Steven gives the player a Mega Bracelet and Latias/Latios and takes them back to Route 118.Latias in it's Mega evolved stateLatias in it's Mega evolved state

The player then moves through route 119 , getting to the Weather Institute, being attacked by team Aqua/Magma just to find more information about Groudon/Kyogre. Fencing the grunts away makes the player find Tabitha/Shelly, distressed with what they find out. After defeating the admin, the player saves the institute and is given a Castform as a reward, after leaving the institute, May battles the player, giving them the Fly Hidden Machine after they are beaten. 

The player gets to Fortree City, there is a mysterious force blocking the entrance so the player goes to Route 120 to meet Steven, who gives him a Devon Scope, a Mega stone and notices that the meteorite that the player picked up is glowing. The Devon Scope lets the player get inside the gym as it reveals the mysterious force was a Kecleon. After getting the Feather Badge from Winona, the player follows to Lilycove City and finds some Aqua/Magma grunts, there the player fights May/Brendan who also notice the meteorite is glowing.

The Player then heads to Mt. Pyre to fight team Aqua/Magma off, atop he finds the leader who has taken the Red/Blue Orb and states that the trainer is too late to stop him, making the admin of the Southern Island attack the player before heading to Slateport City. The guardians of the orb ask the player to stop team Aqua/Magma and they give the player the Blue/Red Orb. After getting to Slateport, the player finds that Capt. Stern has found an undersea cavern, team Aqua/Magma has taken over the capt’n submarine. The leader of the team taunts the player  telling them their hideout is in Lilycove, the captain then requests the player to stop team Aqua/Magma as they go through the hideout they end up finding a Master Ball and fights Courtney/Matt who stalls them until the leader takes off in the submarine.

Moving on through Route 124 the player gets to Mossdeep City, where they challenge Tate and Liza and defeat them to get the Mind Badge, then, a Pillar of light appears on RoutOmega Ruby Alpha Sapphire MattMatt of Team Aquae 128, Steven finds the trainer as they come out of the gym and leads them to his house where he gives them The Dive Hidden Machine and the Scuba Gear so they can Dive through the Sea Floor Cavern, on the deepest part of the cavern they find Maxie/Archie who taunts the leader of team Magma/Aqua who challenges the player to battle. After the battle, the player notices how Tabitha/Shelly arrive and warn their leader to not wake up the Legendary Pokémon, not taking the warnings in consideration, the leader uses the orb to awaken either Groudon or Kyogre. Afterwards the Pokémon breaks out of the cavern and starts going to Sootopolis, making Hoenn’s weather go out of control.

After the bosses leave to try and stop the Pokémon, Steven appears and tells the player to catch up with Groudon/Kyogre at Sootopolis, diving on route 126 the player finds the entrance and inside he finds Steven who introduces them to Wallace, the leader, entrusted with the duty of protecting the Cave of Origin. At the cave entrance, Steven, Wallace and the player meet with the Leaders and Admin Tabitha/Shelly  of both teams, with May who explains that she saw then on TV. The player receives the Magma/Aqua Suit and is told that they possess an orb that will weaken the Legendary Pokémon, after placing it on their suit, they latch to Groudon/Kyogre as the Pokémon goes to the chamber to accomplish its primal reversion. The player looks at the transformation and fights it. After defeating or capturing the Pokémon, the weather returns to normal. The team leaders reconcile and Steven provides the player with the Eon flute.

Wallace is defeated at the Sootopolis Gym, getting the Rain badge, the gym leader mentions that Professor Birch has something for them, the player goes to Littleroot Wally with Mega GalladeWally with Mega Galladewhere the player is informed that the climate on Hoenn changed back, which causes Pokémon that were originally from Hoenn to return, henceforth the Regional Pokedex is not enough and the player gets their Pokedex updated to the National Listing. The player has all the eight badges now, ready to go to Ever Grande City into Victory Road to beat the Elite Four, facing Wally one last time as they exit the cavern.

The final challenge for the Player begins at the Elite four where they have to face Sidney, Dark Pokémon Master, Phoebe, Ghost type Pokémon elite, Glacia who uses Ice type Pokémon and finally Drake, the Dragon Type Pokémon Master. Then they face Steven, the Hoenn Pokémon League Champion.

After winning, the player is surprised by Professor Birch and May who congratulate them, Birch examines the Pokedex and the player is registered in the Hall of Fame, after the credits May and the player return home and back on route 103 May challenges the player to one final battle. Back at home, the player parents discuss their plans to go and see Litleonids at Mossdeep City.

Anime Season's which loosely tie in with Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire (in terms of locations, NPCs such as gym leaders and Pokémon)
Pokemon Advanced Season 6 Logo Pokemon Advanced Challenge Season 7 Logo Pokemon Advanced Battle Season 8 Logo Pokemon Battle Frontier Season 9 Logo

Official Description

Ancient Powers Reawaken!

Start your Pokémon adventure now!
Behold the true Groudon(OR)/Kyogre(AS!)
Pikachu likes to cosplay?!
Build a Secret Base all your own!

Changes & New Features

As part of the sixth generation Pokémon games, the remakes introduce a lot new features that while applying several changes to the plot, graphics, areas and the gameplay.

Plot changes:
Team Magma and Team Aqua roles in the games got slightly altered. Team Magma is now driven by the purpose of creating more land, allowing the human kind to spread further. Team Aqua on the other hand, to restore the prehistoric state to earth, creating more fitting habitats for the Pokémon. Team Magma will now steal the Red Orb and Team Aqua the Blue Orb, instead of the opposite. Later on, after Team Magma (in Omega Ruby) or Team Aqua (in Alpha Sapphire) have been stopped, their leaders will give the orbs to the player in Sootopolis City and apologize, instead of going to Mt. Pyre with the player to return the orbs there.

The Teams Admins counterparts are now switched in a way to have each Admin's counterpart from the opposite sex, with Courtney as Matt's counterpart and Shelly as Tabitha's counterpart. The player will also earn either the Magma Suit or the Alpha Suit, in Sootopolis from one of the Team Leaders, which will be used as a space suit in the Delta Episode.

The Delta Episode, mentioned earlier, is an after game story that takes place after the player defeats the Pokémon champion and the credits roll. It is said that a giant meteorite is going to hit the island on which the Sky Pillar is located. Accompanied with a new character called Zinnia, the player will have to summon Rayquaza and Mega Evolve it, so it can prevent the disaster from happening and battle the Deoxys that will emerge from the meteoroid. Once the Delta Episode is completed, the player can have the S.S Tidal ticket and go to the battle resort.

ORAS Delta Episode
An official artwork for The Delta Episode

Few changes were also done to Steven. He now researches the Mega Stones and seeks to unravel their secret. During the Delta Episode, he will team up with the player to clear the Mossdeep Space Center from either Team Magma or Team Aqua.The player's rival role in the story has been tweaked, as the rival teams up with the player against Team Magma in Meteor Falls. Directly after the credits roll, the rival will challenge the player for a duel. After witnessing the climate change caused by Groudon or Kyogre and how it pushed many Pokémon to leave the region, Professor Birch decides to study those Pokémon.

Graphic changes:
The games now use the same Stereoscopic 3D system of Pokémon X and Y, with the Pokémon and Trainers getting animated 3D models instead of sprites. Many characters have been slightly altered or completely redesigned. The Gym Leaders and the Elite Four have completely different, modernised appearances compared to the Ruby and Sapphire versions. The player's character's too have been tweaked, with Brendan having a more detailed white hat, which was once mistaken as part of his hair. As for May, she now wears a bow instead of a bandana.  Few other trainers like the Team Aqua and Team Magma Admins, with Team Magma's Courtney getting her hair dyed purple, and Team Aqua's Admins getting dark skin tones.Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Courtney

Area Changes:
  • The Mossdeep Gym, Dewford Gym, Sky Pillar and Hoenn Safari Zone have all been completely redesigned.
  • The Sea Mauville replaces the Abandoned Ship, with a much broader story to it.
  • Puzzles in the Trick House no longer require Gym Badges, although they still require the use of some HMs related to certain badges, and their number is reduced to six.
  • Mauvile City now includes many indoor shopping facilities and is considered as the largest city of the region.
  • The Scorched Slab got expanded to hold four flours now, with Heatran awaiting at the lowest floor, as opposed to Mt. Pyre which got reduced in size and now holds only four floors, with the floor holes puzzle completely removed.
  • The Battle Tower was replaced with the Battle Resort and Battle Maison.
  • Victory Road have been changed to feature new areas, making the zone a little larger and changing the encounter place of Wally.

Gameplay changes:
The games feature many gameplay mechanics from Pokémon X and Y, including the Fairy-Type, the Pokémon Horde Encounters where the player battles many Pokémon simultaneously, the Pokémon Amie feature and the Mega Evolution system, with the introduction of new Mega Evolutions.

Mega Evolutions introduced in X and Y
 Pokémon Abilities Types Required Mega Stone Mega Pokémon Abilities Types
sceptile mega
·         Overgrow
·         Unburden (Hidden)
Grass Sceptilite Mega Sceptile Lightning Rod Grass and Dragon
swampert mega
·         Torrent
·         Damp (Hidden)
Water and Ground Swampertite Mega Swampert Swift Swim Water and Ground
camerupt mega
·         Magma Armor
·         Solid Rock
·         Anger Point (Hidden)
Fire and Ground Cameruptite Mega Camerupt Sheer Force Fire and Ground
lopunny mega
·         Cute Charm
·         Klutz
·         Limber (Hidden)
Normal Lopunnite Mega Lopunny Scrappy Normal and Fighting
audino mega
·         Healer
·         Regenerator
·         Klutz (Hidden)
Normal Audinite Mega Audino Healer Normal and Fairy
gallade mega
·         Steadfast
·         Justified (Hidden)
Psychic and Fighting Galladite Mega Gallade Inner Focus Psychic and Fighting
beedrill mega
·         Swarm
·         Sniper (Hidden)
Bug and Poison Beedrillite Mega Beedrill Adaptability Bug and Poison
slowbro mega
·         Oblivious
·         Own Tempo
·         Regenerator (Hidden)
Water and Psychic Slowbronite Mega Slowbro Shell Armor Water and Psychic
steelix mega
·         Rock Head
·         Sturdy
·         Sheer Force (Hidden)
Steel and Ground Steelixite Mega Steelix Sand Force Steel and Ground
pidgeot mega
·         Keen Eye
·         Tangled Feet
·         Big Pecks (Hidden)
Normal and Flying Pidgeotite Mega Pidgeot No Guard Normal and Flying
sharpedo mega
·         Rough Skin
·         Speed Boost (Hidden)
Water and Dark Sharpedonite Mega Sharpedo Strong Jaw Water and Dark
glalie mega
·         Inner Focus
·         Ice Body
·         Moody (Hidden)
Ice Glalitite Mega Glalie Refrigerate Ice
sableye mega
·         Keen Eye
·         Stall
·         Prankster (Hidden)
Dark and Ghost Sablenite Mega Sableye Magic Bounce Dark and Ghost
diancie mega
·         Clear Body Rock and Fairy Diancite Mega Diancie Magic Bounce Rock and Fairy
metagross mega
·         Clear Body
·         Light Metal (Hidden)
Steel and Psychic Metagrossite Mega Metagross Tough Claws Steel and Psychic
altaria mega
·         Nature Cure
·         Cloud Nine (Hidden)
Dragon and Flying Altarianite Mega Altaria Pixilate Dragon and Fairy
salamence mega
·         Intimidate
·         Moxie (Hidden)
Dragon and Flying Salamencite Mega Salamence Aerilate Dragon and Flying
·         Levitate Dragon and Psychic Latiosite Mega Latios Levitate Dragon and Psychic
·         Levitate Dragon and Psychic Latiasite Mega Latias Levitate Dragon and Psychic
rayquaza mega
·         Air Lock Dragon and Flying Not Specified Mega Rayquaza Delta Stream Dragon and Flying

Kalos Mega Stone Locations
Check out this map of Kalos, showing where each of the Mega Stones can be obtained.

Aside from the massive addition of the Mega Evo's, other gameplay changes were as follows:-

  • The games inherited the fourth generation's Day and Night time system along with the location dependent evolution, with Pokémon such as Eevee evolving into Leafeon specifically in Petalburg Woods.
  • The remakes also feature the Move mechanics change that was introduced in the fourth generation games. Whether a move is Physical or Special now depends on the move itself and not on its Type, with moves like Thunder Punch getting labeled as Physical and others like Hyper Beam changed to Special.
  • The PokéNav got replaced by the PokéNav Plus which got the ability to track the Secret Bases and Berries' locations.
  • While diving underwater, the player can encounter a new class of trainers including the Free Divers and Scuba Divers.
  • A new battle system, similar to the Sky Battle from Pokémon X and Y, can be triggered when the player uses the Eon Flute on Latios or Latias, Enabling them to fly on the Pokémon's back across the skies and encountering different Pokémon there. While in skies, the player may also encounter some weird phenomenon known as Mirage Spots, which may take the form of dimensional rifts, thunder clouds or even whole new islands. Many of these spots lead to the encounter of legendary Pokémon.Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Acro Bike
  • The Red Orb and the Blue Orb will now give Groudon and Kyogre respectively new forms, called Primal Reversion forms. If the Pokémon holds its respective orb, it will turn into this form.
  • The player no longer needs to play a safari game in order to catch the Pokémon there, instead they'll simply battle the Pokémon available in the location, in the form of casual encounters.
  • The player can now use both Bike Types, after completing the Delta Episode. Bikes also have the ability to go through tall grass now.
  • The player is given Super Secret Bases instead of simple Secret Bases. These are much larger and include many new options as sharing the base with another player, flag capture, inviting players to visit the base or even having a fully customized Gym for the player.
  • While hidden items are still present underwater, the player can no longer use the Dowsing Machine there.
  • Only one badge is now required to unlock the rematch feature of the Trainer's Eye, on the PokéNav Plus. Also, the trainers available to re-battle are different from those of the Ruby and Sapphire versions.

Interaction with other games

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have similar compatibility options to X and Y, as they too, can connect ot other sixth generation games like Pokémon X and Y, and they can also be linked to the Pokémon Global Link Website, Pokémon Bank and Pokémon Transporter.

Pokémon Bank and Pokémon Transporter allow the indirect trade of Pokémon with the fifth generation games. Trade with the sixth generation games can be done directly and is somewhat restricted, as the new Mega Evolutions and Forms introduced in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire cannot be traded with the X and Y games. Pokemon Bank Logo

Additionally, connecting the games to other sixth generation ones, enable the players to battle against each other or even visit their corresponding Super Secret Bases and Customized Gyms.


Check out these videos of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire versions.

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Animated Trailer

The official trailers for ORAS

The intro video for Pokemon ORAS

A U.S TV Commercial for Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire


  • ORAS were the first Pokemon core series titles to feature 360-degree movement. All previous titles were based on 4 directional grids with the exception of X and Y which used an 8 directional grid setup.
  • Everywhere other than Europe the release date of Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire coincides with the 12th anniversary of Ruby and Sapphires Japanese release. The Advanced Generation series of the Pokemon Anime aired its first episode on this same day.
  • Pokemon from the original Ruby and Sapphire titles can be transferred over to the ORAS remakes.
  • All Pokedex entries are re-used from the original versions.
  • During the special demo version of the game theres a slim chance that you'll be able to activate two secret missions. One of which is an island, which whilst it is uninhabited in terms of wild Pokemon, it does feature a double battle - You and May vs 2 Team Aqua or Magma members. The other mission takes the player to an island of mazes and you can find a man who'll give you a Nugget. If you manage to complete that second mission and find the Nugget man it also means you'll be able to access previously inaccessible areas of Mossdeep City + Steven's House.

Special Mission 2

  • These games were the first to allow a choice from four different starter Pokemon instead of the usual choice of three. There is a starter from each of the following regions: Hoenn, Johto, Sinnoh and Unova.
  • Pokemon Alpha Sapphire has the longest title in any of the core series games.
  • There is a girl in Sootopolis City called Kiri (the girl who gives you 2 berries a day). This NPC was named after Junichi Masuda's daughter. Kiri was born about 2 months prior to the release of the Japanese versions of Ruby and Sapphire, in September 2002.
  • When Ken Sugimori was interviewed by Nintendo Dream Magazine he said that the character Aarune was given a Flygon because it can learn both Fly and Secret Power which are important for finding Secret Bases. He also stated that the main reason Mega Flygon wasn't included in X&Y and ORAS is because Game Freak struggled to create a final design they were happy with, so it got dropped.
  • There were hidden abilities planned for some of the Legendary Pokemon in ORAS that never made it to the final release. These were Entei's Flash Fire, Amarura and Aurorus' Snow Warning and Regice' Ice Body.
  • There's a map on the wall of one of the houses in Dewford Town which looks just like one of the fan made maps from Serebii.net. This map features a multitude of regions from the Pokemon games.

Map of the Pokemon World

  • During the cutscene where Phoebe from the Elite Four is introducing herself there is a ghost girl in the background, this mysterious girl appears twice during this intro. Check out the video below:-

Sales Figures

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire versions sold 13.79 million copies, netting over 703 million USD in sales. Pretty impressive considering they are remakes of Ruby & Sapphire which themselves sold 16.22 million units, generally you'd expect remakes to sell a much lower amount than the originals did.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire recorded global sales of 3.04 million copies within just three days of launch, following their UK release the games landed at 6th and 7th spots respectively in the UK top 10 videogame charts, despite not claiming the top spots as some of their predecessors had, they sold enough copies in the UK to win the accolade of best Pokémon game launch in the UK, which was previously held by Black & White.

Review Scores

The modern revamps of Ruby and Sapphire did well amongst critics and players, despite recieving the second lowest score from IGN of any core series games to date. Here's what major review sources had to say:-Kyogre, Primal reversion formKyogre, Primal reversion form

  • IGN's Kallie Plagge scored ORAS 7.8/10, which in terms of IGN ratings for core series Pokémon games is the lowest on record, despite being a good score in it's own right. "Pokémon Alpha Sapphire introduces needed updates and a gorgeous new view of Hoenn, but a clearer view reveals its dated holdovers."
  • Peter Brown from GameSpot commented "It's a seemingly simple and cute journey, but with the underlying potential for strategy in combat, and a massive number of adorable Pokemon to catch, you can't help getting hooked by Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire." before scoring ORAS 8/10, "Great" on the GS scale.
  • ORAS hold reasonable scores at the aggregation sites too, the score at Metacritic being 83/100 on average over 61 critic reviews, and 407 user ratings scoring the games an overall 8.4/10. Meanwhile over at GameRankings an average of 47 reviews awarded ORAS with a score of 83.67%.
  • Japanese gaming publication Famitsu scored ORAS a very strong 37/40. Which is only surpassed by X and Y's score of 39/40. (in terms of other Pokemon core series ratings.)

Groudon, Primal reversion formGroudon, Primal reversion form

Media & Artwork

Official Artwork Gallery from Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire - A gallery featuring many of the Pokemon and chraracters
Official Artwork Gallery from Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire - A gallery featuring characters, items and supporting artwork
Box Art from Pokemon Omega Ruby including numerous regional variations + editions
Box Art from Pokemon Alpha Sapphire including numerous regional variations + editions
Screenshots from Pokemon Omega Ruby
Screenshots from Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

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