Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (Nintendo DS)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (Nintendo DS)




Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Explorers of Sky (DS)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
General information
 Platform  Nintendo DS
 Developed by  Chunsoft
 Published by  Nintendo
 The Pokémon Company
 Single Player
 Generation  Generation IV
 Release dates
  Australia  November 12th, 2009
  Europe  November 20th, 2009
  Japan  April 18th, 2009
  United States  October 12th, 2009
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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky titlePokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky is the fifth game in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Series and sister to the games Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness.

The game follows the same story as it's predecessors but with the addition of special episodes where the player can visit the past of many characters and witness important events. Many new features were also added to the game as well as new playable characters and new locations.

The game would lately be succeeded by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity for the Nintendo 3DS.

Official Description

Now you can go beyond darkness...outside the limits of time...to the skies!
Be a Pokémon and experience the world in a whole new way! Learn more secrets of Time and Darkness...Journey with your friends on remarkable adventures and save the world!


The main story is the same as that of PMD: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness. But there are new stories added in Explorers of Sky, check them out below:-

Special Episodes

After finishing the story, the player will unlock the Special Episodes, which further explain some of the past of some characters or the outcome of certain events. Finishing an episode will unlock the next one, with Bidoof's Wish being the first to be played. Within each episode, the Pokémon around which the episode events revolve will be the playable character. There is a total of five episodes and they are as follows

Bidoof's Wish

Following his quest quest to become the best explorer ever, Bidoof leaves his family's house and starts his adventure. He learns of the guild and starts training with them, soon becoming an apprentice. Although Bidoof is a hard worker, he's too clumsy. This clumsiness of his, causes the Pokémon to mess up most of the tasks he's entrusted with, as eating giving a Doom Seed to Loudred or eating all the Perfect Apples of Wigglytuff, by mistake. Bidoof Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky

This affects his mental state deeply causing the Pokémon despair and discomfort. One day, Bidoof is asked by Chatot to investigate the number of Oran Berries in the Kecleon Market, Bidoof, who tired of doing small tasks, asks Chatot to allow him to do one of the jobs from the bulletin board, but Chatot refuses reminding Bidoof of his clumsiness and asking him to be patient, for greatness can only be attained with time.

Kecleon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of SkyBidoof then heads to the Kecleon Market, to find that the Kecleon are selling only two Oran Berries. With his task finished, he starts a chat with the Kecleon, telling them about his dream of becoming a great explorer. One of the Kecleon offers Bidoof a TM called Hidden Power, in exchange of 6,500 Poké, emphasizing that it will definitely make him a great apprentice at the Guild. The clumsy Pokémon checks the money he has, which surpasses the sum required, but still rejects the offer, as the price is still shocking.

Suddenly, a strange Pokémon runs into Bidoof and gives him an item. A few moments later as Bidoof is trying to understand the situation, a Bagon and a Gligar show up hot on the Pokémon's trail, asking which way he went. Bidoof tells them the direction the Pokémon ran off in and returns to the guild.

At night, Bidoof keeps recalling the event of the Kecleon Market, and investigates the item the mysterious Pokémon left behind, which turns out to be a map leading to Star Cave. Bidoof fantasizes about exploring the cave, till he falls asleep. At the morning, Bidoof asks Chatot about the Star Cave, which turns out to be the home of Jirachi, a legendary Pokémon that can grant any wish, but the cave's location is unknown and it is mostly thought to be a myth. The idea that Jirachi might be able to grant Bidoof the wish of becoming a great explorers excites him.

Later, Bidoof learns that he has a visitor waiting. It turns out to be a Snover, who was the mysterious Pokémon that gave Bidoof the map. The Snover thanks Bidoof for keeping the map safe and requests his help for Star Cave's exploration. Bidoof accepts and gets everything ready, while lying to Chatot about why he has to skip training. Although Chatot is suspicious, he lets Bidoof go. After meeting with Snover, Bidoof accompanies him to the Star Cave where they get attacked by the Bagon and Gligar, who turn out to be Snover's accomplices, with the three Pokémon being thieves that wanted to lure Bidoof out and steal his money.

Snover Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Bagon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Gligar Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky
Team Rogue; Snover, Bagon and Gligar.

Team Rogue, as the three thieves are called start to battle Bidoof and overwhelm him, but soon the rest of the Wigglytuff's Guild show up and assist him in the battle. The thieves run away and Wigglytuff manages to find a secret path in the cave. Everyone is excited to explore the cave but Wigglytuff allows only Bidoof to continue further. Bidoof investigates the cave deeper and deeper but with no trace of Jirachi. As he starts getting desperate he hears some strange mumbling, emitted by a Jirachi who's sleep walking. Jirachi attacks Bidoof during his sleep, but Bidoof manages to defeat him and wakes him up. Now he's awakened, Jirachi agrees to grant Bidoof a wish.

After a long thinking, Bidoof asks to become the greatest explorer to have ever existed, but then, backs away from his decision, as he wants to become the greatest through his own hard work and discipline. He instead asks that some new recruits join the Guild, so he can befriend and guide them. Jirachi assures Bidoof that his wish shall be granted. The new recruits are assumed to be the player and their partner.

Igglybuff the Prodigy

One day, at night, while Wigglytuff was eating a Perfect Apple that Chatot got him, he drops his Defend Globe and gets terrified, thinking it may have broken. After checking the item, it turns out to be intact, nonetheless, the fact that Wigglytuff holds so dearly to a Defend Globe that only affects Bug Type Pokémon makes Chatot curious.

Wigglytuff reveals that it is a token from his past, from when he started being an explorer. When he was young, Wigglytuff used to live with his parents as an Igglybuff. He was the courageous and the curious type. While Igglybuff was hanging with his friends eating Gummis, a Skorupi and Banette tried to bully the bunch by taking away their Gummis. Although Igglybuff wasn't the least scared of them, he still gave them the Gummis, to avoid conflict.Igglybuff Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky

The day after, the Skorupi and the Banette ask from Igglybuff and his friends to accompany them to the Murky Forest, which they plan to explore. After remembering the legend of the monster living in the forest, Igglybuff's friends refuse the offer, but Igglybuff accepts. As the group is exploring the forest, an Armaldo appears and scares Banette and Skorupi away. Igglybuff stays despite the fact that the Armaldo demanded he leaves.

The curious little Pokémon asks Armadillo why is he staying in the forest. Armaldo takes Igglybuff to a cave, within the forest, and tells him that he's been trying to explore it for so long, but can't seem to find a way in. He then shows Igglybuff a map of the cave, that Igglybuff suddenly grabs and sets on fire. The shocked Armaldo extinguishes it fast, but then Igglybuff explains that there was a hidden layer in the map and setting it on fire reveals it. Armaldo checks the map and to his surprise, Igglybuff's words are true.

Banette Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of SkyThe new map layer shows a cave called Eastern Cave, which Igglybuff wants to explore together with Armaldo. Although Armaldo states he's a retired explorer and is tired, Igglybuff still convinces him to come along. As the two start exploring the Eastern Cave, a Nidoking watches over them from the shadows. Deep within the cave they find a Defend Globe, which Armaldo picks. The two advance deeper and deeper within the dungeon. Meanwhile, Nidoking stops following them and heads to Igglybuff's house, informing his parents of the situation.

At the deepest part of the dungeon, a Claydol, a Camerupt, a Yanmega, a Probopass, an Exploud and a Vespiqueen attack Armaldo and Igglybuff, forcing them to fight them. After winning, the two exit the dungeon, to find Igglybuff's parents, Nidoking and a Magnezone at the entry. Magnezone announces that Armaldo is an outlaw and must be arrested. Igglybuff is shocked, learning that this Pokémon he now admires as an explorer is a criminal. As Igglybuff is about to start crying, Armaldo calms him and then confesses his crimes and accepts arrest. As he was leaving with Magnezone and Nidoking, Armaldo throws the Defend Globe, they found earlier, to Igglybuff, telling him to keep it as a reminder of their adventure.

The flash back ends and Chatot now understands why Wigglytuff is holding the item so dearly. Wigglytuff says that all Pokémon outlaws aren't evil after all, and the episode ends.

Today's "Oh My Gosh"

One night, while Sunflora was writing in her diary, her roommate Chimecho tries to take a peek at the writing, which gets her all embarrassed. Lately, it seems that Sunflora has been arguing a lot with Loudred as he rushes things too much and doesn't listen to her at all during dungeon exploration.192Sunflora Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky

One day Sunflora is tasked with capturing the infamous outlaw, "Invincible Haunter", who's been seen dwelling in Spring Cave. The criminal earned the title "Invincible" as he always gets back up after losing a fight. Wigglytuff still warns Sunflora of the disadvantages, as Haunter is of Poison type, which she is weak to, and the cave itself is near a Hot Spring inhabited by Fire Type Pokémon, making the task quite dangerous for Grass Pokémon. Despite the warning, Sunflora gladly accepts the challenge and heads to the cave.

After clearing several levels in the Spring Cave, she finally encounters the Haunter, beating him in battle. Unexplainably, a flash of light occurs, and the Haunter is totally healed. He taunt Sunflora and goes even deeper in the dungeon. Sunflora follows the outlaw and manages to defeat him again. But, yet again, the Haunter mysteriously recovers to full health and even summons two Slugma that chase Sunflora and corner her. As they were about to finish her off, Loudred appears out of nowhere and saves her, saying it was under Chatot's order and that he's not concerned for her sake.

Loudred Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of SkyThe two argue, as usual, and Loudred storms out. Sunflora, as one of the smartest explorers, realizes Haunter's trick. As she finds him for the third time, she explains that there are two other Haunters that switch with each other, every time one of the three gets knocked out. The two other Haunter reveal themselves, but state that it is too late, as Sunflora, unwarily, followed them into a trap. In fact, the three led her to an area where fire emerges from the ground. The fire damages Sunflora but she's still willing to fight the criminals.

Once again, Loudred appears out of nowhere and decides to assist her. Together they arrest the outlaws and succeed in the mission. At the Guild, Wigglytuff praises Sunflora for her efforts and offers her a Sun Scarf, that will protect her from Fire Type Pokémon.

As Chatot thanks Sunflora too, for her remarkable deed, she asks about Loudred. Chatot gets angry and tells her that he hasn't been following orders throughout the day, leaving his duties and post several times. As a punishment, he has to collect Perfect Apples from Apple Woods. Sunflora informs Chatot of what happened and how Loudred rescued her, but Chatot doesn't cancel the punishment. Sunflora realises that Loudred does secretly care about her. At night, she writes in her diary about the day and how she wants to apologize to Loudred and become friends with him. Chimecho tries to look at what she's writing, making her embarrassed.

Here Comes Team Charm!

The first scene of the episode shows how a Graveler found a treasure, which turns out to be already claimed by a group of three female Pokémon. Team Charm, as the group was called, constituted of Gardevoir, Lopunny and Medicham. The three Pokémon made a formidable team, being able to get their hands on all kinds of treasures, thinking that no treasure can escape them.
Lopunny Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Gardevoir Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Medicham Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky
Team Charm; Lopunny, Gardevoir and Medicham.

One day, the trio goes after a legendary treasure, said to be hidden in Boulder Quarry, which is located in Southern Jungle. Within the jungle they meet a Bellossom that denies the treasure's existence, telling them that even the jungle's locals believe it's a myth. Nonetheless, the groups still continues their journey, when they suddenly hear a weird noise. They follow it and find a collapsed Pokémon. It turns out to be a Wigglytuff who has collapsed from hunger, as some thief stole his food supply.

Medicham gives him a Perfect Apple which helps him recover. The group says farewell to Wigglytuff and heads toward the Boulder Quarry. At the Boulder Quarry, and soon learn that it is a maze where everyone keeps running in circle. At the entrance, a group of thieves called Team AWD, consisting of Weavile, Arbok and Drapion, harasses other Pokémon into leaving the place.
Weavile Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Arbok Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Drapion
Team AWD: Arbok, Weavile and Drapion.

The female group isn't intimidated by them and they face them off. Team AWD declares that Team Charm are now their enemies and then they enter the maze. As Team AWD left, a Sentret, who was apparently hiding, talks to Team Charm, revealing that those bullies made his team partners quit exploration forever. Team Charm are angered by the news, and affirm that they'll get Team AWD back for that.

Entering the maze, the group gets confronted by an Aggron and his pack of Lairon, stating that they entered their territory. Although Team Charm explain that they meant no harm, a fight still issues and Team Charm wins it. After defeating Aggron and the Lairon pack, the team continues with the exploration, until they find two passages. They take no risks and explore both of them, but it seems that both would lead back to the start.

A Perfect Apple appears and Wigglytuff then appears chasing after it. He grabs the apple and starts eating it, while Team Charm tries to ask him about the area. Seeing that he isn't paying attention, the group decides to move forward, but Wigglytuff interrupts them and confirms that he listened to everything they said. He then thanks them for the help, but while he was talking, he loses grasp of the Perfect Apple, which rolls and passes through a wall. Wigglytuff follows it and enters the wall too.

Team Charm does the same and finds the wall to be a camouflaged secret passage. Although they can't seem to find Wigglytuff anywhere, they still continue following the passage, reaching the end of the dungeon.At the end, they find a treasure chest which they open and turns out to be empty. Team AWD then shows up and asks for the treasure. Although, Team Charm states that the chest was empty, Team AWD believes that the three female Pokémon are hiding the real treasure. The two teams end up fighting and Team Charm wins.

Even after this team AWD immediately prepare to attack again until Wigglytuff appears and stops them, revealing that there's a Boss in the dungeon that set them all up. Surprisingly, the treasure chest turns into a Ditto who reveals he's the guardian of the dungeon. Ditto also reveals he transformed into the Bellossom that tried to get Team Charm's hopes down. He's also the one who stole Wigglytuff's food and transformed into Sentret to fuel Team Charm's hatrWigglytuff Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Skyed for Team AWD.

The Ditto then explains that the treasure is a Time Gear, that's why it had to be kept safe at all cost. Team AWD decides to leave, as they lost interest. Team Charm asks them why are they leaving empty handed and the thieves group replies that although they do bad things, they are smart enough to avoid stealing a Time Gear, that may cause a catastrophe if it's removed.

Everyone leaves the Boulder Quarry and Team AWD promises that they'll still get Team Charm next time. Team Charm members feel that their journey was actually successful and they found the treasure, even if they didn't take it for themselves. They then ask Wigglytuff to join their team, so they can explore together. Wigglytuff hesitates but soon he accepts as Lopunny tempts him with a Perfect Apple. The group leaves and he follows them, as their new member.

In the Future of Darkness

After going through the future portal, Grovyle wakes up near an unconscious Dusknoir. It seems that the future hasn't been changed yet, and Grovyle believes that the player and their partner, probably didn't place the Time Gears yet. He then decides to head to the Temporal Tower and face Primal Dialga.

Dusknoir wakes up and is unable to attack Grovyle as he's heavily injured. He decides just to pursue him for now. Reaching the Barren Valley Clearing, Dusknoir followed by a group of Sableye, catch up to Grovyle and attack him. Unusually, the Sableye attack Dusknoir too, forcing him to fight alongside Grovyle to beat them. Sableye Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky

Dusknoir asks Grovyle that they team up together, for short period until he figures why are his minions attacking him. When they got to the Dark Wasteland, Grovyle manages to kidnap a Sableye whom they both question. It seems that Primal Dialga has a new officer, whom he assigned the task and returning to the past and eliminating the player. The new officer was the one that ordered the Sableye to eliminate Dusknoir as well. Upon hearing those words, Dusknoir gets enraged and decides to tag with Grovyle for the time being.

Upon reaching Temporal Pinnacle, they discover that Primal Dialga left the place and went to Dusk Forest, where he can send his officers back in time using the portal located there. Grovyle worries that Primal Dialga might also capture Celebi who's living in there. The two head there and soon learn that Celebi has been captured and transported to the Frozen Island.

Dusknoir tells Grovyle that it's a very far away place that can only be reached with the help of Porygon. The weird duo find manage to find the Porygon in Special Cliffs. They then get warped into the Frozen Island, where Dusknoir saves Grovyle from a falling ice shard and takes the damage in his stead. They encounter a Mamoswine accompanied with Glalie, which they fight and beat.

The two hide in a crack in an ice wall, letting Dusknoir recover. At that moment, Dusknoir asks Grovyle why is he so determined to change the past, even though it will lead to his own demise. Grovyle simply replies that even if he'll live a short life now, it will at least be meaningful and his actions will live eternally. Dusknoir keeps thinking of those words, as the two of them travel further.

They meet a Snorunt that informs them about Celebi's whereabouts. Grovyle and Dusknoir follow Snorunt's instructions and enter a dungeon, at which end they find Spiritomb holding Celebi as a prisoner. Out of nowhere, an electric shock hits Grovyle and Dusknoir starts laughing maniacally. It turns out, that this was all a plot developed by Dusknoir to trap Grovyle. He's planning to take control over Grovyle's body, after Grovyles spirit's fades away due to the intense electric shock. Then, Dusknoir, will go to the past as Grovyle and will ruin it, in a splendid way, as the player would trust him by then. He reveals that Primal Dialga's new officer would be Grovyle himself. Grovyle was first confused about how Dusknoir managed to contact his minions and plot everything, but realizes that he must have been knocked out for too long and that Dusknoir woke up early, made his plans and then played unconscious.

Dusknoir Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of SkyGrovyle Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky
Dusknoir and Grovyle

Although he got betrayed by Dusknoir, Grovyle believes that the evil Pokémon is starting to change, and that he witnessed that through their journey together. Grovyle starts to convince Dusknoir about the wrongness of his acts and that there can be a better future, while telling the same to the Sableye. As the electric shock intensifies, Grovyle is about to pass out but Dusknoir steps in and saves him. Everyone is moved with Dusknoir's act.

An enraged Dialga appears and attacks Dusknoir. The Sableye try to defend him by fending it off, but in vain, as Dialga is too powerful. The Spiritomb runs away, releasing Celebi. Within this state of confusion, a splendid aurora appears in the sky, confirming the player's success in placing the Time Gears.

The time around everyone in the dark future starts moving again. This drives Primal Dialga completely crazy and he leaves toward the Vast Ice Mountain. Dusknoir concludes that Dialga is trying to destroy the second Passage of Time, which may lead to irreversible devastation. As the time is changing, Grovyle, Celebi and Dusknoir start vanishing. They realize that there's no time to waste and follow Dialga. They face Dialga and beat him, preventing the catastrophe. Dialga

They realize Dialga himself is affected by the time change and he starts to vanish. Dialga Vanishes first, then he's followed by Dusknoir who asks if he did the right thing and whether this will allow his spirit to live on eternally through his actions. Grovyle confirms and Dusknoir vanishes away. Grovyle is then vanishing, as he holds Celebi in his hands and contemplates the beautiful sunrise. The two of them vanish away. Now, the course of time is fixed and everything is back to normal.Suddenly, Grovyle, Celebi and Dusknoir reappear and Dialga reappears after them, in his normal form. Dialga expresses his gratitude to them and explains that some greater being, even greater than Dialga himself, restored everyone to life. At that moment, Grovyle thinks about the player and promises to make the future a better place.


The game features all the Pokémon up to the fourth generation, excluding only Arceus. Shaymin, that wasn't present in Explorers Time and Explorers of Darkness was added to the game

Playable Pokémon

The playable Pokémon list has been slightly altered, with the removal of Munchlax and Meowth while Vulpix, Riolu, Shinx, Eevee and Phanpy were added. The played Pokémon will be selected according to the quiz at the start of the game.

 Available Playable Pokémon
Pokémon Female Nature Male Nature Type
MDP025 Pikachu Hasty Brave Electric
MDP403 Shinx Not available for this gender Hasty Electric
MDP447 Riolu Not available for this gender Sassy Fighting
MDP231 Phanpy Not available for this gender Relaxed Ground
MDP133 Eevee Jolly Not available for this gender Normal
MDP300 Skitty Naive Not available for this gender Normal
MDP387 Turtwig Timid Bold Grass
MDP252 Treecko Hardy Quiet Grass
MDP152 Chikorita Quiet Calm Grass
MDP001 Bulbasaur Docile Lonely Grass
MDP037 Vulpix Relaxed Not available for this gender  
MDP390 Chimchar Impish Naive Fire
MDP255 Torchic Rash Hardy Fire
MDP155 Cyndaquil Calm Timid Fire
MDP004 Charmander Brave Docile Fire
MDP393 Piplup Quirky Impish Water
MDP258 Mudkip Lonely Rash Water
MDP158 Totodile Sassy Jolly Water
MDP007 Squirtle Bold Quirky Water

Partner Pokémon

Choosing still follows the same process, and is done after the player gets their starter Pokémon. The partner Pokémon can be any Pokémon from the playable Pokémon list, in addition to Meowth and Munchlax.

New Gameplay Features

New Locations

Shaymin Village

A village inhabited by a Shaymin tribe, only unlocked after the main game story is finished. Upon visiting the village, the player will team up with Team Frontier and a Shaymin from the tribe to take control of the path that leads to Sky Peak. After finishing the quest, the Shaymin will be available for recruitment.

Secret Bazaar

It is a bazaar spawned randomly in dungeons, containing different stalls which offer various services:
  • Shedinja's stall lets the player's party leave the dungeon early in exchange of 100 Poké.
  • Swalot's Grab Bag Shop, as its name suggests, sells Grab Bags that may contain useful items.
  • Lickilicky's stall, for the fee of 100 Poké, can clean the player's item from their inventory.
  • Mime Jr's stall regenerates the player's Power Points and Health Points, also relieving their hunger, for 100 Poké.

Spinda's Café

Spindas Juice Bar

It is a special café shop that opens up after finishing Mt. Bristle. The player's current team's Pokémon will be found at Spinda's Café, once it's open.

The Café contains two shop counters inside; the Recycle Shop counter on the right, and Spinda's Juice Bar on the right. Each of them offers different services for free.

The Recycle Shop, run by Wobbuffet and Wynaut, allows the player to exchange items they find useless and optional in exchange of Prize Tickets. The Prize Tickets range in colors and provide different rewards. Red, Blue and Yellow tickets provide mostly good quality items. Silver Tickets, which are only available with the Silver Rank, offer better quality items and would require the trade of 6 items. Gold Tickets are the best quality ones, offering very rare items, most of which are TMs, in exchange of 8 items.

Once the player gets their tickets, they can decide whether they want to roll the spinner and get a prize right away, or save it for some time later. There are chances that the spin would end up with a loss, and the player will receive no reward. One must note though, that stackable items cannot be traded here.

As for Spinda's Juice Bar, it allows the player to turn edible items into beverages. These drinks will sometimes boost the Pokémon's IQ and stats. Sometimes, after the player finishes drinking their cup, Spinda will check the cup and inform the player that they won a special reward.

One of few unexplored dungeons will be unlocked. The dungeon can only be one of the following: Serenity River, Lost Wilderness, Destiny Tower, Lush Prairie, Mt. Mistral and Happy Outlook. Moreover, after talking to Spinda, some random Pokémon will either give the player a random Pokémon Egg, or simply ask to join their team.The Café has another final feature, as it allows the player to meet some clients, near its exit, who will offer them a certain job or mission.

New Items

Quest BottlesMDS Message in a Bottle

These are non-collectible items that will randomly appear on the Beach area. The Quest Bottles will offer a specific quest to the player, which they can choose to accept or reject. The Quest Bottles will always be present at the beach, even after the player chooses to reject them. To make them disappear, the quests offered must be first accepted, then discarded.

Sky Gift

It is a special treasure that can sometimes be found in dungeons. If the player finds one, or receives one from a Pokémon, it will contain nothing inside of it. The gift's only purpose is to be sent to other Pokémon, either through the Guild, or to the player's partner, through Shaymin's Village. The Pokémon that receives the gift, will reply with a message, showing gratitude and giving the player a random item.

Additional features and changes

  • The Outlaws the player has to pursue during quests, will now act in two different ways, when seeing the player. They might run away, as if Foe-Fear Orb was in use, or they might just attack the player.
  • Now it is possible for the player to choose which Pokémon should go back to the Guild, upon starting an escort mission or finding a new recruit.
  • The new Wonder Mail S replaces the normal Wonder Mail feature, making it incompatible with Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, and rendering all their codes unusable.
  • Another new feature was added to the game, and it's called the Sky Jukebox. It is accessed from the main menu and allows the player to listen to 141 of the game's soundtracks. Some of the soundtracks will only be available after finishing certain story events.MD Sky Jukebox
  • Instead of losing all their money, when dying in dungeons, the player will now lose only half of it.
  • After saving a game, it is now possible to choose whether to close the game or continue playing. The save time was also shortened.
  • Responding "Yes" when the player is asked about their experience with Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, will double the rate of Pokémon recruitment in few dungeons.
  • Since Shinx, which evolves into Luxray and then Luxio, was added as a playable Pokémon, the Luxio and Luxray boss group in Amp Plains got replaced with an Electrike and Manectic boss group.
  • The three legendary beasts, Suicune, Entei and Raikou are now available in Treacherous Waters, Inferno Cave and Southeastern Islands, respectively.
  • After finishing "Bidoof's Wish", Jirachi can be battled in Star Cave.


Check out these Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky videos including trailers, the intro and TV commercials. Many more on our YouTube channel, go take a look!

The opening / intro video

The English Trailer

A Japanese TV Commercial

Trivia & Facts

  • Although Arceus is not present in the game, there's a statue of him in Destiny Tower, the most difficult dungeon in the game.
  • It is thought that all the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games take place in the same world, as the world map layout of Pokémon Mystery Dungeons: Explorers of Sky is similar to all the previous games from the series.
  • Robbing Kecleon will now result in the Pokémon saying "My Precious merchandise! Catch the thief!" instead of "Robbed! I've been Robbed! Catch the thief!"

Sales figures

Within the first 3 weeks of its release, the game managed to sell around 238 thousand copies in Japan, 74 thousand in Europe and 103 thousand copies in the USA. The sales gradually increased, reaching a final number of 441 thousand copies sold in Japan, nearly 430 thousand in Europe, 519 thousand in the USA, and approximately, 1.56 million copies on the global level.

MD Sky Squirtle Vulpix

Review scoresPMD Explorers of Sky Logo EN

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky was controversially received, getting both good and bad review scores, on major review websites. Let's take a look at these reviews:

  • Jack Deries from IGN was very disappointed with the game, thinking it was simply a rip off of the previous two sisters, with no great additions and stating " I just can't recommend explorers of Sky to anyone that has played the previous games.". He rated it 4.5/10, the equivalent of "Bad" on the IGN scale.
  • GameSpot didn't review the game and simply gave it the same score as its two sisters, since the gameplay and story of all the three games are almost identical, rating it 6.5/10, the equivalent of "Fair" on the GS scale.
  • On Metacritic, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky received an average score of 54%, over 26 critics.

Overall, the game whether the game is worth it or not, will depend on the players themselves. People that are already familiar with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, will find the game a little repetitive and will only enjoy the special episodes of the story.

Those who hadn't played the previous games, on the other hand, will definitely enjoy the story line and the missions. Nonetheless, and similarly to its sisters, Explorers of Sky still end up having a dull and repetitive gameplay once the main storyline was completed, with the player finding themselves doing the same thing over and over, in numerous dungeons.

Media & ArtworkPMD Explorers of Sky Logo JP

Official Artwork Gallery from PMD: Explorers of Sky - A gallery featuring many of the prominent Pokémon from the game and some logo art
Box Art from PMD: Explorers of Sky including numerous regional variations + editions
Screenshots from PMD: Explorers of Sky



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