Pokemon Colosseum in-depth Boss Guide
Pokemon Colosseum in-depth Boss Guide




By AC Fanatic	


1.      Introduction to the Guide
2.      In Depth Strategy on Bosses
3.      Which Bosses Have which Shadow Pokemon
4.      Techniques on Capturing Shadow Pokemon
5.      Legal Stuff, Credits, Acknowledgements…


Introduction to the Guide

        Hi I'm AC Fanatic this is my first GameFAQ so I don't 
expect it to ever get accepted, but I'm going to try at least.
        I have written this guide mainly for the younger kiddies 
that need help with knowing what to do when you have to face and
defeat a boss not how to capture their shadow pokemon, mainly to 
keep them from asking stupid questions on the Message Boards like 

        This GameFAQ should provide the reader with enough 
informationto be able to kick their way through the somewhat 
challenging Bosses, and help them restore Peace and Tranquility 
to the Region of Orre.


In Depth Strategy on Bosses

Boss #1:  Miror B.

Pokemon:      *Sudowoodo*         Lv. 35
	      Ludicolo            Lv. 29
	      Ludicolo            Lv. 30
	      Ludicolo            Lv. 28
	      Ludicolo            Lv. 31 

Strategy:  As the first boss Miror B. has a well put together team,
except for the major flaw of having four of the same Pokemon!
Ludicolo is an Water-Grass type Pokemon, but neither Fire or 
Electric type attacks will do much damage to them. So I would 
recommend that you should use the Flying attack Fly which will 
be a super effective hit against Miror B.'s Ludicolo's. Also at 
the beginning of the battle you Should use the an attack that 
will put the Ludicolo's th sleep such as Sleep Powder or 
Hypnosis on his Ludicolo's to stop the possible threat 
of the Ludicolo's using Rain Dance which will restore HP to the 
Ludicolo's due to their ability Rain Dish which restores some 
HP to the Pokemon every turn. To take care of Sudowoodo 
take him out with Fighting, Water, Ground, or Grass type attacks.


Boss #2:  Dakim       

Pokemon:          *Entei*        Lv. 40
                  Metang         Lv. 37
                  Marshtomp      Lv. 36   
                  Golem          Lv. 38
                  Camerupt       Lv. 38

Strategy:  Dakim has a bright idea that he can use protect 
on one of his Pokemon then use Earthquake with his other 
Pokemon, which isn't a bad idea at all, also Dakim will 
always start out with Metang and Golem/Camerupt. Firstly 
I highly recommend the use of a Water Pokemon since the 
majority of his Pokemon are weak against Water attacks, 
and you may want to use a flying type again since Earthquake 
can't hit flying type Pokemon.  On the very first turn you 
may want to use only status affecting attacks so you can
find out who is using Protect and Earthquake. On the second 
turn whoever used Protect last turn will use Earthquake this 
turn and visa versa for the other Pokemon, so attack with
both of your Pokemon the one that used protect last turn 
and do the same thing till all of his Pokemon are defeated.


Boss #3:  Venus

Pokemon:           *Suicune*     Lv. 40   
                   Delcatty      Lv. 45 
                   Vileplume     Lv. 44
                   Banette       Lv. 45
                   Steelix       Lv. 45

Strategy:  Venus is one of the harder trainers to 
defeat due to her Steelix. Venus has a wide variety 
of Pokemon so there is no real strategy to defeating
her easily. Three types of Pokemon that I would 
recommend would be Psychic, Fire, and Electric. You 
would want a Pschic type Pokemon to KO Vileplume 
easily.Then try to damage Delcatty badly before 
Delcatty can use attract which will make one of 
your Pokemon unable to use its moves most of the
time against both of Venus's Pokemon.  The Fire type
Pokemon would be used for Steelix so you may 
quickly knock it out of the ring.  And the Electric
type would be for Suicune mainly but possibly for 
Banette also, use any type of electric attack for
Suicune, and in a few turns Suicune should be 
down on the ground.


Boss #4:  Ein

Pokemon:           *Raikou*      Lv. 40
                   Lanturn       Lv. 47
                   Altaria       Lv. 46
                   Huntail       Lv. 47
                   Golbat        Lv. 48

Strategy:  Ein mainly uses Water and Electric 
type Pokemon, so it's not very hard picking 
the types of Pokemon that you need, except for
the fact that the types you need are fairly 
rare in Orre.  You obviously need Electric and
Ground type Pokemon, but the only 2 Electric 
type you have come across so far are Flaaffy 
(Hopefully it is now an Ampharos) and Pluse 
which is for the most part extremely useless,
and as for the Ground type the only one is 
Piloswine and you may have missed catching it
so forget the ground type unless you want to
start purifying it until it learns dig which 
is really only useful against Raikou.  There 
isn't really much I can do to help you here 
except provide you with tips and battle 
information, so you just need to go with 
your instincts and hope for the best.


Boss #5:  Miror B. REMATCH

Pokemon:           *Sudowoodo*        Lv. 35 
                   Armaldo            Lv. 43
                   Ludicolo           Lv. 44
                   Ludicolo           Lv. 45 
                   Golduck            Lv. 45
                   Loudred            Lv. 46

Strategy:  Miror B. has decided since your last
battle with him ended in your favor to add a 
few new friends to his/her team, which include 
Golduck, Loudred, and Armaldo.  Loudred is most
likely going to be the biggest threat to you 
because of his attack Shadow Ball, you may want
to target your attacks on him. As for Golduck 
and Armaldo take them out with Electric and Fire
type attacks. Use the same strategy as before 
for the rest of his Pokemon. You should then 
have a quick and easy win.


Boss #6:   Dakim REMATCH

Pokemon:          *Entei*            Lv. 40
                  Houndoom           Lv. 47
                  Flygon             Lv. 46
                  Forretress         Lv. 45
                  Whiscash           Lv. 46
                  Claydol            Lv. 46

Strategy:  Dakim was the hardest for me to defeat
out of the 4 in a row boss rematches, because 
all of his Pokemon are different except for 
Entei.  About half of Dakims Pokemon are of the 
Ground type so I recommend the use of water Pokemon 
and Pokemon of the Flying type also, because he still
uses the Earth Quake/Protect technique again. Also be
on alert he also uses the Sunny Day Solarbeam technique,
so you may want to have one of your water Pokemon know 
Rain Dance so you can stop the threat of 5 Solarbeams 
in a row.

Boss #7:   Venus REMATCH

Pokemon:         *Suicune*           Lv. 40
                 Milotic             Lv. 48
                 Bellossom           Lv. 47
                 Raichu              Lv. 48
                 Wigglytuff          Lv. 48
                 Misdreavus          Lv. 47

Strategy:  Venus has a whole new team like Dakim accept for
Suicune, so she is also a bit hard.  She has only 
Pokemon of only one type so that makes it even more 
dificult. I would strongly advise the use of Electric,
Psychic, and Fire(after the water Pokemon are taken out)
Pokemon to get the job done. Milotic is probably the Hardest to
take down because of its Ice attacks that can be very 


Boss #8:   Ein REMATCH

Pokemon:         *Raikou*            Lv. 40
                 Manectric           Lv. 50
                 Starmie             Lv. 49
                 Rhydon              Lv. 50
                 Pelipper            Lv. 49
                 Crobat              Lv. 48

Strategy:  Finally the last out of the Realgam Tower
Rematches Ein.  Ein right from the start will try to 
poison both of your Pokemon so you may want to use attacks
that make you impossible to hit for the first turn such as
Fly, Dig, and Dive, but just in case you may want to carry some 
Full Heals or Lum and Pecha Berries.  First of all you may want 
to use many Electric type atacks because three of his pokemon 
are weak against Electric type attacks they are, Starmie, Pelipper,
and Crobat. And as for Raikou and Manectric use a solid hitting 
Ground attack and you should knock'em out fast. For Rydon just get 
him with a water attack and you should have a fun and successful


Boss #9:   Gonzap

Pokemon:         *Skarmory*          Lv. 47
                 Crawdaunt           Lv. 52
                 Pinsir              Lv. 52
                 Hariyama            Lv. 53
                 Shiftry             Lv. 53

Strategy:  Gonzap is now your new Arch Enemy, he weilds the 
power of 1 Hit Wonder(Pokemon Stadium Pun:) Attacks, so you will
want to afflict his Pokemon immediately with Staus afflicting
attacks, such as Hypnosis, Poison Powder, and Thunder Wave to
lessen the chance of being hit with one of Ein's devastating 
attacks such as Crabhammer and Earthquake. After that you should 
hit his team with mainly Fire type attacks to steal the win, but
its not the last time you will meet up with Gonzap...


Boss #10:   Nascour

Pokemon:         *Metagross*         Lv. 50
                 Gardevoir           Lv. 55         
                 Xatu                Lv. 54
                 Dusclops            Lv. 55
                 Walrein             Lv. 56
                 Blaziken            Lv. 54

Strategy:  Let me be the first to congratulate you on making it
this far, but also let me be the first to tell you that the next
battle isnt a walk in the park. The majority of Nascours Pokemon
are weak to dark type attacks so make sure you have some Pokemon
with dark type attacks, you may also want to hit his Metagross
with ground type attacks to take it out easily. For the rest 
of his Pokemon, just hit Walrein with acouple of fighting type 
attacks, then just hit Blaziken with a couple of water type
attacks and the victory should be yours. Congratulations you
have beaten Realgam tower, but wait who could that be?


Boss #11:   Evice

Pokemon:         *Tyranitar*         Lv. 55
                 Salamence           Lv. 60
                 Machamp             Lv. 61
                 Scizor              Lv. 60
                 Slaking             Lv. 60
                 Slowking            Lv. 61

Strategy: Yes, The person who has been behind the evil plot
to take over the world is the Ever Evil Evice(aka The Mayor).
Evice has a wide variety of Pokemon so it will not be an
easy task to defeat Evice. To defeat Tyranitar take him down
with a few water type attacks, but to make the battle easier
just throw the Master Ball that you got earlier in the game.
For the rest of his Pokemon, take down Salamence with ice
attacks, Machamp will go down easily with one good Psychic
attack, Scizor will go down with a fire type attack, Slacking
will go down with some fighting type attacks, and finally hit
Slowking with a nice Electric type attack and if you can pull
But, the Boss Battles still rage on...


Boss #12:   Gonzap REMATCH

Pokemon:         *Skarmory*         Lv. 47
                 Crawdaunt          Lv. 64
                 Armaldo            Lv. 64
                 Machamp            Lv. 64
                 Breloom            Lv. 64
                 Granbull           Lv. 64

Strategy: Your Arch Enemy is back for a second beating. This
he has almost all new Pokemon and all of them are fairly high
leveled. Gonzaps Pokemon almost imeadiately use Hyper Beam as
soon as they can so be prepared for a few harsh blows, but
his Pokemon must then rest for a turn to regain some lost 
energy, so now is your turn to hit them with some powerful
attacks. To defeat crawdaunt hit him with a Thunder or
Thunderbolt attack to deal some serious damage, As for
Armaldo take him out with surf, Machamp is another easy
KO take Machamp down with a couple of Psychic attacks,
take Breloom down with a fire attack, the last and certainly
least Granbull will go down with a good fighting attack such
as Brick Break.


Boss #13:   Angol

Pokemon:         *Shuckle*          Lv. 45
                 Girafarig          Lv. 68
                 Sableye            Lv. 69
                 Skarmory           Lv. 66
                 Shedinja           Lv. 68
                 Kingdra            Lv. 70

Strategy: Who the heck are you? Yeah Angol is a little
strange looking if you ask me. But now to get on to the strategy.
Angol is probably has the strongest team in the game other than
yourself but he isn't all that hard to defeat. The only real
hard thing to defeat is Shedinja, because of its ability wonder
guard it can only be hit by super effective hits, so the only
type of attacks that can touch are Flying, Fire, Ghost, Dark,
and Dark, so make sure you bring at least one Pokemon with
one of those type of attacks and take down the rest with your
own skills by just pelting them with strong attacks, but make
sure your Pokemon are about the same levels as Angol's or you may
have some trouble defeating him.


Boss #14:   Shady Guy

Pokemon:         *Togetic*          Lv. 20
                 Armaldo            Lv. 68
                 Milotic            Lv. 68
                 Manectric          Lv. 68
                 Houndoom           Lv. 68
                 Gyrados            Lv. 68

Strategy: Good Job you have made to final battle, Vs. Yourself?
Yes Shady Guy has taken the form of YOU! He has quite the easy
team to defeat as long as your Pokemon are Lv. 65 and above,
if they arent then go do some training. Togetic can be taken
down with almost any attack, Alrmaldo can be taken down with a
high leveled Surf attack, Milotic should be taken down with some
electric attacks the same goes for Gyarados, take down Magnetric
with a good rock type attack, as for Houndoom get rid of him with
a good Water type attack and take the Victory for the last time!

Good Job! 


Which Bosses Have Which Shadow Pokemon

Miror B. has Sudowoodo

Dakim has Entei

Venus has Suicune

Ein has Raikou

Gonzap has Skarmory

Nascour has Metagross

Evice has Tyranitar

Angol has Shuckle

Shady Guy has Togetic 


Techniques on Capturing Shadow Pokemon

There are three major steps in Snaging Pokemon they are as 

1 weaken the Pokemon-  When a Pokemon HP meter begins to get in 
the yellow you may want to read step 2.

2 Inflict the Pokemon with a Status Condition-  Use attacks such 
as Hypnosis, Poison Powder, and Thunder Wave.

3 Throw a Snag Ball-  When you think you can catch the Pokemon, 
use the Poke, Great, Ultra, Premier, Net, Nest, Timer, or the 
almighty never failing Master Ball.


Legal Stuff, Credits, Acknowledgements…

This was written by me, you can take it, steal it, print it, 
put it on your web site as long as you ask me first and get 
a positive response by emailing me at tgreene15@yahoo.com

Nintendo and Gamefreak make Pokemon and own all rights to Pokemon.

And Lets give a round of applause to:
Mega Mage3003- for the help
harle1012000- for the help
Deathborn 668- for the help
Gameboy9001- for the help
ghostfox1- for the correction
Fawful Waffle- for the tips
Shadowangemon- for the idea
Jiggy37- for correcting my wording of a particular sentence
GameFAQs- For hosting everyones GameFaq
Nintendo/Nintendo Power- for reference usage
And me, AC Fanatic, for Providing this simple, but yet informational 



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