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My Pokemon Ranch (WiiWare)
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General information
 Platform  Wii
 Developed by  Ambrella
 Published by  Nintendo
 Single Player
 Generation  Generation IV
 Release dates
  Australia  July 4th, 2008
  Europe  July 4th, 2008
  Japan  March 25th, 2008
  United States  June 9th, 2008
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Hayley, Pikachu, Piplup and Quilava in my Pokemon RanchReleased on Nintendo Wii, My Pokémon Ranch WiiWare is mostly seen as a companion tool for Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl. Similarly to Pokémon Box for Ruby & Sapphire, the game lets the player transfer Pokémon from and to the fourth generation games, while offering the possibility to store a large number of Pokémon in the farm.

The stored Pokémon will be displayed on the ranch in 3D models, each having their own animations and sounds. The player too, will have a 3D avatar (Mii) they would use to interact with the different Pokémon in there.

Although the graphics aren't that great, the music is still enjoyable, and the various game features make the game an interesting choice. Although My Pokémon Ranch is considered a complimentary tool to Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, it can be a standalone game that can still be played without having either of the two games. In fact, the ranch manager Hayley will gift the player six starter Pokémon, and offer them a new different one on a daily basis. She will ask the player each day the type of Pokémon she should bring the next day.

Additionally, she's also willing to trade some of the Pokémon in her possession (including both legendaries Mew and Phione) for specific ones. Last but not least, Hayley does also give very useful information about the Pokémon that is different to the Diamond and Pearl entries, since she helps locating these Pokémon on the Sinnoh region map. The game received an update to enable its interaction with Pokémon Platinum in 2008, adding new features to the game. The update was sadly released in Japan only.

The Ranch

The game takes mainly place on a large farm, with no relevant location in the Pokémon world. It is composed of a wide grassy green land, surrounded with a white fence. The farm also contains a barn, and is managed by Hayley.


There are many different characters within the game, but the most important of all would be Hayley. All the characters, though, appear appear as Miis created through the Wii's avatar system.

  • Hayley: She's the host of My Pokémon Ranch. The region Hayley comes from is unknown, but presumed mostly to be Sinnoh as she seems to have a good knowledge of where Pokémon can be found across that region. All we know about her, is that she's a friend of Bebe (The inventor of Sinnoh's storage system). Hayley, the ranch owner.Hayley is a devoted Pokémon breeder and yearns to create the biggest ranch in the world. To do so, she requires the player's help, to collect Pokémon and data on them. Within the game, she takes care of the player's Pokémon, brings a new one to the ranch each day and trades her own.
  • The Player: The player's character is a custom made Mii, created with Wii's Mii avatar system. There are different facial traits available for selection, enabling the player to have a unique character.
  • Club Look-See Miis : They are mainly secondary characters that appear on the player's ranch and invite them to visit theirs. What's special about them, is that they look similar to the Pokémon they raise and their ranches have specific themes. Each person has number and they appear in a linear order following these numbers.

Mii's Number Mii's Name Mii's Look-Alike Mii's Ranch Mii's Pokémon
1 Bobbie Bibarel Bidoof Ranch 100 Bidoof, 20 Bibarel
2 Mirabel Miltank Milk Cow Ranch 40 Miltank
3 Tanner Tauros Wild Bull Ranch 60 Tauros
4 Maggie Magneton Magnemite Ranch 30 Magnemite, 20 Magneton, 1 Magnezone
5 Wanda Wobbuffet Wobbuffet Ranch 20 Wobbuffet, 5 Wynaut
6 Maribel Mareep Wool Ranch 30 Mareep, 20 Flaffy, 10 Ampharos
7 Dugan Dugtrio Underground Ranch 100 Diglett, 10 Dugtrio
8 Pikabo Pikachu Pikachu Ranch 20 Pikachu, 10 Pichu, 5 Raichu
9 Nathan Natu Mystic Ranch 8 Natu, 4 Xatu, 1 Lunatone, 1 Solrock, 1 Cresselia
10 Cherry Cherubi Small Ranch 1 Cherubi, 1 Magnemite, 1 Chingling, 1 Starly, 1 Kricketot, 1 Caterpie
11 Raby Starvia Trophy Ranch 10 Starvia, 10 Roselia, 10 Kricketune, 5 Pikachu, 5 Pichu, 3 Bonsly, 3 Happiny, 3 MimeJr., 3 Chansey
12 Penny Happiny Egg Ranch 10 Pokémon Eggs, 5 Happiny, 5 Exeggcute, 5 Togepi, 3 Chansey
& 1 Blissey
13 Todd Politoed Polibog Ranch 200 Poliwag, 80 Poliwhirl, 20 Poliwrath & 1 Politoed
14 Sammie Smoochum Rosy Ranch 10 Smoochum, 10 Igglypuff, 10 Cleffa, 5 Happiny, 5 Cherubi, 5 Clefairy, 5 Jigglypuff & 1 Wigglytuff
15 Crofton Croagunk Toxic Mouth Ranch 20 Croagunk, 20 Toxicroack, 20 Nidoran, 20 Beedil, 10 Nidorino, 10 Tentacool, 10 Tentacruel, 10 Seviper & 10 Qwilfish
16 Robert Probopass Rock Ranch 300 Geodude, 100 Graveler, 30 Nosepass, 30 Bonsly, 20 Golem, 20 Onix, 10 Probopass & 10 Sudowoodo
17 Kristy Kricketot Bug Ranch 50 Combee, 30 Kricketot, 20 Kakuna, 20 Weedle, 20 Silcoon, 20 Beautifly, 20 Wurmple, 10 Beedrill, 10 Heracross, 10 Pinser, 10 Kricketune, 5 Scyther & 1 Vespiquen
18 Pattie Pachirisu Amity Ranch 2 Pachirisu, 2 Pikachu, 2 Clefairy, 2 Psyduck, 2 Jigglypuff, 2 Torchic, 2 Shroomish, 2 Happiny, 2 Drifloon, 2 Buneary, 2 Skitty
19 Douglas Duskull Horror Ranch 30 Duskull, 30 Shuppet, 30 Gastly, 10 Hunter, 10 Banette, 10 Dusclops, 5 Gengar, 5 Mismagius, 5 Dusknoir, & 1 Spiritomb
20 Martha Wormadam Burmy Ranch 10 Wormadam (trash cloack), 10 Wormadam (sandy cloack), 10 Wormadam (plant cloack), 10 Burmy (trash cloack), 10 Burmy (sandy cloack), 10 Burmy (plant cloack) & 2 Mothim
21 Sunny Sunflora Tropical Ranch 40 Sunflora, 40 Sunkern, 10 Exeggutor, 10 Ludicolo, 10 Tropius
& 10 Cherubi
22 Grace Glaceon Evolution Ranch 6 Eevee, 1 Glaceon, 1 Flareon, 1 Jolteon, 1 Umbreon, 1 Leafeon, 1 Espeon, 1 Vaporeon
23 Pamela Aipom Sweet Scent Ranch 50 Combee, 30 Aipom, 30 Cherubi, 30 Burmy (plant cloack) & 1 Munchlax
24 Mason Abomasnow Snow Country Ranch 50 Mamoswine, 40 Snover, 40 Snorunt, 20 Swinub, 20 Sealeo, 10 Froslass, 10 Piloswine, 10 Glalie, 5 Abomasnow, 5 Walrein & 1 Articuno
25 Barbara Abra Psychic Ranch 16 Abra, 16 Ralts, 8 Kadabra, 8 Kirlia, 5 Jynx, 5 Mr. Mime, 4 Alakazam, 2 Gardevoir, 2 Gallade, 1 Uxie, 1 Mesprit, 1 Azelf
& 1 Mewtwo
26 Abella Swablu Airy Ranch 100 Skiploom, 50 Swablu, 50 Jumpluff, 40 Drifloon & 20 Drifblim
27 Magnes Magby Flame Ranch 40 Magby, 30 Slugma, 30 Ponyta, 20 Magmar, 10 Magcargo, 10 Rapidash, 10 Magmortar, 5 Chimchar, 1 Heatran, 1 Entei & 1 Moltres
28 Marita Makuhita Battle Ranch 20 Machop, 20 Makuhita, 10 Croagunk, 10 Machamp, 10 Hitmonlee, 10 Hitmonchan, 10 Hariyama, 5 Toxicroak, 5 Riolu, 5 Machoke & 1 Lucario
29 Webb Weavile Dark Ranch 40 Poochyen, 40 Stunky, 40 Murkrow, 20 Houndour, 20 Mightyena, 20 Sneasel, 10 Houndoom, 10 Skuntank & 1 Honchkrow
30 Leah Roselia Flower Garden Ranch 50 Bellossom, 30 Budew, 20 Roselia, 20 Cherrim, 20 Sunflora, 10 Roserade, 5 Gloom, 5 Turtwig & 1 Leafeon
31 Spencer Spoink Swarm Ranch 800 Spoink
32 Deanna Goldeen Water Ranch 20 Goldeen, 20 Seaking, 20 Corphish, 20 Finneon, 10 Bibarel, 10 Gastrodon (East Sea), 10 Gastrodon (West Sea), 10 Crawdaunt, 5 Piplup, 1 Vaporeon & 1 Suicune
33 Troy Baltoy Ancient Ranch 50 Baltoy, 50 Amonyte, 50 Kabuto, 50 Aerodactyl, 50 Anorith, 50 Cranidos, 50 Shieldon, 20 Omastar, 20 Kabutops, 20 Claydol, 20 Rampardos, 20 Armaldo, 20 Bastiodon, 1 Regirock, 1 Registeel, 1 Regice & 1 Regigagas
34 Jules Zapdos Electric Ranch 30 Pachirisu, 20 Plusle, 20 Minun, 20 Pichu, 20 Shinx, 20 Elekid, 10 Pikachu, 10 Electabuzz, 10 Luxio, 5 Luxray, 5 Electivire, 1 Raikou & 1 Zapdos
35 Lucius Lugia Heaven Ranch 30 Pidgey, 30 Wingull, 30 Starly, 20 Starvia, 20 Gligar, 10 Staraptor, 10 Skarmory, 1 Latios, 1 Latias, 1 Rayquaza & 1 Lugia
36 Trevor Torterra Earthly Ranch 40 Sandshrew, 30 Hippopotas, 20 Hippiwdon, 20 Whiscash, 20 Numel, 20 Sanslash, 10 Nincada, 5 Torterra, 5 Diglett & 1 Groudon
37 Nita Dragonite Dragon Ranch 30 Gible, 30 Dratini, 20 Dragonair, 20 Vibrava, 2 Gabite, 10 Flygon, 1 Altaria, 5 Dragonite, 5 Garchomp, 1 Palka & 1 Dialga


My Pokémon Ranch offers a variety of fun features:
  • Pokémon Storage: As a game conceived to be mainly a storage tool, it lets the players transfer up to 1000 Pokémon from the Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl and store them in the farm. The stored Pokémon are displayed as mini 3D models and can be organized on the farm according to few criteria, like weight, height, nature, etc...
  • Mii's and Pokémon Interactions: Using their Miis(the custom created character), the player can interact with the environment and the Pokémon present in it. They can run away from Pokémon or even dance with them, as they can interact with the farm by tending to it and adding decorative items. The Pokémon too interact in between themselves by greeting or attacking each others.
  • Screenshots: Pictures can be taken at any given moment in the game. The Focus Lock of the camera helps taking better images of Pokémon and objects, as the camera angle can also be rotated at the player's will. Additionally, the player can share these pictures with their friends, using the WiiConnect24.

Some Mii's in My Pokemon Ranch A Mii petting some Pokemon
Some Mii's (left), A Mii interacting with Piplup and Pikachu (right).

Ranch Levels

My Pokémon Ranch actually features a ranch level system. In order to gain a level and expand your ranch, some requirements are to be met. Passing certain levels adds new stuff to the game.

Ranch Level Requirement Storage limits Ranch Mii Capacity
Ranch Toy Capacity
Unlocked features
1 The starting level 20 5 1  
2 Transfer 7 Pokémon 25 5 1  
3 Transfer 10 Pokémon 30 5 1  
4 Transfer 15 Pokémon 40 10 1  
5 Transfer 20 Pokémon 50 10 1 Free Mode
6 Transfer 30 Pokémon 60 10 1  
7 Transfer 40 Pokémon 80 10 1  
8 Transfer 50 Pokémon 100 15 2  
9 Transfer 60 Pokémon 150 15 2  
10 Transfer 80 Pokémon 200 15 2 Favorites
11 Transfer 100 Pokémon 250 20 3  
12 Transfer 120 Pokémon 300 20 3  
13 Transfer 150 Pokémon 350 20 3  
14 Transfer 200 Pokémon 400 20 3  
15 Transfer 250 Pokémon 500 20 4 Phione
16 Transfer 300 Pokémon 600 20 4  
17 Transfer 350 Pokémon 700 20 4  
18 Transfer 400 Pokémon 800 20 4  
19 Transfer 450 Pokémon 900 20 4  
20 Transfer 500 Pokémon 1000 20 5 A Pallet Toy appears and Hayley's Pokémon are transferred to a barn
21 Transfer 600 Pokémon 1000 20 5  
22 Transfer 700 Pokémon 1000 20 5  
23 Transfer 800 Pokémon 1000 20 5  
24 Transfer 900 Pokémon 1000 20 5  
25 Transfer 999 Pokémon 1000 20 6 Mew
26 Transfer 1000 Pokémon 1500 20 6 Only available with the Pokémon Platinum update

Hayley's Wanted Pokémon and Trading

Upon transferring the first Pokémon to My Pokémon Ranch, Hayley will get data on the player's Pokédex and asks daily that they bring a specific Pokémon. She gives information about the Pokémon's location or what items are needed for its evolution and where to find them, if it's a specially evolved one. Upon bringing the wanted Pokémon, she'll offer one of her own to trade for it, or one of those she brought to the ranch. Hayley's Pokémon are special, since they either know an Egg Move, have already learned a TM or hold a special object. These are the Pokémon that Hayley trades:

Pikachu   Wynaut  Eevee  Pachirisu  Shellos  Aerodactyl  Croagunk Lickitung 
Pikachu Wynaut Eevee Pachirisu Shellos Aerodactyl Croagunk Lickitung
 Finneon  Wailmer Shroomish   Vulpix  Snover Tangela   Miltank  Yanma
Finneon Wailmer Shroomish Vulpix Snover Tangela Miltank Yanma
 Staravia Buneary  Combee   Ponyta Phione   Mew    
Staravia Buneary Combee Ponyta Phione Mew    

Hayleys List of Wanted Pokemon Wanted, Cacturne
Trade Hayley one of the Pokemon on her wanted list, and you'll get one of hers in return.


Within the ranch several events happen, making the farm lively and seemingly more realistic and fun. These events can be devised into Random events that occur every 15 minutes and specific ones that happen after reaching a certain condition.
  • Random Events: They are mainly interactions in between Pokémon. The Pokémon would be greeting or attacking each others. The attacks used by the Pokémon will depend on their type, and will be generic attacks like a fire Pokémon breathing fire or an electric Pokémon electrocuting another.
  • A list of specific events and when they occur:

The Event The Condition
Clock It happens each hour
Attention Transfer at least 1 Pokémon
Pole Totem Transfer at least 5 Pokémon
Sky Parade Transfer at least 11 Pokémon that can levitate
Do The Wave Transfer 8 Plusie and 8 Minun
Slow Waltz Transfer at least 10 Illumise and 10 Volbeat
Pikachu Party Transfer 20 Pikachu
Hop-Hop Transfer 20 Cleffa
ZigZag Dance Transfer 20 Zigzagoon
Ring Dance Transfer 20 Pokémon that have the same type
Circle Dance Transfer 20 Pokémon that have the same specie
ZigZag Parade Transfer 25 Zigzagoon
Carousel Transfer 40 Ponyta, Rapidash, Stantler and Girafarig
Chorus Transfer many Igglypuff, Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff
Dash Transfer Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Torchic, Meowth, Teddiursa and Munchlax
Keyboard Transfer the Unown in all their forms


Throughout the game, various toys will be delivered to the Toy Box on a daily basis. Toys can be placed on the ranch, so that Pokémon and Mii's can interact with them.

The Toy Description
Training Bag
Training Bag
A training bag on which Pokémon can practice their attacks.
Stinky Ball
Stinky Ball
A ball that releases a stench repelling both Pokémon and Miis from the Mii that picks it up. The Mii carrying it gets anxious and ends up throwing it away.
Spring Stand
Spring Stand
It lets Pokémon jump very high.
Spin Ride
Spin Ride
If a Mii or Pokémon step on it, they'll spin quickly. When spinning, some Miis get confused.
A snowman that freezes all Miis and Pokémon nearby. Pokémon vulnerable to Ice attacks do not approach it. It is vulnerable to Fire type attacks and depletes with time.
Slippery Peel
Slippery Peel
It trips Miis and Pokémon that step on it.
Round Rock
Round Rock
A rock that moves by when attacked by Pokémon. If a Pokémon fails to avoid it, it gets flattened to the grass.
Pokémon Pallet It gathers all the ranch's Pokémon, forming the image of the player's Mii.
Poke Rocket
Poké Rocket
A cannon that launches Pokémon far away.
Poke Pendulum
Poké Pendulum
It hyponotizes Pokémon confusing them or putting them to sleep
Poké Microphone Pokémon can cry through the microphone, resulting in their voices being heard in the Wii Remot's Speaker.
Poke Cushion
Poké Cushion
It can be placed on a Mii's head and Pokémon tend to jump on it. If the Pokémon is too heavy, the Mii will be unable to move.
Poke Bell
Poké Bell
If a Mii uses it, it will attract Pokémon toward it.
Poké Balloons If attached to a Pokémon or a Mii, it will let them fly away.
A small hole in which Pokémon and Miis can fall. After they jump into it, they'll reappear falling from the sky. If the Pokémon is too big, like Onyx, it won't fall.
Parade Drum
Parade Drum
Used by Miis to form a parade of Pokémon
Leader Flag
Leader Flag
Used by Miis to lead a parade of Pokémon
Can be used by both Miis and Pokémon. Fire Pokémon avoid it.
A dummy toy that trains Pokémon by attacking them. Avoiding the attack will result in the toy starting a sort of celebration.
Burst Ball
Burst Ball
An explosive ball that detonates upon contact.
Bounce Back Ball
Bounce Back Ball
A super bouncing ball that throws away any Miis or Pokémon it contacts. The faster the ball, the further the victims are thrown away.
Both Pokémon and Miis can watch it, although it sometimes burns some Pokémon. Water Pokémon can douse the flames a bit.
A weird device that attracts Pokémon to the Miis that use it.

The Platinum Update

An update was released in Japan in the 5th of Novermber, 2008 enabling the link between Pokémon Platinum and My Pokémon Ranch. The update also added several features to the game, including:
  • Raising the ranch level to 26, which allows storing up to 1500 Pokémon.
  • Eleven new toys with new fun mechanics.
  • Three new Club Look See members along their ranches.
  • New animations for several Pokémon
  • The ability to change the soundtrack or song being played

New events:Dialga as he appears in My Pokémon RanchDialga as he appears in My Pokémon Ranch
  • Battle between Dialga and Palkia.
  • Battle between Darkrai and Cresselia
  • Battle between Seviper and Zangoose
  • Wrestling contest between Makuhita and Hariyama
  • Water Pokémon using Surf on the water, all while swimming and jumping.
  • New Rotom forms.

Videos & Media

Check out these videos from My Pokémon Ranch including Japanese and Western trailers + the first episode of a decent Lets Play.

The Japanese Trailer for My Pokémon Ranch

The USA Trailer for My Pokémon Ranch, gives a good overview of the game.

Join Trey on a relaxing getaway as he runs his very own Pokémon Ranch in this Lets Play episode.

Trivia & Facts

  • Level 100 Pokémon or Pokémon found in special places will emit sparkles in blue or green respectively or both if the Pokémon obeys both conditions.
  • Everyone's Pokémon Ranch was the original game title, but it was changed due to the fact that western cultures are culturally more individual oriented.
  • Certain Pokémon have unique specie characteristics like the Weezing emitting stinky yellow gaz that repels other Pokémon.


No official Sales numbers are released about My Pokémon Ranch, but one thing for sure: The game was one of the worst recieved Pokémon titles to be released and probably had poor sales as a result of it.


My Pokémon Ranch was generally considered one of the worst Pokémon games to be released. Overall, the game was badly received and was rated below average scores on major game review websites. Let's take a look at these scores:Hayley and a Pikachu in my Pokemon RanchHayley and a Pikachu in my Pokémon Ranch
  • Craig Harris from IGN was really annoyed by the Miis Character models refering to the game as "the ugliest Pokémon game -- to hit any videogame system" and rated it 4/10 the equivalent of "Bad" on their scale.
  • Alex Knox from NintendoLife, also, thought that the game missed a lot of potential and could've been way better if more effort was invested in it. He rated it 4/10, which equates "Poor" on NintendoLife's scale.
  • On GameRankings too, My Pokémon Ranch was also given a bad score of 43.11%.

In spite of all this, I personally didn't mind it, it's nice to have a change of pace from hardcore battling to be the very best, and to see your Pokémon from Diamond and Pearl in a 3D environment, even if it's a bit of a questionable one ;-)

Media & Artwork

Official Artwork Gallery from My Pokemon Ranch (WiiWare) - A gallery featuring Pokemon and characters from the game
Screenshots from My Pokemon Ranch (WiiWare)



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