Move Tutors in Pokemon Black & White Version 2
The Library


In Black 2 and White 2, tutor moves were brought back and some new tutors were added. However, instead of the HGSS format, they follow Platinum and use the Shards, and the tutors are scattered about Unova. Each tutor corresponds to a certain color Shard, and takes 2-12 Shards depending on the move.


Driftveil City - Red Shards
2 Shards - Covet, Bug Bite
4 Shards - Drill Run, Bounce, Signal Beam, Iron Head
6 Shards - Super Fang, Uproar, Seed Bomb, Dual Chop
8 Shards - Low Kick, Gunk Shot
10 Shards - ThunderPunch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch

Lentimas Town - Blue Shards
2 Shards - Last Resort, Iron Defense
4 Shards - Magnet Rise, Magic Coat
6 Shards - Block, Hyper Voice, Electroweb, Icy Wind, Iron Tail
8 Shards - Aqua Tail, Earth Power, Zen Headbutt, Foul Play
10 Shards - Superpower, Gravity, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse

Humilau City - Yellow Shards
2 Shards - Bind, Snore
4 Shards - Heal Bell, Knock Off
6 Shards - Synthesis, Roost
8 Shards - Sky Attack, Role Play
10 Shards - Heat Wave, Giga Drain, Drain Punch, Pain Split, Tailwind

Nacrene City - Green Shards
6 Shards - Worry Seed, Gastro Acid
8 Shards - Helping Hand, After You, Magic Room, Wonder Room, Spite
10 Shards - Recycle, Trick, Stealth Rock, Outrage
12 Shards - Endeavor, Sleep Talk, Skill Swap, Snatch



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