Individual Value's - IV Guide
Individual Value's - IV Guide


Why do some Pokemon have different stats without any EVs, even if the base stat is the same? Well, that's because Pokemon have genes, too. But how are these represented? In the games, they are called Individual Values, or IVs for short. These numbers range from 0 to 31, for each stat. That makes it virtually impossible to legitimately obtain two Pokemon that have the exact same IVs in all stats (Unless you abuse the RNG).

IVs do more than just determine stats though. They also determine what type and power the move Hidden Power will have.

Finding Your IVs

Unfortunately, no one on their own can determine the IVs of a Pokemon just by looking at it. There's the possibility that it has EVs, and it also must be Lv. 100 when viewing stats to find this.

Luckily, there's two ways to find out. The quickest and easiest way is to use an online IV calculator, which will save you so much trouble from this guide. A great one is Metalkid's IV calculator.

The other way is to talk to a specific man who gives you the general idea of how good your Pokemon's IVs are. He is found in the Battle Subway in Gen V games.

His statements (From Bulbapedia):

(The first statement)
If the IV total is between 0 and 90: "This Pokémon's potential is decent all around."
If the IV total is between 91 and 120: "This Pokémon's potential is above average overall."
If the IV total is between 121 and 150: "This Pokémon has relatively superior potential overall."
If the IV total is between 151 and 186: "This Pokémon has outstanding potential overall."

(The second statement)
If the highest IV is between 0 and 15: "It's rather decent in that regard."
If the highest IV is between 16 and 25: "It's very good in that regard."
If the highest IV is between 26 and 30:"It's fantastic in that regard."
If the highest IV is 31: "It can't be better in that regard."

Finding Your Hidden Power

Again, no one can tell you what the type and power of a Hidden Power is by just looking at it. IV calculators generally guess the type and power, so if you're using that, don't even read the rest of this.

There's 2 ways (yet again) to find the Hidden Power type:
Go out, attack several Pokemon with it and guess based on its effectiveness, or just attack a Kecleon.

The other way is to talk to a certain man who resides in Mistralton City's Pokemon Center. He will tell you the exact type.

How then, are we to find the power ingame? There's your problem: you can't. The next bit of information is just trivia.

e=Sp. Attack
f=Sp. Defense

Here, what matters is whether or not the IV is odd. If it is odd, it is 1. If even, it's 0.

Hidden Power type=(((a+2b+4c+8d+16e+32f)x15)/63)

As you can see, a Normal-type Hidden Power is impossible to obtain, ironically.

y=Sp. Attack
z=Sp. Defense

These use the IVs' actual value.
Hidden Power base power=((((u+2v+4w+8x+16y+32z)x40)/63)+30)
Your result will be the base power when rounded down, ranging from 30 to 70.

In Gen VI, Hidden Power is set to a base power of 60, but retains the type calculation. There is no Fairy-type Hidden Power.

A Small Note

One hint at the Pokemon's best IV is by characteristic, shown on the info where date of capture and nature are shown. Be aware, that if it is a low value itself, then all other values will be even lower.
They each correspond with certain values, shown below:

  HP Attack Defense Sp Attack Sp Defense Speed
0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 Loves to eat Proud of its power Sturdy body Highly curious Strong willed Likes to run
1, 6, 11, 16, 21, 26, 31 Often dozes off Likes to thrash about Capable of taking hits Mischievous Somewhat vain Alert to sounds
2, 7, 12, 17, 22, 27 Often scatters things A little quick tempered Highly persistent Thoroughly cunning Strongly defiant Impetuous and silly
3, 8, 13, 18, 23, 28 Scatters things often Likes to fight Good endurance Often lost in thought Hates to lose Somewhat of a clown
4, 9, 14, 19, 24, 29 Likes to relax Quick tempered Good perseverance Very finicky Somewhat stubborn Quick to flee



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