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Pokemon Stadium 2 Review

"Well, it's actually good!"

Ok, I must tell you; I like Pokémon!
Now, when that's done, on to the review:

GRAPHICS: 4 - At least better than Pokémon on the Game Boy :-). Oh well, the Pokémons and the fighting arenas are very colorful and detailed. One bad thing that's still around from Pokémon Stadium is the fact that when a Pokémon attacks, you can only see one at the screen. So, if you attacks, first you see your Pokémon perform the attack, then you see the other Pokémon taking damage. Bad thing, very bad thing!
Just to sort things out little with the score; I gave it a 4 just because of the attack thing, only the graphics would have get a 7 or 8.

SOUNDS: 7 - Well, good music and good sound effects. One thing is really disapointing, and that's that you can't hear the Pokémon cry their names like in the TV-series, here you can only hear different growls and similar sounds... Think of it, a Pokéball opens, and you hears ''Piiiii-kaaaaa!!!'', that'd be cool!

CONTROLS: 7 - Not especially much to do here, but it works. Easy to learn, at least...

DIFFICULTY: TOO HARD!!!!!!! - Yeah, it's too hard! Maybe not in the minigames and the other cups. But the cup that's called Challenge Cup is ROCK HARD!! You get a team of six RANDOM Pokémons, and the opponents you face have often both higher levels, more balanced teams and better moves, that cup destroyed the whole game for me!

THE TRANSFER PAK COMPABILITY: 10 - Woah, this is the cool thing with this game! You can use a Transfer Pak (Sold Separatly) to transfer all your hand trained Pokémon from Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal to Pokémon Stadium and see them battle in full 3D! You can also use the Transfer pak and Pokémon Stadium to transfer Pokémons and items from one game pak to another (that's why I have four Mewtwos on my Pokémon Red), so it's great, totally great!

PLAY MODES: 9 - So much to do! Cups, Gym Leader Castle! There are four cups waiting for you, all with different difficulties and restrictions! You can also play the Game Boy game on your TV if you want (requires the GB game)! You can also play minigames, and if you're not that action macho kind, you can always sit down in the library and study moves and evolutions. You can also go back to school and take some tests about Pokémon...

TOTAL: 7 - This is actually good! The biggest drawback is the difficulty on the Challenge Cup, that destroys the whole game, and that only one Pokémon is visible on the screen during attacks...
Another thing you should think of before you buy it is: Do I have a Transfer Pak and a Game Boy Pokémon game? Because without them this game becomes pretty much worthless...
If you got those things, it's a very good tool on your way to become the best Pokémon champion through time, so go and buy it!

''Look! It's my shining Gyrados in 3D!''
- First time I played the game

Overall rating Star Rating HalfStar Rating 0 3.5 - Average-Good



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