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"Take a journey back to the Johto days"

This game is first based on the old game boy color serious, pokemon silver version. This game has however been modified for today's vast number of pokemon trainers and updated pokemon. This game does mimic the action of the old serious step by step in terms of the adventure itself, however for modern purposes everything about the game has been "beefed up" so to speak. The graphics being on the Nintendo DS are amazing, the sound and music playing in this small cartridge is electrifying as well. This game however features something that it's older version does not, and that right there is extra content. This game is loaded with so many unlockables and extra challenges that the gamer may not even know where to start honestly. That is one of the reasons the replay value is so high in this game, so if you have been looking for a fantastic pokemon game, this one right here is the one for you hands down. Hats off to Nintendo for reinventing a modern best seller.

The sound is not exactly the main point of the game, but it is part of the cream of the crop that makes this title so great and fun to play. The music may seem at time mischievous during battles with people associated with using Pokemon as criminals for their organization, or it may seem happy go lucky like shopping in Goldenrod city, either way the music is a hit. Often times the music is not necessarily the main point with a Pokemon game, but with this game, Nintendo has certainly upped their ente on the audio quality so that any gamer can really appreciate the tunes. The background music is not different from scary caves to surfing the tides, the music is a hit, however the tunes are not exactly the main point in the game itself.

The graphics have come a long way in the past 10 years for Pokemon. The DS does not feature awesome 3D graphics like the wii or even the older GameCube, but that does not mean the graphics are not top quality. The pokemon themselves are really good looking in terms of color and appearance. The attacks performed in the battles look very sharp too, from thunder to rock throw the graphics reign surpreme in quality. The graphics of other trainers are even looking better as well, and the trainers even have names in this game which is relatively new to Pokemon as well. The graphics are definitely a hit to this game, as the adventure is split in two screens so the player does not have to pause the game like in previous adventures just to view the items they want to use, the graphics are also not just many pixel squares that were so obvious to tell like in Pokemon Gold, Silver or Crystal, they are very unique.

The game for the most part plays the same as its older version released a number of years ago, the game starts off easy and remains that way for the remaining adventure until the gamer gets to the other parts after beating a certain four trainers that reign over Johto as leaders. One nuisance is that ordering the attacks to appear in a certain slot (of the four slots) is not as easy as it use to be, but for the most part the controls are great. The touch screen on the Nintendo DS itself adds a certain quality to them that just not be matched by Sony or Microsoft. The short cuts are nice to because the gamer can just access the bicycle at the touch of a button rather than going into the items menu and doing all that extra work. The game is played very smooth from start to finish I would say and it is one of the reasons I would recommend it to anyone, some parts such as gym battles may prove difficult if ill equiped with the wrong pokemon but other than that the controls are just great with a capital G.

Replay Value
The replay value is an amazing hit to this game from start to finish honestly. This game (as mentioned before) has so many extras to it that it is almost unreal to the gamer itself. this game also features over 500 Pokemon to catch to add the value, Nintendo has honestly come a long way since the days of the originally 150. There is also much more to do in the towns than there was before, from competing in contests to conquering the battle tower, this game is just ripped with challenges to do. The adventure honestly does not get old because even after the main adventure is over, the player finds himself able to visit lands that they were not able to go, the world of Pokemon is very vast in this small cartridge of a game. The replay value is honestly the best part of this and any other Pokemon game, it makes the adventure so unique that the gamer will not want to put down the DS even for a second. The replay value is most likely the reason that Pokemon has lasted so long, because there are so many possibilities to choose from and so much to do that this adventure is a classic.

The story has always remained essentially the same, but with different enemies for the most part. The gamer must beat the elite four and stop team rocket from their evil plans of using Pokemon for the wrong reasons etc etc. The story is often very cliche but never gets old for the most part. This adventure has some extra challenges that the gamer must do to move forward in the story so Nintendo has somewhat switched up their game plan for this hot title. For the most part however, the story is the same and will remain the same for years to come as far as I can see, the difference is the amount of Pokemon however are ever changing.

I would recommend this title, not only for a six year old but also a twenty year old. Pokemon was made for all ages because there are so many choices in the game that you as a gamer ultimately decide how good you are going to be in this game, whether you will be ultimate champion or just an avid trainer. Pokemon is the game for anyone and everyone.

Overall rating Star Rating Half 4.5 - Very Good



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