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"Can't get any better then this!"

Nintendo has done it again! They have brought pokemon back to life, and now its better than ever! With 351 pokemon, imagine the possibilites! You can do SO much more in this game! It is just amazing! Why don't I fill you in as we move along. Shall we begin?

Gameplay: 10/10
A typical pokemon game! You are a pokemon trainer who gets a pokemon from the professor and now you and your companion are off to help yuo become the number one pokemon master of all time! You must now capture 351 for the game to actually be done, and that is almost impossible to do. Well anyways you and you companion go through tons of towns and you capture more pokemon, get into battles, win gym badges, buy items, get money etc! There are SO many things to do! Most people may call it a standard pokemon game and I agree.

Graphics: 10/10
Amazing graphics! The colour is SO bright! There are different weathers in the game, it tracks time and a lot more! When you walk around, you can leave footprints in the sand, you can look at your reflection in the lake and you can even move the grass around by walking on it.! Not really move the grass around, but kind of rustle it, like leaves. The colour is what amazes me the most. And the detail too, whoa! When you go inside a cave, you can see dirt clouds up in the air, covering your view! And when a pokemon uses an HM, and action scene comes up, which is a close of picture of your pokemon doing a cool action! And speaking out YOUR pokemon, EACH of YOUR pokemon has a different icon when you look at it! Thats right! No more funny looking dog for a charizard! Its the actual thing this time!

Story: 9/10
Just like all pokemon games, you want to beocme a pokemon master. You start out in your home town, say bye to your mom, win battles, win badges, beat the elite four/five and then collect all the pokemon. Sound boring, well it aint! Its SO exciting in this game especially! Combining the sotryline with the graphics gives you a WHOLE new feeling! This is just Pokemon, ADVANCED!

Sound: 9/10
It really doesn't matter does it? But anyways, the sound is amazing! It has all the normal pokemon tunes, touched up to make them sound right! It has your classic tunes with a bunch of new ones too! Just play the game and see, Or should I say play the game and listen! (That was a LAME Pun!)

Challenge: 10/10
You must be crazy if you think that Pokemon is easy! You are sdaly mistaken! I do not think that collecting 351 pokemon will be easy, but most people usually chicken out half way, so bah. I myself aim for the 351 so it is very challenging for me. If you are someone who just wants the badges, then it will not be too hard to do. It all depends on who you are really.

Replay: 10/10
You can keep on paying this game! Especially if you are someone who likes to witness and raise each pokemon from an early stage, and if you like to evolve pokemon. Just like the prevous games I guess. Simply cant get tired of it...that is unless they create and even newer pokemon game!

I gave you all the info already! Can't get any better then this!

Overall rating
5.0 - The Very Best, Like No Game Ever Was!



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