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"A Game So Classical, It's Music To My Ears."

Yes you know what I'm talking about Pokemon Red Version, the game that started it all. I've been playing the Pokemon series since the franchise first debuted in the US back in 1998, so my review may be a bit biased so don't blame me, blame Nintendo and Gamefreak for making such a wonderful game.
Here we go.

One should never judge a game by its graphics. I am going to rate the game in two different areas Battle, and Kanto(the land in which this game takes place). Firstly, the Battle graphics are quite amazing considering that this game was made for the original Game Boy. Each battle consists of Pokemon and the attacks that the Pokemon perform, the Pokemon themselves are made up of about 3 different colors when played on a Game Boy Color, and only about two different colors when played on the Game Boy; some of the Pokemon look nothing like what they should look like, and others do so its kind of a mixed feeling about the sprites for me, but maybe something different for you. Kanto, it to is also made up of very few colors but colorful indeed. The world consists of rocks, caves, buildings, people, grass, dirt, and flowers; they spice up the land of Kanto and make it one of the most detailed game ever created for the Game Boy.
Score: 9/10

I will also rate this in to different areas Battle, and Kanto. The battle sound has to be one of the best parts to the game, first of all there is music in the background during a battle that you will learn to love, also the music for the attacks that your Pokemon perform during battle each have there own individual noise that goes along quite well with the battle animation itself. The world of Kanto, has music that plays along in the background also. Depending on what town you are in or where you are the music will change for the different areas.The music does start to eventually get annoying though.
Score: 9/10

You are a ten year old boy(you can only be a boy in this game) who is ready to set off on a grand adventure into the world of Pokemon. Kanto the region that you will be traveling in is filled with about 151 Pokemon which you must capture and train to become your friends. Along the way you will have to collect eight gym badges from eight gym leaders, to face the Elite Four and The Champion, so that one day the title of Pokemon Master will be bestowed upon you.
Score: 10/10

They are very basic, Right, Left, Up, Down, no more easier than that. You use the controls to select, Pokemon, Items, Attacks, and many more things so I give this a good 10.
Score: 10/10

Due to the highly addictiveness to this game, and the fact that this game has no permanent ending there are endless possibilities to this game. Another thing that boosts the replay value for this is the ability to play with your friends via the link cable, so you must keep training your Pokemon stronger and stronger to defeat you friends in battle. The game may start getting repetitive, and you may find yourself take brakes every so often, another downside to this game is that the Pokemon gaming universe is always expanding and new games come out about every year so you may get bored with playing something old when you can play something new.
Score: 8/10

Overall rating Star Rating Half 4.5 - Very Good

Final Note: This game wont be around too much longer so get it while you can, its a great game that will become an instant classic in your Video Game library.



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