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"An Wonderful Accessory for any Poké Fanatic!"

Pokemon Box isn't a game. My review is basically just going to explain to you all of the different areas of the game, and how you can use them. First of all Nintendo wasn't expecting too much with this accessory so thats why it never got wide released just at the Pokemon Center in New York City, or on line at pokemoncenter.com so if you want it you gotta go to either place. So onto the review.
Here we go.

This accessory is mainly based around this portion of the software. In box mode you are able to upload your Ruby/Sapphire/Fire Red/Leaf Green/Emerald box data and transfer your Pokemon to and from Box and your cartridge data. Each "Box" can hold up to sixty Pokemon, and there are twenty five boxes total so that adds up to 1,500 spaces to put your Pokemon into. Now you may think "WOW 1,500 spaces Im never going to use this I only have 7 boxes filled in Ruby version". Well think again with Fire Red and Leaf Green hitting the US in early September 2004, the possibilities are expanding greatly. When you unlock the ability to trade with Fr and Lg, you will be able to store your Pokemon on Box also, it will also help when trying to complete the full Pokedex, so you don't have to trade back and fourth you can just transfer a gigantic sum all at one time. Another feature that Box Mode has is a search engine. The search engine basically allows you to look at Pokemon that have the same type, same level, shiny Pokemon, Pokemon with ribbons, and many more. So you are able to compare Pokemon with ease and get the upper edge on your friends/enemies.

This portion basically allows you to upload your Ruby and Sapphire data onto Pokemon Box, and lets you play your save file on your TV. Fire Red and Leaf Green will not be compatible with Story Mode(but I will try anyway). So there really isn't anything new here, your just able to play your game on you TV without a Game Boy player. It is a nice extra feature though.

This is pretty much useless. It allows you to take your Pokemon and use them and put them on little pillars that can be high or low(talk about idol worship:). You can set different music to the background but its pretty useless feature, but fun nonetheless.

The sound in Box Mode is very nice many of the tunes are ungraded Ruby and Sapphire Music, but you may ever here some music from Red and Blue version. The sound in adventure mode is the same as Ruby and Sapphire and no different.

In Box Mode after you store so many Pokemon you are given eggs that have special moves that it could not normally learn, they are...

Extremespeed, Zigzagoon Given to you at the start of the game.
False Swipe, Swablu Given to you when you store 60 Pokemon.
Pay Day, Skitty Given to you when you store 500 Pokemon.
Surf, Pichu Given to you when you store 1499 Pokemon.

Overall rating Star Rating Half 4.5 - Very Good

Final Note: This game wont be around for to much longer so I suggest get it while you can!



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