Magikarp Jump has arrived for iOS.. sort of - Here's how to get it
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The much anticipated Pokémon mega title; Magikarp Jump has splashed and struggled it's way to iOS release.. but it only had the strength to make it to Italy. Leaving millions of aspiring Magikarp trainers in other countries gasping for air until the global release.
But of course, there is another way (much like there was when Pokémon Go wasn't out in some countries) and again it's by getting an iTunes account for a region in which the game is released so in this case we need an Italian iTunes account to download and install it.

Here's how to get an Italian iTunes account:-

- Log out of iTunes on your iOS device and navigate to Magikarp Jump's App store page
- Click 'get' on this page and you'll be prompted to sign in
- Don't sign in with your normal credentials, sign up with a new account with a random Italian address and an email address you haven't previously used with iTunes.
- Because this title is free you don't have to enter any billing information.

Once you've downloaded and installed the game, log back out of iTunes and back into your normal account.... and as if by Magikarp you will still be able to use Magikarp Jump.

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Errr yeah, but what is Magikarp jump?
Take on the role of a heroic Magikarp and go head to head, Karp to Karp in jumping competitions against other aspiring Karp in jumping competitions. But wait, theres more.... in Magikarp pet mode you can also breed, nurture and raise your very own Magikarp collection in a customisable aquarium. But it's not all Karp, in the aquarium mode you'll have other popular mon's popping in to visit along the way!

Magikarp Jump Screenshot 3 Magikarp Jump Screenshot 4

Commiserations to Android users who can't get hold of this yet and also to those who can't speak Italian. There is a language selection option in the game but it doesn't currently work. We'll let you know as soon as we get a release date for other regions. In the mean time check out this video of Magikarp Jump!



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