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General information
 Episodes  52 TV Episodes
 40 Video Release Episodes
 Series  Advanced Generation Series
 Region  Johto & Hoenn
 Previous season  Master Quest
 Following season  Advanced Challenge
 First Episode  Get the Show on the Road!
 Last Episode  Watt’s with Wattson?
 Related Movie(s)  Jirachi: Wish Maker
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Official Description

Polishing off the Silver Conference, Ash heads toward his next challenge—the far-off Hoenn region! While he must say goodbye to old friends, he makes the acquaintance of May, a Trainer just starting out on her Pokémon journey. Along with her little brother Max and the ever-reliable Brock, this pack of Pokémon Trainers begin pursuing their dreams—with Ash racking up three Gym Badges, while May changes tack to follow the Contest path of a Pokémon Coördinator.

Episode List

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Air dates
(Intl / Japan)

EP 277 Get the Show on the Road 1 E# 274

J# 277
"Get the Show on the Road!"

"Aratanaru Daichi! Aratanaru Bōken!!" (新たなる大地! 新たなる冒険!!)
(A New Land! A New Adventure!!)
November 1, 2003

November 21, 2002
May is off to get her first pokémon as an excuse to travel. Ash arrives in Hoenn with an ailing Pikachu. He calls Professor Birch who comes right away and rushes Pikachu to his lab. Meanwhile May arrives for her pokémon journey. With having selected Torchic as her first pokémon, and Pikachu well, and her bike destroyed, May asks to travel with Ash. Ash accepts and they both begin their exploration of Hoenn together.
  2 E# 275

J# 278
"A Ruin with a View"

"Kodai Pokemon to Nazo no Gundan!" (古代ポケモンと謎の軍団!)
(Ancient Pokémon and Mysterious Teams!)
November 8, 2003

November 28, 2002
While Ash begins May’s training, the Team Rocket Trio are given orders by Giovanni to start a Team Rocket branch in Hoenn. His idea is to keep the Trio busy, while they brief him on the operations of Team Aqua and Team Magma. Ash and May are there when Professor Alden discovers the passage to ancient pokémon for him to study. They also meet Team Magma for the first time. Next stop is Petalburg City for Ash to face his first gym battle against a gym leader who May says she doesn’t know.
  3 E# 276

J# 279
"There's No Place Like Hoenn"

"Tōka Jimu! Tai Yarukimono!" (トウカジム! VSヤルキモノ!)
(Tōka Gym! Vs. Yarukimono!)
November 15, 2003

December 5, 2002
Ash arrives at the Petalburg City Gym only to find out that he needs three pokémon in order to challenge the gym leader, Norman. He meets Max who is Norman’s son and May’s little brother. Norman battles Ash unofficially with a vigoroth. Max is given permission to travel with Ash and May, and is given a PokéNav in order to help find their way around Hoenn.
  4 E# 277

J# 280
"You Never Can Taillow"

"Subame ga Ippai, Kiken ga Ippai! Tōka no Mori de Getto da ze!!" (スバメがいっぱい 危険がいっぱい! トウカの森でゲットだぜ!!)
(Full of Subame, Full of Danger! Got It in Tōka Woods!)
November 22, 2003

December 12, 2002
Ash has new companions to get used to. They run afoul of a flock of taillow led by one especially feisty one. They are soon joined by Brock who decided to catch up with Ash after finishing his family errands. Ash catches Taillow as his first caught pokémon in Hoenn. They all continue onward to Rustboro City.
  5 E# 278

J# 281
"In the Knicker of Time!"

"Jigujaguma to Tanpan-kozō! Haruka Hajimete no Batoru!!" (ジグザグマと短パン小僧! ハルカはじめてのバトル!!)
(Jiguzaguma and Short-Pantsed Boy! Haruka's First Battle!!)
November 22, 2003

December 19, 2002 November
Ash and company meet an eccentric pokémon trainer who gives May her first pokémon battle.
  6 E# 279

J# 282
"A Poached Ego!"

"Roketto-dan! Midare Hikkagi de Sayōnara!!" (ロケット団! みだれひっかきでサヨウナラ!!)
(Team Rocket! Goodbye to a Disturbed Scratch!!)
November 29, 2003

December 26, 2002
Ash and company help the local Officer Jenny capture a poacher, but not until the Team Rocket Trio have Arbok and Weezing lead the ekans and koffings that he caught to safety. Meanwhile James gets Cacnea.
  7 E# 280

J# 283
"Tree's a Crowd"

"Kimori no Mori! Kyodaiju o Mamore!!" (キモリの森! 巨大樹を守れ!!)
(Forest of Kimori! Protect the Giant Tree!!)
November 29, 2003

January 9, 2003
Ash tries to catch a treecko who is defending a giant tree which it was born in. Ash helps to save the tree, but it dies making way for its seed to sprout into a new tree that will grow to replace it. Ash battles the treecko to capture it. Now Treecko is the second of Ash’s new pokémon.
  8 E# 281

J# 284
"A Tail with a Twist"

"Habuneku Tai Kimori! Hissatsu no Hataku Kōgeki!!" (ハブネークVSキモリ! 必殺のはたく攻撃!!)
(Habunake vs. Kimori! Strike of Death!!)
December 6, 2003

January 16, 2003
Ash and company are attacked by a hungry seviper. Treecko attacks but is hurt. They chase it off, but Jessie catches it. Treecko goes into its own training session then when the Team Rocket Trio attacks with Seviper, Treecko beats it, leaving Pikachu to do the rest.
  9 E# 282

J# 285
"Taming of the Shroomish"

"Kaiki! Kinokoko Yashiki no Nazo!" (怪奇! キノココ屋敷の謎!)
(Bizarre! Mystery of the Kinococo Mansion!)
December 6, 2003

January 23, 2003
After arriving in Rinshin Town, Brock and May check out a “haunted” mansion, while Ash and Max make friends with a shroomish. The shroomish runs inside the mansion causing Ash and Max to meet up with Brock and May. They meet Alex, the owner of the mansion who has agreed to allow the city to demolish the mansion and cut down the remaining forest to build more urban area. They come to the conclusion that the strange happenings inside the mansion are the shroomish defending what is left of their home. After an attack by the Team Rocket Trio, Alex decides to restore the forest after the mansion is demolished to create a shroomish habitat within the city.
  10 E# 283

J# 286
"You Said a Mouthful!"

"Shijō Saikyō no Perippā Arawareru!!" (史上最強のペリッパー現る!!)
(The Strongest Pelipper in History Appears!!)
December 13, 2003

January 30, 2003
Out in the suburbs, Ash and company notice a sign advertising a gym with the world’s most powerful pokémon. Of course Ash has to battle it, if for no other reason than to find out what pokémon it is. It turns out to be a pellipper, a pokémon that is able to store many items inside its bill. Ash challenges it, but it is an unusual pellipper as it knows not only water and flying attacks, but grass, fire and electric attacks as well. How is this even possible?
  11 E# 284

J# 287
"A Bite to Remember"

"Guraena to Pochiena! Shinka no Shinpi!!" (グラエナとポチエナ! 進化の神秘!!)
(Guraena and Pochiena! Mystery of Evolution!!)
December 13, 2003

February 6, 2003
Ash and company enter a pokémon preserve guarded by Ranger Katrina. She has three mightyena and a poochyena that were all born at the same time, but the poochyena has yet to evolve. Max wants to see a pokémon evolve and thinks that the poochyena should evolve. Brock and Ash teach both Max and May about all the different ways pokémon evolve. They also teach Max about reasons why some pokémon don’t evolve even if they are able to.
  12 E# 285

J# 288
"The Lotad Lowdown"

"Hasubō to Furawā Shoppu no San-Shimai!" (ハスボーとフラワーショップの三姉妹!)
(Hassboh and the Three Sisters of the Flower Shop!)
December 20, 2003

February 13, 2003
Ash and company wind up helping out at a flower shop and berry farm run by three sisters. Older sisters Rita and Nichole and their ten year old sister, Natalie. They are having problems with their watering system that is old and needs to be replaced. The local lotads, who all have a special move, Water Gun, help out watering the plants. One in particular, seems to have a concentration problem. Brock coaches it and it improves. The Team Rocket Trio appear to steal the lotads, but the one special lotad helps Pikachu end their scheme. When it comes time to leave, the lotad makes it known that it wants to leave with Brock. Brock adopts Lotad who becomes part of the group.
  13 E# 286

J# 289
"All Things Bright and Beautifly!"

"Pokemon Kontesuto! Agehanto no Karei na Batoru!!" (ポケモンコンテスト! アゲハントの華麗なバトル!!)
(Pokémon Contest! Agehunt's Magnificent Battle!!)
December 27, 2003

February 20, 2003
Ash and May are introduced to pokémon contests, and May is considering becoming a coördinator instead of a trainer. Ash learns the Rustboro City Gym is a rock gym, then is advised to teach Pikachu to use Iron Tail.
  14 E# 287

J# 290
"All in a Day's Wurmple"

"Daburu Batoru to Daburu de Kemusso!?" (ダブルバトルとダブルでケムッソ!?)
(Double Battle and Double Kemusso!?)
January 3, 2004

February 27, 2003
May goes after a wurmple and catches her first pokémon. Torchic is getting stronger. Pikachu almost has learned to be consistent with Iron Tail.
  15 E# 288

J# 291
"Gonna Rule the School!"

"Benkyō-shimasu! Pokemon Torēnāzu Sukūru!!" (勉強します! ポケモントレーナーズスクール!!)
 (Try to Study! Pokémon Trainer's School!!)
January 10, 2004

March 6, 2003
Ash and company attend the Pokémon Trainers School as observers where Roxanne, the Rustboro City gym leader is a teacher. Max and several of the regular students learn the value of friendship and teamwork instead of rivalry. May sits in on a pokémon coördinators class and is trying to think of a way to get out of the gym battle. (Okay, Ash is too focused to notice, but you would think Brock and Max would have caught on by now.)
  16 E# 289

J# 292
"The Winner by a Nosepass"

"Kanazumi Jimu! Nozupasu no Himitsu Heiki!!" (カナズミジム! ノズパスの秘密兵器!!)
(Kanazumi Gym! Nosepass's Secret Weapon!!)
January 10, 2004

March 13, 2003
May finally admits to everyone that she wants to be a pokémon coördinator. Ash battles Roxanne for the Stone Badge and wins. All this fuss over teaching Pikachu Iron Tail, knowing that Treecko trained at that waterfall learning to break rocks with his tail using Pound.

Observation: Treecko can learn Iron Tail too. Imagine the possibilities....
  17 E# 290

J# 293
"Stairway to Devon"

"Debon Kōporēshon! Akua-dan no Kage!!" (デボンコーポレーション! アクア団の影!!)
(Devon Corporation! Shadow of Team Aqua!!)
January 17, 2004

March 20, 2003
Mr Stone, the company president, gives Max a guided tour of the Devon Corporation. Then has his assistant gives the rest of the gang a tour. They prevent a theft from the company by a Team Aqua spy. Okay, the Team Rocket Trio helped too. Sort of. Officer Jenny then tells them about the rival organizations, Team Aqua and Team Magma. Dewford Island is their next destination where they are told Stephen, the son of Mr Stone, is currently located.
  18 E# 291

J# 294
"On a Wingull and a Prayer!"

"Hagi-rōjin to Kyamome no Pīko-chan!" (ハギ老人とキャモメ のピーコちゃん!)
(Old Man Hagi and Peeko the Camome!)
January 24, 2004

March 27, 2003
Due to an old map May is using, Ash and company wind up having to miss the ferry to Dewford Island. Wanting to make up for the trouble she caused, May finds an old sailor willing to help. But the Team Aqua spy that escaped the day before finds Mr Briney before May can return with the others. When they arrive Mr Briney sends them away to protect them from being harmed. They figure out what is going on and help Mr Briney get his pet wingull back. With Mr Briney’s ship they will finally be on their way to Dewford Island.
  19 E# 292

J# 295
"Sharpedo Attack!"

"Dasshutsu! Samehadā no Shima!!" (脱出! サメハダーの島!!)
(Escape! Samehader's Island!!)
January 31, 2004

April 3, 2003
Stopping off at an uncharted deserted island that only Mr Briney knows about, Ash and company are attacked by a school of sharpedo, an example of poor life decisions. Fortunately, Ash and company don’t hold grudges.
  20 E# 293

J# 296
"Brave the Wave"

"Muro Jimu! Naminori ri Jimu Rīdā, Tōki Tōjō!" (ムロジム! 波乗りジムリーダー・トウキ登場!)
(Muro Gym! The Surfing Leader – Touki Appears!)
February 7, 2004

April 10, 2003
Ash meets Brawly, the Dewford gym leader who enjoys surfing. Ash insists on a gym battle and considers Brawly a gym leader who doesn’t take battling seriously. Ash loses and learns that playing is also a form of training.
  21 E# 294

J# 297
"Which Wurmple's Which?"

"Kemusso Tai Kemusso! Dotchi ga Dotchi!?" (ケムッソVSケムッ ソ! どっちがどっち!?)
(Kemusso vs. Kemusso! Which is Which!?)
February 14, 2004

April 17, 2003
While the Team Rocket Trio try another scheme to steal all the Pokémon of Ash and company, May and Jesse get into an argument over which of their wurmple is better. The wurmples accidentally get switched, but May notices right away the wurmple she has isn’t hers. Jessie, not so much.
  22 E# 295

J# 298
"A Hole Lotta Trouble"

"Daigo, Kokodora, Bosugodora!" (ダイゴ、ココドラ、 ボスゴドラ!)
(Daigo, Cockodora and Bossgodora!)
February 14, 2004

April 24, 2003
Looking for Stephen, Ash and company enter Granite Cave. The Team Rocket Trio somehow knew this and dug another pitfall trap before they arrived. Ash and company fall for it, but the Trio also get trapped. Meanwhile Stephen becomes aware that something just happened and starts searching to find out what. Everyone else is split up into three groups wandering around the caves trying to find a way out. After they properly meet him, Stephen drops off Ash and company at a spot on Dewford Island that he recommends as a place for training.
  23 E# 296

J# 299
"Gone Corphishin'"

"Umibe no Abare Mono, Heigani Tōjō!" (海辺の暴れ者、ヘイガニ登場!)
(Roughneck of the Sea, Heigani Appears!)
February 21, 2004

May 1, 2003
Ash and company set up camp only to be under constant attack from a mysterious pokémon. The pokémon turns out to be a corphish which Ash becomes determined to catch.

Observation: While Max points out a trainer is only allowed one pokémon per contest, May could train both at the same time, and switch between them each contest.
  24 E# 297

J# 300
"A Corphish Out of Water"

"Hashire Satoshi! Kibania no Kawa o Koe!" (走れサトシ! キバニアの川を越え!)
(Run Satoshi! Cross the Kibanha River!)
February 28, 2004

May 8, 2003
During a Team Rocket Trio attack, both Jessie’s and May’s wurmples evolve. May’s wurmple becomes a silcoon, while Jessie’s becomes a cascoon. However, having incomplete knowledge about pokémon, Jessie assumes hers is a silcoon as well. James and Meowth notice the difference, but also know Jessie’s temper. Corphish becomes ill from the rope and floaters it ate earlier. Ash rushes it to a PokéCenter while the Team Rocket Trio use new traps to catch the “twerps” and their pokémon. Of course, they get caught in their own trap too and now everyone is in danger of drowning when the tide comes in.

Trivia: Ash only scanned May’s silcoon, because that was the only one he cared about. Granted, strategically, he should have wanted to know more about Jessie’s cascoon as well.

Favorite Comeback
Max to May: Maybe you should be following Ash’s example, it couldn’t hurt.
May’s Reply: You’re right, but I can think of something that will.
  25 E# 298

J# 301
"A Mudkip Mission"

"Himitsu no Ike! Mizugorō Ga Ippai!?" (秘密の池! ミズゴロウがいっぱい!?)
(The Secret Pond! Full of Mizugorou!?)
March 13, 2004

May 15, 2003
Ash and company find out where starter pokémon come from when they stumble upon a secret mudkip breeding farm. Brock makes friends with a wild mudkip and adopts it.

Observation: All that the Team Rocket Trio had to do (and still could) is report to Giovanni the location of the mudkip breeding farm.
  26 E# 299

J# 302
"Turning Over a Nuzleaf"

"Konohana-zoku no Shūgeki!!" (コノハナ族の襲撃!!)
(Attack of the Konohana Tribe!!)
March 27, 2004

May 22, 2003
When Corphish abruptly awakens a loudred in a cave, most of the pokémon of Ash and company get separated from their trainers during the commotion. Pikachu and company run into conflict with a tribe of nuzleaf and the Team Rocket Trio try to take advantage of the situation.
  27 E# 300

J# 303
"A Three Team Scheme!"

"Maguma-dan Tai Akua-dan! Himitsu Kichi no Tatakai!" (マグマ団VSアクア団! ひみつきちの戦い!)
(Team Magma vs. Team Aqua! Secret Base Battle!)
April 17, 2004

May 29, 2003
Ash and company are joined by Professor Birch. They help Keanu, a trainer, recover his secret base and his nincada that was stolen by the Team Rocket Trio, who then lost the base and pokémon to Team Magma. Team Magma tunnels to a primitive ruin in hopes of finding an artifact and the Cave of Origin. Team Aqua shows up as well. Professor Birch along with Ash and company overhear the conversation between the commanding officers of both teams. The teams are looking for an indigo orb and a rose orb to be found in the real Cave of Origin. Both teams leave after they fail to find what they are looking for. Team Rocket leave by Keanu’s nincada hitting them with Hidden Power.
  28 E# 301

J# 304
"Seeing is Believing!"

"Agehanto to Dokukeiru! Shinka no Hate ni!" (アゲハントとドクケイル! 進化の果てに!)
(Agehunt and Dokucale! The Final Evolution!)
April 24, 2004

June 5, 2003
The rivalry between May and Silcoon and Jessie and her cas—er, silcoon intensifies. Especially after Silcoon evolves into Beautifly and Jessie’s pokémon doesn’t. Even Professor Birch is unable to convince Jessie that her silcoon is actually a cascoon. The moment James and Meowth have been dreading arrives when the cascoon evolves into Dustox. Jessie takes it in stride loving the obviously superior Dustox over the inferior Silcoon. Professor Birch with the assistance of Ash and his friends help relocate some seedot who are in need of a new home.
  29 E# 302

J# 305
"Ready, Willing, and Sableye"

"Yamirami de Tokkiri!" (ヤミラミでドッキリ!)
(The Startling Yamirami!)
May 1, 2004

June 12, 2003
The Team Rocket Trio come across an abandoned gold mine and start to explore it when they are frightened by something in the shadows. Jessie and James escape, but Meowth is left behind. The ghostly being turns out to be a sableye who enjoys frightening humans.

Ash and company are tired of Corphish’s tendency to ignore commands. When they come across the same gold mine, Ash comes up with an idea to try and “train” Corphish to be more coöperative. Meowth pretends to help sableye play a prank on Ash and company, just to capture their pokémon for Team Rocket.

Observation: Neither Ash, Brock, or May had the presence in mind to battle and catch sableye to join any of their teams and travel with them.
  30 E# 303

J# 306
"A Meditite Fight!"

"Batoru Gāru to Asanan! Arashi no Naka de!" (バトルガールとアサナン! 嵐の中で!)
(Asanan and the Battle Girl! In the Middle of a Storm!)
May 8, 2004

June 19, 2003
One morning a girl arrives at the camp of Ash and company on a surfboard. She is Shauna, who claims to be Brawly’s assistant and girlfriend and challenges Ash to a battle. Their battle is interrupted when Brawly arrives to warn them of a hurricane approaching. They take refuge in a cave and wait out the storm while discussing Nature and battling techniques. Ash and Shauna have a rematch and Brawly accepts Ash’s request for a rematch.
  31 E# 304

J# 307
"Just One of the Geysers"

"Muro Jimu Saisen! Naminori Batoru Fīrudo!" (ムロジム再戦! 波乗りバトルフィールド!)
(Muro Gym Rematch! Surfing Battlefield!)
May 15, 2004

June 26, 2003
Brawly takes Ash and company to his secret practice field, just off the coast from where the camp is, for the rematch with Ash. Ash wins the Knuckle Badge.
  32 E# 305

J# 308
"Abandon Ship!"

"Suterare Fune! Shinobiyoru Kage!!" (すてられ船! しのびよる影!!)
(The Abandoned Ship! The Creeping Shadow!!)
May 15, 2004

July 3, 2003
Because of a failed attempt by the Team Rocket Trio to catch Pikachu, Ash and company are left adrift on a ship. The ship drifts to an abandoned luxury liner that they hope will have a working radio. They discover that Tommy, a young man who had been a passenger on the “Forsaken Ship” when it crashed into the rocks had returned to see if the ship was salvageable and to see if he could find his marshtomp who he lost there. One by one the party members disappear.
  33 E# 306

J# 309
"Now That's Flower Power!"

"Haruka ni Raibaru! Tokkun Pokemon Kontesuto!!" (ハルカにライバル! 特訓ポケモンコンテスト!!)
(A New Rival for Haruka! Intensive Pokémon Contest Training!!)
May 22, 2004

July 10, 2003
  34 E# 307

J# 310
"Having a Wailord of a Time"

"Hajimete no Pokemon de Dai Panikku!!" (はじめてのポケモンで大パニック!!)
(The Big Starter Pokémon Panic!!)
May 22, 2004

July 17, 2003
  34 E# 308

J# 311
"Win, Lose or Drew!"

"Haruka! Pokemon Kontesuto Hatsu Chōsen!!" (ハルカ! ポケモンコンテスト初挑戦!!)
(Haruka! The First Pokémon Contest Challenge!!)
May 29, 2004

July 24, 2003
  36 E# 309

J# 312
"The Spheal of Approval"

"Umi no Hakubutsukan o Mamore! Maguma-dan no Shūgeki!!" (海の博物館を守れ! マグマ団の襲撃!!)
(Protect the Ocean Museum! Attack of Team Magma!!)
May 29, 2004

July 31, 2003
  37 E# 310

J# 313
"Jump for Joy!"

"Bijo to Yajū!? Dātengu to Jōi-san!" (美女と野獣!? ダーテングとジョーイさん!)
(Beauty and the Beast!? Dirteng and Nurse Joy!)
August 28, 2004

August 7, 2003
  38 E# 311

J# 314
"A Different Kind of Misty!"

"Purasuru to Mainan! Yama no Tōdai!!" (プラスルとマイナン! 山の灯台!!)
(Prasle and Minun! The Mountain Lighthouse!!)
August 28, 2004

August 14, 2003
  39 E# 312

J# 315
"A Poké-BLOCK Party!"

"Utau! Pokemon Karakuri Yashiki!!" (歌う! ポケモンからくり屋敷!!)
(Sing! Pokémon Trick House!!)
September 4, 2004

August 21, 2003
  40 E# 313

J# 316
"Watt's with Wattson?"

"Kinsetsu Jimu! Tessen no Dengeki Batoru!!" (キンセツジム! テッセンの電撃バトル!!)
(Kinsetsu Gym! Tessen's Electric Shock Battle!!)
September 4, 2004

August 28, 2003

Ash’s Travelling Companions

Ash arrives in Hoenn with an ailing Pikachu. Professor Birch rushes Pikachu and Ash to his lab to restore Pikachu to health. Soon after, May arrives to pick her starter pokémon so she can have an excuse to travel the world. Unfortunately, while Pikachu was delirious, he destroyed May’s bike. May brings up this and asks Ash if she can travel with him. Ash now has a fear of girls with bikes destroyed by Pikachu, and quickly agrees. He also winds up training a rookie trainer. Soon they are joined by May’s little brother, Max, who is given a PokéNav by Norman and becomes their official navigator. Max is thrilled as the only pokémon knowledge he has is what he has read in books, and Oak’s pokémon lectures watched on television.

Brock, having completed his family “errands” (see Pokémon Chronicles,A Family That Battles Together Stays Together!”), catches up with Ash, May, and Max just as they were discovering how desperately they needed organization and especially food. Now with a well-rounded team, the four of them set off to explore Hoenn together.

May, Max, and Brock.

Key Events & Gym Battles

Events of note
May Chooses Torchic
  • E#277 May chooses Torchic as her first pokémon.
  • E#277 May begins her first pokémon journey and Ash begins his Hoenn journey.
  • E#279 Max joins May and Ash.
  • E#280 Brock catches up with Ash and joins the group. He only has Forretress with him.
  • E#292 May finally announces her decision to become a pokémon coördinator.
  • E#301 Ash and company find out where starter pokémon come from.
  • E#303 Ash and company with Professor Birch learn more about what Team Aqua and Team Magma are looking for, but don’t tell anyone.
  • E#303 The one thing Giovanni would like to know about and Team Rocket doesn’t realize they should report the activities of the two rival Teams.
  • E#306 Shauna becomes Brawley’s gym assistant and battles Ash.
  • E#312 Team Magma steals a rock sample from the Slateport Museum.
  • E#315 Marker Jigglypuff makes its final guest appearance until the Sun and Moon series.

Gym battles
Pikachu Shuts Down Magneton and ElectrodeWatson is stunned by three one-hit knock-outs in a row.
  • E#279 Ash v Norman (unofficial)
  • E#292 Ash v Roxanne (Stone Badge)
  • E#296 Ash v Brawley (Ash loses)
  • E#306 Ash v Brawley (Knuckle Badge)
  • E#316 Ash v Wattson (Dynamo Badge)

Pokémon contests

May and Beautifly Take a Bow 12475
  • E#311 May’s first contest at Slateport (loses first battle round)

Pokémon: Captures, Changes, Encounters & Evolutions

All about the Pokémon we see in the first season, whether we see them caught, they were already owned prior to the events of Season 1 or we witnessed them via evolution they're all here broken down into different tables. There's also a table for the Pokémon we said goodbye to this season.

New Pokémon Captured by Ash & Other Characters

A list of Pokémon we see Ash, Misty, Brock and other characters capture on their Pokémon journey.
Pokémon Caught By Episode Notes
255 TorchicTorchic May 277 Granted to her by Professor Birch as a starter pokémon.
Cacnea James 282 Cacnea follows James after James gives it a cookie.
Treecko Ash 283 Straight capture.
Seviper Jessie 284 Straight capture.
Lotad Brock 288 Brock adopts Lotad.
Wurmple May 290 Straight capture.
Wurmple Jessie 290 Straight capture. [This is why you give your pokémon names.]
Corphish Ash 299 Straight capture.
Mudkip Brock 301 Swampy asks Brock to take Mudkip with him so it won’t be lonely.
sableye   305 Completely missed opportunity by everyone to get a cool dark pokémon.

Pokémon Caught / Owned Prior to the Events of Pokémon Season 6
These pokémon were already owned / associated with people prior to the events we see onscreen. This iist does not include pokémon listed in previous seasons.
Pokémon Trainer Notes

Pokémon released back into the wild

E#282 Jessie and James sends away Arbok and Weezing to lead the wild ekanses and koffings to safety.

E#287 A poochyena becomes a mightyena for Max.
E#296 Brawly’s makuhita becomes a haryama.
E#300 May’s wurmple becomes a silcoon.
E#300 Jessie’s wurmple becomes a silcoon.*
E#304 May’s silcoon becomes a beautifly.
E#304 Jessie’s silcoon* becomes... an obviously superior dustox.
E#310 A starter torchic evolves into a combusken.
* Jessie insists it’s a silcoon, but even Professor Birch is unable to convince her that it’s a cascoon.

Trivia & Facts

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