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Hey all, Luke reporting in with our May 2017 progress report!

I've laid the foundation of our Pokemon Movies, Pokemon Animated Series and Pokemon game sections since the last update. But I literally mean just the foundations... I could use a tonne of help on writing about the movies, series and games so if anyones interested please get in touch.

I've also just put up a pretty awesome review of Pokemon Moon by one of my reviewer friends DetroitDJ it's a great read so be sure to check it out.

Meanwhile White Phoenix is still fighting to the death with our old forums but we hope they'll be relaunched in full working order very shortly.

Crystal_Ribbon reigns supreme as our May artist of the month, click here to check out her gallery. We are currently taking artwork submissions and will decide on the June artist of the month by May 31st!

Hope you all like the progress so far, the rebuild has been rather gruelling but it's getting there and if any Pokémon fans with decent writing skills can help that would be epic.



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