A Connection Between Pokémon Go and The Study
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Surely you have often heard or read the opinion that if you often play video games, it can make you "dumb". A similar phrase can often be heard from parents who have not fully figured out whether such games can be useful, or from teachers who sometimes try to attribute their mistakes in the learning process to the fact that the child probably plays a lot and is constantly on the phone, and that is why he does not understand the subject or gets bad grades. Also, quite often,we come across studies that video games can make children aggressive, cruel, or violent. But at the same time, it is also important to understand that any issue, especially such a controversial one as games, can have several points of view. In this article, using the example of one of the most popular games among both children and adults, Pokemon Go, we will consider the possible positive effects of video games.

Pokemon Go is educational

Apart from ordinary people and animals, the Pokemon universe is full of magical creatures that are smart, can develop, and have a lot of extraordinary abilities. For example, there is a little turtle that can turn into a huge tank with water cannons. And the great thing about this game is that the players themselves are Pokemons’ couches. This can help children think about the ways to organize Pokemons' “educational process” and, meanwhile, they will understand it better, as well as the importance of different pieces of training to achieve success.

The game helps to organize time

In order to play any video game, and Pokemon Go is not an exclusion, you have to be a perfect time manager. And isn’t it an important quality for any person? If you can organize your own time, you will manage everything within deadlines and will also respect the time of other people. The teacher usually gives a lot of tasks and expects schoolchildren and students to fulfill them within a set time. As in most cases, to fulfill some tasks in a game, you also have a limited period of time, when playing, children can understand easily when they can complete the task themselves and when it's time to use some boosters. You can perfectly apply this skill in studying. If you have to write an essay, for example, and you understand that for you it will be impossible to do it on time, it’s better to use help, like ordering an essay from writepaperfor.me. Writing services, especially professional ones, will always help you to get good paperwork within the required time and based on your instructions. After placing an order with speedy paper writing help you will understand that you don’t have to worry anymore.

The game develops a competitive spirit

Any video game develops the competitive spirit in you. I can read or hear an opinion that being an ambitious person and the wish always to be number one is not a very good thing. But your life is not the Olympics, where participation is more important. Only intelligent and competitive people can become successful in today’s world; those who want to fight and do something in order to achieve the aim. Without any doubt, you want your children to receive straight A's and receive a full scholarship. So, just let them play Pokemon Go so that they can understand how pleasant it is when you occupy the top of the ranking among a large number of other participants.

The game can improve concentration

Even adults sometimes lack concentration when they need to do something tedious. Pokemon Go is one of the best video games to develop; concentration in you. When playing, you always try to concentrate all the time because some tasks can be very tricky, and if you are not attentive, you will not succeed.

It can help you to get experience

What if I say that playing Pokemon Go can help you to anticipate and build logical connections? It is like that, actually, any game helps to do it. So, if you want your children to be good at analyzing actions and their circumstances, distinguishing possible dangers, and knowing how to avoid them, let them play video games. Because it’s better to get this experience playing than in real life. Nowadays, you can get experience and avoid risks thanks to virtual reality. 

Pokemon Go is the perfect way to relax

Of course, studying and helping with the housework are very important, but don’t forget that your son or daughter is just a kid that sometimes needs a break and time to relax. Video games can be the perfect way to do it. Some studies confirm that people who play video games suffer from less stress, as they give way out to their negative emotions and tiredness and forget about things that bother them for some time.



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