6 reasons to start playing Destiny 2
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If you like to explore the secrets of open worlds, constantly improve your character, and side by side with other players to resist the forces of evil in epic battles, any modern MMORPG will suit you. And if you are an energetic player, hungry for speed and freedom of movement, accuracy tests, and jump puzzles, and want the outcome of any battle to depend primarily on your reflexes, try to join Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 is an exemplary MMO shooter from Bungie, which has received many positive reviews and prestigious awards. If you still haven't tried on the guardian's cloak, we've put together six compelling reasons for you to do it immediately.

Destiny 2 is one of the leaders in the genre

A first-person shooter with MMORPG elements is a very rare phenomenon. Destiny 2 has practically no serious competitors capable of boasting the same level of elaboration, world design, and combat system. Only Firefall, which disappeared into obscurity, inspired timid hope and could give similar emotions, but the developers failed.The closest analogs of Destiny 2 are considered to be Warframe or Division from Ubisoft, but these are games of the Third-Person Shooter genre, and if the first can at least compete with the Bungie project in dynamics, then the second is designed for a tactical approach to battles. It turns out that Destiny 2 remains one of the best choices on the market.

In Destiny 2 everyone will find something to do

Unlike most games with MMORPG elements, Destiny 2 does not oblige players to join clans and constantly play as part of a team. If we exclude high-level content with raids and the most complex raids, where it is simply impossible to stand without well-coordinated, well-honed teamwork, all plot and side tasks are available to single guards, and there will always be random players for group activities.If you get tired of farming raids, you can do seasonal errands, earn achievement points, collect a huge collection of the rarest guns and powerful equipment, perform dozens of daily and weekly tasks, and much, much more. And especially for PVP fans, Destiny 2 provides events, trials, and arenas with unique rewards, as well as a special PvPvE "Fortress" mode.

Destiny 2 is available for free

With the transfer of Destiny 2 to Steam, the content added to the game during the first two years became completely free. By downloading Bungie shooter for the first time, players get access to all PVP activities and three PVE campaigns - vanilla, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind, and after getting involved, they will be able to buy the rest of the DLC in any convenient order.In addition, you will not find shops in Destiny 2 with items that affect the characteristics of your character. Weapons and armor cannot be bought – you can only win them. But there is an Eververse shop with cosmetics, most of which can also be purchased for a special currency received for completing complex assignments.

Since season 15, a crossplay has appeared in Destiny 2

Since season 15, the long-awaited crossplay between Xbox, PlayStation, Google Stadia, and PC has been introduced into the game. All guards received special identifiers and were able to go to dungeons and raids together regardless of the platform, close open activities together and even fight in the "Crucible" and "Gambit".However, Bungie has introduced some restrictions for PVP activities. So, players of PC versions come across only opponents from the PC, while owners of Xbox, PlayStation, and users of Stadia are fighting with each other.

The presence of Destiny 2 in Geforce Now

Not everyone can afford a PC capable of adequately managing Destiny 2, but cloud gaming has been developed specifically for such users. Playing through GFN, you can not only enjoy the magnificent picture of Destiny 2 but also immerse yourself in the process with almost no restrictions: go through plots, perform side tasks, and participate in raids.


Destiny 2 will be relevant for many years

Any player who wants to join Destiny for the first time has a reasonable question about the relevance of the game. Even though Destiny 2 was released in 2017, it is still very popular with both experienced and new players. Moreover, the game is extremely friendly to the latter.At the same time, during its existence, Destiny 2 has acquired a huge amount of content, a variety of biomes, and a really interesting story DLC. Newly minted guards can participate in all the events of the past additions, as well as get hold of legendary guns from the past.In addition, the game world is constantly evolving as part of seasonal events, from which a beginner will be able to learn about the current state of affairs in the system and get the most relevant equipment. The player will have a lot of things to do, and there will be partners and opponents at any time of the day.Modern video games are truly addictive and insanely exciting entertainment that has long ceased to be just “childish fun”. Today, both children and teenagers and quite adult and respectable people play video games with the same passion and enthusiasm. And Destiny 2 is just such a game. It has an interesting game world - it is pleasant and exciting to study it; The locations are varied and atmospheric. Improved graphics capabilities and beautiful textures delight the player with breathtaking landscapes. In addition to everything, the player gets active interaction with other players. The game has a well-developed PvP mode, which can please fans of MMOs. Therefore, this game is really worth your attention.



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