PokePark 2: Wonder's Beyond (Wii)
PokePark 2: Wonder's Beyond (Wii)




PokePark 2: Wonder's Beyond
ポケパーク2 BW ビヨンド・ザ・ワールド
PokePark 2: Wonder's Beyond Box
General information
 Platform  Wii
 Developed by  Creatures, Inc.
 Published by  Nintendo
 Single Player, Multiplayer
 Generation  Generation V
 Release dates
  Australia  March 29th, 2012
  Europe  March 23rd, 2012
  Japan  November 12th, 2011
  United States  February 27th, 2012
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PokePark 2 Wonders Beyond Title ScreenPokéPark 2: Wonder's Beyond is an action and adventure Pokémon game released on Wii, and the sequel of PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure, it classifies as a spin off Pokémon game. The game uses the same mechanics as its predecessor, but with a whole different story and many new areas.

Unlike the the previous game, the player can now use Pikachu along with three of his friends: Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. The game offers the possibility to instantly switch in between them, since each of the three Pokémon have got special abilities, required to interact with certain objects or operate through certain environments. Snivy has the Leaf Tornado and Double Jump abilities. Oshawott has Surf which allows it to cross water bodies. Tepig has Heat Crash that activate some switches and Flame Charge that crashes rocks. PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond focuses more on befriending other Pokémon and exploring the different areas than the actual attractions, which explains why there are less attractions compared to the last game. The Pokémon 3D models look adorable and are really well animated and equipped with their fitting voices from the anime series.


The game starts out with the two legendary dragon Pokémon Reshiram and Zekrom discussing the dark future awaiting PokéPark. Later, Pikachu sets to the PokéPark, accompanied with its best friend Piplup. As soon as they get to PokéPark, they learn about the magical Wish Park, where Pokémon are told to have an infinite amount of fun. This park which is situated in a parallel universe and which can only be accessed through Poster Portals and actually traps Pokémon within it.

Piplup and Pikachu learn of this and decide to try and save the trapped Pokémon. They meet an Oshawott which escapes later with Pikachu while Piplup gets stuck in the Wish Park. Together the two of them learn that ringing the Wish Bell in each area, will free the Pokémon in it. Oshawott joins Pikachu's team, and together they successfully ring the bell in the Cove Area. Pikachu then gets teleported to Reshiram's dimension where it gets told about the upcoming disaster and how Reshiram believes Pikachu can be PokéPark's savior.

Oshawott and Pikachu then move to the Arbor Area, where they meet Snivy that joins the party, and there they manage to ring the Wish Bell and free the Arbor Area's Pokémon. The team that is now formed of three Pokémon, now heads to the Crag Area where they get to ring the third Wish Bell and recruit Tepig to join their ranks.
Pikachu Oshawott Tepig Snivy
Can Pikachu and his pals overcome the darkness and save Piplup and the other trapped Pokémon?

The final Wish Bell is rung at the Tech Area, resulting to the opening of the path toward Wish Palace. In the Wish Palace the Pokémon meet Darkrai which erases their memories of Pikachu and sends it into a nightmare. Luckily, Piplup finds a way to enter the nightmare and save Pikachu. Later on, Pikachu manages to return the memories to his friends and together they defeat Darkrai, but it was a little too late, as the dark void was about to swallow both PokéPark and Wish Park. After seeing the destruction, Darkrai, driven by guilt travels to the center of the void with a device that nullifies it, sacrificing himself to save the parks. Moved by his noble act, Pikachu and his comrades plead the two legendary dragons to save Darkrai from the void. Darkrai returns and promises to lead a worthy and good life, and with that, the game ends.


Pokémon from the first until the fifth generation are available in game. They are as follows:

 Pokémon N° on the friend list Pokémon Strong against Weak against
1 Piplup Tepig, Oshawott Pikachu, Snivy
2 Timburr    
3 Patrat    
4 Watchog    
5 Sandile Pikachu Oshawott, Snivy
6 Krokorok Pikachu Oshawott, Snivy
7 Krookodile Pikachu Oshawott, Snivy
8 Wingull    
9 Pelipper    
10 Drifblim    
11 Minccino    
12 Cinccino    
13 Pansage Pikachu, Oshawott, Snivy Tepig
14 Pansear Snivy, Tepig Oshawott
15 Panpour Oshawott, Tepig Pikachu, Snivy
16 Espeon    
17 Munchlax    
18 Samurott Oshawott, Tepig Pikachu, Snivy
19 Axew    
20 Fraxure Pikachu, Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig  
21 Pidove    
22 Tranquill    
23 Maractus    
24 Alomomola    
25 Frillish    
26 Drillbur Pikachu Oshawott, Snivy
27 Petilil    
28 Meowth    
29 Misdreavus    
30 Musharna    
31 Blitzle    
32 Audino    
33 Raichu    
34 Servine Pikachu, Oshawott, Snivy Tepig
35 Pignite Snivy, Tepig Oshawott
36 Dewott Oshawott, Tepig Pikachu, Snivy
37 Purrloin    
38 Trubbish    
39 Corphish Oshawott, Tepig Pikachu, Snivy
40 Emolga    
41 Staryu    
42 Wailord    
43 Tornadus    
44 Kecleon    
45 Karrablast    
46 Cottonee    
47 Whimsicott    
48 Caterpie Snivy Tepig
49 Scyther Snivy Pikachu, Tepig
50 Sudowoodo    
51 Zorua    
52 Zoroark    
53 Pawniard Snivy Tepig
54 Bisharp Snivy Tepig
55 Buneary    
56 Leafeon    
57 Foongus    
58 Amoonguss Pikachu, Oshawott, Snivy Tepig
59 Tympole    
60 Seismitoad Pikachu, Tepig Snivy
61 Magikarp    
62 Oddish    
63 Mankey    
64 Kakuna    
65 Snorlax    
66 Sewaddle    
67 Leavanny Pikachu, Oshawott, Snivy Tepig
68 Lilligant Pikachu, Oshawott, Snivy Tepig
69 Serperior Pikachu, Oshawott, Snivy Tepig
70 Deerling    
71 Vaporeon    
72 Psyduck    
73 Shroomish    
74 Vanipede Snivy Tepig
75 Whirlipede    
76 Scolipede    
77 Skiploom    
78 Surskit    
79 Basculin    
80 Dugtrio    
81 Ducklett    
82 Stunfisk    
83 Excadrill Pikachu Oshawott, Tepig
84 Woobat    
85 Ferrothorn Pikachu, Oshawott, Snivy Tepig
86 Bronzong    
87 Burmy    
88 Victini Snivy, Tepig Oshawott
89 Bastiodon   Oshawott
90 Darumaka    
91 Darmantan Snivy, Tepig Oshawott
92 Scraggy    
93 Bonsly    
94 Bellossom    
95 Metapod    
96 Croagunk Snivy  
97 Dwebble   Oshawott
98 Crustle    
99 Primeape    
100 Ferroseed    
101 Gible Pikachu, Tepig  
102 Garchomp Pikachu, Tepig  
103 Druddigon Pikachu, Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig  
104 Embroar Snivy, Tepig Oshawott
105 Diglett    
106 Flareon    
107 Braviary Snivy Pikachu
108 Mandibuzz    
109 Cubchoo    
110 Beartic   Tepig
111 Munna    
112 Throh    
113 Sawk    
114 Delibird    
115 Boldore Tepig Oshawott, Snivy
116 Vanillite    
117 Geodude Pikachu, Tepig Oshawott, Snivy
118 Rhyperior Pikachu, Tepig Oshawott, Snivy
119 Swoobat    
120 Glaceon    
121 Hydreigon Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, Oshwaott  
122 Aipom    
123 Breloom    
124 Lucario Snivy Tepig
125 Thundurus    
126 Gurdurr    
127 Conkeldurr    
128 Golett    
129 Golurk Pikachu Oshawott
130 Zebstrika    
131 Accelgor    
132 Tyranitar Tepig Oshawott, Snivy
133 Salamence Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig  
134 Murkrow Snivy Pikachu
135 Honchkrow Snivy Pikachu
136 Abra    
137 Scizor    
138 Escavalier Snivy Tepig
139 Roggenrola Tepig Oshwaott, Snivy
140 Gigalith Tepig Oshawott, Snivy
141 Mawile    
142 Voltorb    
143 Wynaut    
144 Kirlia    
145 Lopunny    
146 Eevee    
147 Solosis    
148 Duosion    
149 Reuniclus    
150 Sableye    
151 Stunky    
152 Joltik    
153 Galvantula Pikachu, Tepig Tepig
154 Electivire Pikachu  
155 Garbodor Snivy  
156 Magmortar Snivy, Tepig Oshawott
157 Umbreon    
158 Sneasel   Tepig
159 Gengar    
160 Duskull    
161 Dusknoir    
162 Klink    
163 Klang    
164 Klinklang    
165 Mareep    
166 Lotad    
167 Hoppip    
168 Swadloon    
169 Jolteon    
170 Charizard Snivy, Tepig Pikachu, Oshwaott
171 Slowpoke    
172 Squirtle    
173 Mudkip    
174 Azurill    
175 Budew    
176 Krabby    
177 Sawsbuck    
178 Bouffalant    
179 Scrafty    
180 Swanna    
181 Landorus Pikachu Oshawott
182 Gothita    
183 Gothorita    
184 Gothitelle    
185 Yamask    
186 Cofagrigus    
187 Litwick    
188 Lampent    
189 Chandelure Snivy, Tepig Oshawott
190 Haxorus Pikachu, Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig  
191 Sigilyph Snivy Pikachu
192 Darkrai    
193 Reshiram Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig  
194 Zekrom Pikachu, Oshawott. Snivy, Tepig  

The PokéPark & The Wish Park

The game takes place mainly in two different places: The PokéPark and the Wish Park, its counterpart in a parallel dimension.

The PokéPark: It's a park where a variety of Pokémon live. Although the names are similar, this PokéPark is different from the previous game's PokéPark. It is indeed situated in a new area and gives access to new areas. these areas are :
  • The Cove Area: An area located near the coastline and supervised by the Area Keeper Samurott. It is the first area Pikachu visits, and where the adventure starts. The Cove Area has three different locations : Seasong Beach, Cove Town and Drifblim Stop.
  • The Arbor Area: A grassy land filled with trees and watched over by the Area Master Queen Serperior. Many Grass Type Pokémon inhabit the area. Three locations are available in this area : The Windmill Way, the Verdant Court and the Drifblim Stop.
  • The Crag Area: A rocky and mountainous area where strong Pokémon train and it's governed by the Pokémon Master Emboir. It is also the place where the Battle Tournament takes place. There are three different locations within the area: The Rockridge Fort, the Colosseum and Drifblim Stop.

Cove Area
The Cove
Arbor Area
The Arbor
Crag Area
The Crag

  • The Tech Area: A rather modern area filled with warehouses and trains, and led by the Area Keeper Conkeldurr. There are four locations within the area : The Train Depot, the Unawarehouse, the Scientorium and Drifblim Stop.
  • The Arcane Area: It's located above the Arbor Area and can only be accessed after finishing the game story. It is the only area without an Area Keeper or Master. It mainly has two locations : The Lakeshore and Drifblim Stop.

Tech Area
The Tech Area
Arcane Area
The Arcane Area
Wish Palace Wish Park
The Wish Palace, in Wish Park

The Wish Park: A shady park where Pokémon are trapped using different attractions, hosted by Darkrai and his followers. The area has four different locations, each secured by an Area Guardian. that are link to the Wish Palace. These areas are :
  • The Cake Zone: The Wish Park area connected to the Cove Area and where the player can participate in the Cake Contraption Attraction. It is guarded by Cofagrigus.
  • The Dance Zone: It is connected to the Arbor Area and the location of the Dance Inferno Attraction. It is led by Chandelure.
  • The Power Zone: Here, the Power Bash Attraction can be played and the area is connected to the Crag Area and guarded by Gothitelle and Hexorus.
  • The Flight Zone: Connected to the Tech Area and ruled by Sigilyph, the Flight Zone is the last of the four Wish Park Areas and where the last Wish Bell will be rang.
  • The Wish Palace: Once all Wish Bells in the four Wish Park areas are rang, the way to the Wish Palace gets unlocked. It is a fancy palace where Darkrai resides.

The Attractions

They are challenges that the player must take, in order to advance through the game. They are only found in the Four Areas of the Wish Park, with each area having its own attraction :

  • Cake Contraption: An attraction located in the Cake Zone and guarded by Confagrigus. It has two stages : In stage one, which lasts 60 seconds, the player has to shoot beans brought by Patrat. Different beans colors give different scores : The Gold beans award 1000 points, the Red ones 300 points and the Green ones 100 points. In stage two of the attraction, the player has now to shoot ingredients transforming them into cakes and then shooting them again to apply the toppings. The ingredients colors do also affect the score. Gold ingredients give 500 then 1000 points when shot again, Dark ones give 300 then 600 points and Normal ones give 100 then 300 points.
  • Dance Inferno: The attraction of the Dance Zone, guarded by Chandelure. The player has to imitate the gestures shown on the screen with the Wii controller. The score depends on the timing of the gesture whether it's Great, Good or Failed.
  • Power Bash: The attraction of the Power Zone, guarded by Gothitelle and then Haxorus. It lasts 60 seconds and the player has to hit Pokémon coming at them, knocking them away. The score once again depends on the timing of the hit. Sometimes bombs will appear and if they hit the Pokémon it will get stunned for 3 seconds.
  • Flight of Fancy: The last attraction located in the Flight Zone, guarded by Sigilyph. It is a lap race within space, where the player has to collect different colored crystals, all while racing the other Pokémon. Large Pokémon can appear on the player's way, if they hit them, their Pokémon will be stunned for few seconds. There are also rings that function as speed boosts, if a Pokémon goes through them. The crystals disappear on the third round and start to be randomly through by a Seismitoad. The score does depend on the race result and the crystals collected. Yellow crystals award 100 points, Light Blue ones award 50 points, Red ones award 30 and the Blue award 20. The speed rings do also give 50 points.

Skill Games

These are mainly a sort of mini games that allow the player to befriend other Pokémon. The befriended Pokémon are needed when the player is trying to open a Poster Portal in an area to its counterpart in the Wish Park. The more befriended Pokémon the player have in the area, the easier the task.

  • Chase: It's a tag game where the player has to chase and capture the other Pokémon. Its mechanics are somewhat adjusted compared to the last game. The chased Pokémon can only be stunned by attacks under certain circumstances. The player can also perform special Dash moves which may facilitate reaching the opponent. The chased Pokémon will still try to hinder the player by attacking them or setting traps.
  • Battle: A battle mini game where the player must simply reduce the opponent Pokémon health points as low as needed. The four Pokémon friends can be used to battle, but they cannot be switched once the battle starts. Yet, the befriended Pokémon can join the battle and aid the player, and that can only be done once.
  • Quiz: A very simple quiz game where the player needs to answer all the asked questions correctly, allowing them to befriend the Pokémon.

Extra Features

The game does offer a few extra features that enhance the fun experience and may further facilitate the story mode:

  • The Multiplayer Mode: Unlike the previous game, PokéPark 2 : Wonders Beyond offers the possibility to play the attractions with up to four players. Each of the player will be using one of Pikachu's three friends, along with Pikachu itself. They can either compete against each other or assist each other to complete the attraction.
  • Pokémon Upgrades : Similarly to PokéPark Wii : Pikachu's Adventure, the player can upgrade their Pokémons stats and moves. These upgrades are bought with berries, from different Pokémon located in the Cove Area. The upgrades are as follows:

- Pikachu's Moves Upgrades: A Raichu in Port Town will power up Pikachu's moves up to three times each.
- Oshawott's Moves Upgrades: A Dewott found in Port Town will power up the moves of Oshawott up to three times.
- Snivy's Moves Upgrades: Snivy's moves can also be powered up to a maximum of three times by a Servine in Port Town.
- Tepig's Moves Upgrades: As for Tepig, he too can get his skills powered up three times at a Pignite found in Port Town.
- Dash Upgrade: The Dash ability can be powered up twice, for each of the four Pokémon, with the help of a Blitzle.
- Strength Upgrade: Pikachu and his friends' health points can be improved three times with Audino's assistance.

Videos & Media

Check out these PokéPark 2: Wonder's Beyond videos including the launch trailer, one of the Pokémon specific trailers (Oshawotts) and the games intro/opening video.

Official Launch Trailer

The 'all about Oshawott' trailer... you have to see it just for the music. They did these for Tepig, Snivy and Pikachu too. Check them out on our channel.

The Opening / Intro video showing the premise for PokéPark 2's story

Trivia & Facts

  • There's a Zekrom Altar in the Wish Palace, which might bring some fans to question if there's a dark side to the game, where actually one of the two dragons is the hidden mastermind behind the Wish Park incident.
  • The game is known as PokéPark 2: Beyond the World in Japan.


Compared to the previous game, PokéPark 2 : Wonders Beyond, didn't perform quite as well in terms of sales. Within the three first weeks of its release, the game sold around 70 thousand copies in Japan, nearly 22 thousand in Europe and 35 thousand copies in the USA. The sales improved later on, with the game selling over 244 thousand copies in Japan, almost 54 thousand in Europe and 76 thousand copies in the USA. Overall, the game ended up selling 0.75 million copies, which is deemed to be quite average compared to the rest of the Pokémon spin off Games.


PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond was well received and score good scores on major review websites. Let's take a look at these reviews: PiplupPiplup

  • Audrey Drake from IGN was impressed by the graphics and the Pokémon 3D models, yet thought the game was "too much repetition and too little depth" grading it 6.5/10, the equivalent of "Okay" on the IGN scale.
  • Although the GameSpot admins didn't review the game, the members gave it a score of 7.8/10 over 21 reviews.
  • On GameRankings, PokéPark 2 : Wonders beyond, earned a remarkable score of 64.92% over 13 reviews, while it scored 60% on Metacritic, over 18 critics.
  • As the scores portray it, the game was quite appealing and successful, yet it's rather advised for the young Pokémon fans and the hardcore ones, as it can get repetitive.

Media & Artwork



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