Pokemon Rumble Blast (Nintendo 3DS)
Pokemon Rumble Blast (Nintendo 3DS)




Pokemon Rumble Blast
Pokemon Rumble Blast
General information
 Platform  Nintendo 3DS
 Developed by  Ambrella
 Published by  Nintendo
 Generation  Generation V
 Predecessor  Pokemon Rumble
 Successor  Pokemon Rumble U
 Release dates
  Australia  December 8th, 2011
  Europe  December 2nd, 2011
  Japan  August 11th, 2011
  United States  October 24th, 2011
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Pokemon Rumble Blast TitlePokémon Rumble Blast is the second beat em' up game in the Pokémon Rumble series, and the first Pokémon game to be released on Nintendo 3DS. Using toy Pokémon, the player will go through different stages and areas, battling waves of enemies and unlocking new Pokémon.

The game features Pokémon up to the fifth generation, along with various game modes ranging from Single Mode to Multiplayer Mode. Unlike the previous game in the Pokémon Rumble series, Pokémon Rumble Blast has a rather interesting story line; assisted with fun mechanics and Mii 3D Models.


The game begins with a scene of Zekrom and Reshiram battling in toy forms. The player, then, starts out as a toy Pikachu in Beginner's Park, where they have to battle a bunch of Pansage, Pansear, Panpour and Unova starters. They manage to recruit Snivy, Oshawott and Tepig and face off Zekrom as the stage Boss. They inevitably lose the fight and the stage crumbles.

First Chapter: Battle Royale

The player finds themselves in Toy Town, where they meet Lilipup who'll familiarize them with the town and ask them to head to the meadow. As they return to Toy Town, they learn that the Glowdrops had been stolen and Pawniard is the first suspect.When the player contacts him, Pawniard states that the player won't survive the next Battle Royale and runs away. Subsequently, the player enters Challenger's Ground, where they beat Pawniard at the semi finals, and also win the finals. Pawniard reveals that it wasn't him that stole the Glowdrops, but Krookodile and his Pokémon group, and which will visit Easterly Town next. The player informs Toy Town's citizens of the news and they show the player the way to Easterly Town.

Second Chapter: Stolen Glowdrops

A cutscene is played, where Cobalion adresses a group of Pokémon and demonstrates how the Glowdrops can remove rust from any object. Cobalion, then, orders the Pokémon to gather as many Glowdrops as possible and the scene ends with the Pokémon moving out. The player reaches Easterly Town and witnesses Krookodile stealing its Glowdrops and defeating all the Pokémon standing in his way. The player chases the thief, through different areas, until they meet a Gurdurr that informs them about the Glowdrops fountain which has the power to restore the Glowdrops in the town. The player heads toward it and encounters Cobalion there. They fight and Cobalion manages to knock out all of the player's Pokémon and take the Glowdrops.

Third Chapter: Chasing Cobalion

The player visits Westerly Town and meets a Zorua there, who tells them about Cobalion's wherabouts. The player heads toward Firebreathing Mountain, where Cobalion is supposedly hiding, and gets attacked by strange Rusty Pokémon along the way. The player manages to defeat them and reach the last fort on the Firebreathing Mountain. There, Zorua reveals he's one of Cobalion's followers and attacks the player with Zoroark's help. The player defeats both of them and finds Cobalion. Being too powerful, Cobalion knocks the player out again, bends their Wonder Key and proceeds north. The player wakes up badly injured and moves toward the Northerly Town, as they are still determined to go after Cobalion.

Fourth Chapter: The Wonder Key's Secret

Upon reaching Northerly Town, the player meets an Elgyem who suggests that they go to the Temple of Keys, after seeing their bent Wonder Key. The player enters the temple and notices that a Battle Royale is taking place there. After they win the Battle Royale, they earn the Temple Key which replaces the Wonder Key. A Golett, later on, reveals that the Path of Heroes leading to Cobalion would be unlocked once the player wins the rest of the Battle Royales. Each time the player wins a Battle Royale, a portion of the path appears. After successfully winning the four Battle Royales and defeating the two Cobalion forts, the Path of Heroes is completely open and the player crosses it, reaching the World Axle. A scene is then played, showing Cobalion's minions using the Glowdrops to unlock the World Axle, but they soon start to strangely rust away. Afterwards, it is revealed that an evil Wonder Key, known as Dark Rust, is behind the rusting of toy Pokémon. This villain is causing the toy Pokémon to get rust, in order to gain control over them and form an army, under his commands. The player and Cobalion team up to battle the rusty toy Pokémon and enter the World Axle, intending to defeat Dark Rust.

Fifth Chapter: Dark Rust

The player and Cobalion reach Axle Town, where they are welcomed by a Pikachu who informs them about the area. They head to Dark Rust's Fort, while going through waves of the Dark Legion formed of rusty Pokémon in the axle areas. At the fort, they face more and more enemies, until they finally get to Dark Rust himself. At first, Dark Rust appears to be protected by a strong barrier but Cobalion manages to destroy it with a devastating attack. The group faces off Dark Rust and manages to defeat it. With the evil Wonder Key defeated, things go back to normal and the World Axle starts providing the towns with Glowdrops again.

Official Description

This rumble is a blast! Discover over 600 Toy Pokémon to build an unbeatable force!

Official Concept Art of Pokemon Rumble Blast
Official Concept Art of Pokemon Rumble Blast


The game features 646 Pokémon, up to the fifth generation. Most of them can be befriended through the various game stages, while others require special methods to be unlocked.

Legendary Pokémon:

After completing the main story,  there's a 5% chance at the end of each stage, that the catapult sending the player to the Boss battle, will instead send them to a Legendary Pokémon battle. This means, that the player might have to revisit the stages several times, in order to access the Legendary Pokémon battles.

 Pokémon Location
Mewtwo Factories
Lugia Beaches
Ho-Oh Autumnwood
Latias Meadows
Latios Meadows
Kyogre Beaches
Groudon Lavas
Rayquaza Towers
Deoxys Factories
Dialga Caves
Palkia Lakes
Heatran Lavas
Regigigas Deserts
Giratina Hauntyards
Giratina (Origine Forme) Hauntyards
Cresselia Treetops
Darkrai Hauntyards
Arceus Towers
Cobalion Caves
Terrakion Canyons
Virizion Forests
Tornadus Autumnwood / Volcanic Slope
Thundurus Autumnwood / Firebreathing Mountain
Reshiram Caves
Zekrom Caves
Landorus Autumnwood
Kyurem Glaciers

Pokémon unlocked through Passwords

Some Pokémon are unobtainable in the game, and can only be obtained through the use of certain passwords. Inputting the password make the Pokémon appear on certain locations, while others might additionally be instantly unlocked for use.

Password for the European Version
 Pokémon Location Password
Lugia Shimmering Lake 3467-3843
Moltres Sunny Seashore 6284-2344
Zapdos Everspring Valley 1566-6140
Articuno Frozen Tundra 2704-0204
Pikachu Volcanic Slope 7580-5216
Snivy Soothing Shore 4941-6440
Serperior Trailhead Field 8047-7639
Tepig Misty Edgewater 5487-0833
Emboar Echo Valley 6306-9222
Oshawott Shimmering Lake 8084-8937
Samurott Seabreaze Trail 3791-9675
Victini Sun-Dappled Bank 9082-7838
Dialga Challenger's Ground 3681-9208
Tornadus Volcanic Slope 9816-6460
Thundurus Firebreathing Mountain 1189-0516
Groudon Firebreathing Mountain 7132-9643
Audino Sun-Dappled Bank 7462-8687
Zoroark Frozen Tundra 6150-1893
Garchomp Rugged Flats 1027-9741
Gallade Everspring Valley 4291-0125
Unfezant Misty Edgewater 0632-6305
Eelektross Volcanic Slope 1189-0516
Gliscor Sunny Seashore 7182-4825
Stunfisk Soothing Shore 4074-7455

Password for the Japanese Version
 Pokémon Location Password
Snivy Soothing Shore 8590-9413
Serperior Trailhead Field 3791-0580
Tepig Misty Edgewater 1906-5834
Emboar Echo Valley 8902-7356
Oshawott Shimmering Lake 1432-2751
Samurott Seabreeze Trail 9418-1517
Garchomp Rugged Flats 6067-1831
Audino Sun-Dappled Bank 1975-5256
Pikachu Volcanic Slope 6715-6555
Gliscor Sunny Seashore 7442-3671
Zoroark Frozen Tundra 0120-8652
Gallade Everspring Valley 9616-8485
Unfezant Misty Edgewater 3654-9185
Eelektross Volcanic Slope 1562-5492
Stunfisk Soothing Shore 4000-2108
Moltres Sunny Seashore 6301-6557
Zapdos Everspring Valley 3060-1785
Articuno Frozen Tundra 7322-0927
Lugia Shimmering Lake 6079-2900
Groudon Firebreathing Mountain 7415-3319
Dialga Firebreathing Mountain 9752-8353
Victini Sun-Dappled Bank 7267-3443
Tornadus Volcanic Slope 5155-4087
Thundurus Firebreathing Mountain 2751-4887

Password for the North American Version
 Pokémon Location Password
Gallade Everspring Valley 3535-6928
Unfezant Misty Edgewater 4716-9936
Zoroark Frozen Tundra 2153-6742
Stunfisk Soothing Shore 4713-9936
Gliscor Sunny Seashore 9625-7845
Eelektross Volcanic Slope 2159-4650
Garchomp Rugged Flats 1959-4010
Audino Sun-Dappled Bank 0176-1458
Pikachu Volcanic Slope 7746-3878
Snivy Soothing Shore 0835-7338
Tepig Misty Edgewater 2061-8332
Emboar Echo Valley 5662-7748
Oshawott Shimmering Lake 7403-2240
Samurott Seabreeze Trail 2452-2129
Victini Sun-Dappled Bank 6699-8898
Groudon Firebreathing Mountain 0681-1611
Thundurus Firebreathing Mountain 8819-8699
Tornadus Volcanic Slope 0250-7321
Dialga Challenger's Ground 3402-6485
Moltres Sunny Seashore 8714-7361
Zapdos Everspring Valley 1675-4459
Articuno Frozen Tundra 2364-4610
Lugia Shimmering Lake 0442-4822

Pokémon Obtained through Pokémon release

Within each town, there's a facility that allows the player to release some of their Pokémon. The player will earn currency in exchange of the Pokémon released, but they may also earn the Pokémon's next evolution if they release 7 times a Pokémon specie.

Pokémon Obtainable from exchange

It is possible to obtain Pokémon evolutions that aren't available in the game or which are very hard to acquire through Pokémon trade. If the player gives a specie of Pokémon 7 times, they'll unlock its second or next evolution. If they repeat the same process 7 times, which means trading the Pokémon specie 49 times, they'll unlock its third evolution.

Pokémon Obtained from the Toy Shop

After a certain number of customer's visit the player's Toy Shop, some Pokémon are unlocked and will appear in specific locations.

 Pokémon Location Number of Customers
Uxie Sun-Dappled Bank 2
Mesprit Soothing Shore 5
Azelft Shimmering Lake 10
Phione Rugged Flats 20
Manaphy Rugged Flats 20
Jirachi Firebreathing Mountain 40
Celebi Everspring Valley 60
Mew Sunny Seashore 80
Shaymin World Axle 100
Shaymin (Sky Forme) World Axle 120
Victini World Axle 150

Gameplay and Features


Throughout the game, the player will have to go through different areas, located in 5 different worlds. Within each stage, they'll battle waves of wild Pokémon and a final Boss, at the end of the stage. At the end of each stage, there's a chance to recruit and befriend the Pokémon beaten through it. Each Pokémon has two skill moves that can be used and new ones can be learned through Vending Machines, located in towns. The player can also equip their toy Pokémon with items that might come in handy during the battles or as they travel.
pokemon rumble blast conceptart 3VDuOpokemon rumble blast conceptart O2P0kpokemon rumble blast conceptart 5zTzg
Oshawatt, Tepig and Snivy in their Toy forms


There are four towns in the game : Easterly Town, Westerly Town, Northerly Town and Axle Town. These towns function as hubs, where the player can benefit from several facilities such as the Light Springs which heal the Pokémon, or the Vending Machines that teach new moves. Each town does also provide shortcuts to the other towns. Within the towns, the player can also find many Pokémon that will help them with their quest.

Toy Shop

The Toy Shop is owned by the player and is where their Pokémon will appear on display. Each day, customers might visit the player's shop to buy Pokémon toys. The player will unlock some Pokémon based on the number of customers visiting their shop. The shop is also the place, where most StreetPass features take place.

Game Modes

Similarly to the previous game in the series, Pokémon Rumble Blast provides several Game Modes, each with their unique fun.

  • Standard Mode: It is the main game mode where the story takes place. Here, the player will go through different levels and adventures, battling wild Pokémon and Bosses and unlocking new playable characters. This mode can be played both in single player, or in multiplayer with friends using the local wireless network.
  • Street Pass Battle Modes: If the player walks across another one who has the game, both their data would be transfered to each others. They can later on, battle each other's Miis with their respective Pokémon, in Boss Battle.
  • Team Battle Mode: Within this mode, the player will use three different Pokémon at the same time. They can make these Pokémon stand on top of each other, which powers up their attacks and combines their hp bars.
  • Charge Battle Mode: This mode allows the player to control a whole army of Pokémon. The player will face other Pokémon armies, and can recruit more Pokémon to their own ranks by collecting special flags from the battlefield.
  • Battle Royale Mode: The Battle Royale takes place in a closed ring, where the player will have to face waves of enemies. As the player defeats a wave, another will come at them, with stronger Pokémon.
  • Rumpus Room Mode: As the player finishes parts of certain levels, they'll be sometimes transported to special rooms instead of the next part of that level. In the Rumpus rooms, the player will have to either defeat 50 of the Pokémon available in the level, or defeat four Bosses representing a final evolution of a specific Pokémon.
  • Battle Locale Mode: After finishing the main story, the Rattata in Easterly Town will tell the player that the Battle Locale Mode is unlocked. Within this mode, the player will enter a random area and won't be able to use any of their own Pokémon. Instead, they'll be given the Rattata as their sole Pokémon, and they can collect more Pokémon throughout the level, who will help the player finish it.


Check out these videos from Pokemon Rumble Blast including the games opening cinematic, TV commercials and the trailer.

Japanese TV Commercial

The intro / opening video

The official trailer

Trivia & Facts

  • The trailers of the game in Europe, feature One Direction, the pop music group.
  • Pokémon Rumble Blast is the first Pokémon game to be released on the 3DS.
  • The game was released one day prior to the official release date.

Sales Figures

Within the first three weeks of its release, the game managed to sell around 135 thousand copies in Japan, 44 thousand in Europe and about 75 thousand in the USA. The sales continued to rise further, reaching a total of 346 thousand copies sold in Japan, 262 thousand in Europe and 432 thousand in the USA, with a final global number of 1.15 million copies sold around the world.

Review Scores

The game was controversially received, earning scores ranging from bad to good on major review websites. Let's take a look at these reviews:

  • Audrey Drake from IGN found the game far more interesting than its predecessor as it offers "more to do, way more Pokemon to collect and far more areas to explore". She rated it 6.5/10, the equivalent of "Okay" on the IGN scale.
  • Heidi Kemps from GameSpot wasn't satisfied with the game at all, thinking it was mindless and monotonous, and rating it 4.5/10, which equates to "Poor" on the GS scale.
  • On GameRankings, the game received a good score of 57.86%, over 22 reviews, while it earned 56% on Metacritic, over 36 critics.

Overall, Pokémon Rumble Blast offers some quite fun and unique features, but can become repetitive at certain points.Reshiram Concept ArtworkReshiram Concept Artwork

Media & Artwork

Official Artwork Gallery from Pokemon Rumble Blast - A gallery featuring many of the Pokemon and chraracters
Box Art from Pokemon Rumble Blast including numerous regional variations + editions
Screenshots from Pokemon Rumble Blast



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