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Have you ever wondered why Nintendo didn’t continue its partnership with Wizards of the Coast? It seems like a question that we’ve all asked, even indirectly. Yet, though we’ve all asked this question, it’s also more than likely that we haven’t thought about it for too long, nor really cared that much, either. It just seems to be a fact of life that we all mutually accept as something that happened, and is now forgotten.

The Beginning

Surprisingly, Nintendo and Wizards of the Coast actually have a checkered past, and the change between Pokémon cards being distributed by Nintendo from Wizards of the Coast wasn’t exactly clean. It was messy, filled with colourful debate, and even now a sore point for both companies that rightfully should be forgotten. But, for those interested in what happened, here’s the lowdown for you:

Creating a trading card game (TCG) is a standard practice nowadays. You can find TCGs for everything, ranging from the well established Yu-Gi-Oh: The Trading Card Game, to random offshoots for television shows like Top Gear. More often than not, if it exists, there’s a TCG for it – and that’s not a joke. Even American Idol – a reality show that somehow resurrects itself from the dead every few years, had a TCG. So, with Pokémon sales skyrocketing, TCG being the hottest thing on the market, and the two being seemingly made for each other, it was only natural that Pokémon would decide to invest in making a TCG of their own. But, in creating one, they didn’t decide to do it on their own, but, instead enlisted the help of TCG veterans, Wizards of the Coast. This, in itself was also a very natural decision for Nintendo and Pokémon. Wizards of the Coast, if you don’t know, are known for being the forefathers of modern TCG, first establishing themselves with the now immensely popular Magic: The Gathering. So, in making this partnership, Nintendo and Pokémon decidedly had all the workings of what would become one of the most successful modern TCGs in their hands. Except, it wasn’t that simple.

The Problem

Now, it’s not exactly easy to find out definite facts relating to what happened between Nintendo/Pokémon and Wizards of the Coast, but it is clear that there was a problem. Firstly, Nintendo and Pokémon weren’t happy with the direction that Wizards of the Coast were taking the Pokémon TCG. This, in itself, is vague, but misguided speculating on what it means that Pokémon wasn't happy won’t really get us anywhere. The bottom line is, there are a lot of sources of information out there on the internet, but randomly picking some maybe-but-not-really-trustworthy sources won’t clear up the debate. That’s why, it is with this in mind, that we should just note that there was some sort of dissatisfaction from Nintendo and Pokémon towards Wizards of the Coast and the Pokémon TCG.

But, one thing that we know for sure is that Wizards of the Coast had established a contract with Nintendo, which was to be succeeded by the Pokémon Company USA, who would then continue to make Pokémon cards in the USA. If you’ve noticed that even in this article Nintendo and Pokémon seem like interchangeable companies, it’s because Pokémon wasn’t a separate company from Nintendo for a few years, and the establishing of the Pokémon Company USA is an example of the change in Nintendo’s licensing shifting to Pokémon themselves – but also one that makes explaining this somewhat confusing. But, in sticking to the topic, here’s what had happened:
  • Wizards of the Coast had a contract with Pokémon for creating Pokémon cards.
  • Wizards of the Coast were supposed to have their contract succeeded by the Pokémon Company USA (and presumably other regional variants of Pokemon branding depending on the country).
And here, is where it didn’t go to plan:The shift from Wizards of the Coast to Pokémon was not a clean one. It was messy, and it resulted in Pokémon’s own prints of the TCG being released on store shelves at the same time that Wizards of the Coast had their prints of the TCG on store shelves. Clearly, this wasn’t supposed to happen, and caused a lawsuit from Wizards of the Coast, who had claimed that Pokémon breached contract. To further the problem, Wizards of the Coast also claimed damages, arguing that Pokémon had used their patented methods of producing cards.

The Aftermath

But then? Well, it more-or-less just fizzled out like a wet candle. Wizards of the Coast and Pokémon resolved the problem with their own, internal methods of communication, as opposed to the courtroom. This, was a decidedly smart resolution, as even now, we find ourselves not bitterly remembering Wizards of the Coast, nor despising Pokémon. The companies reached an agreement on their own terms, and while we could speculate all types of scenarios, it is safe to say that it has concluded a messy argument in a clean way.


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Have you ever wondered why Nintendo didn’t continue its partnership with Wizards of the Coast? It seems like a question that we’ve all asked, even indirectly. Yet, though we’ve all asked this question, it’s also more than likely that we haven’t thought about it for too long, nor really cared that much, either. It just seems to be a fact of life that we all mutually accept as something that happened, and is now forgotten.


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Exhaustive. It’s hard to describe a series with twenty one movie adaptations (arguably more if you count TV specials and other lesser-known releases), in any other way. Now, Pokémon is set to release its twenty second, and first live-action film in theatres this May. Change is here. For one thing, every movie came with a promotional card or set of cards, but as the years went by, these exhausted themselves along with the movies. It may be cool to own an Ancient Mew card from the first movie, but nobody’s really talking about the promotional Keldeo card from Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice. In fact, with some promotional cards like the above-named Keldeo card, not only are they not talked about, but they’re not really worth anything, are basically useless in competitive play, and are not valued among collectors. It’s a harsh reality. But, Detective Pikachu has promised us something different, and delivered. This new Detective Pikachu TCG expansion is fresh, exciting and even a little risky. But, is it worth the hype?


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Pokemon TCG is Truly the Only Suitable TCG for Young Kids!

Parents let me explain why Pokemon TCG is truly the only suitable TCG for young kids. I am a father of four and have scoured the Earth for suitable games for my children to play that are fun yet provide a challenge to play. And one of those games is Pokemon TCG.

First off everyone who gives Pokemon a chance falls in love it it. From super cute to super cool there is a Pokemon character for everyone.My children range in age from 18 months to 10 years old. As they grow their tastes change but one thing has remained the same. They all love Pokemon. My 5 year old son loves, you guessed it, Pikachu, Rowlet, Litten and Poplio. The super cute Basic Pokemon are easy for the littlest ones to love. My middle son is 7 years old and now cares more for Ultra Beasts and the Evolved Stage Pokemon which are stronger and have cooler abilities. Don’t get me wrong he still has a soft spot in his heart for Pikachu. Then you have my 10 year old daughter. She’s kind of on the darker side of Pokemon right now. She’s into, that’s right, Dark and Ghost type Pokemon, with a side of Fire type. She likes Gengar and Banette most right now. As for me, Daddy likes Charizard and Rayquaza. You can’t go wrong with some iconic dragons. There is a Pokemon character for everyone to love so go find out which one is calling you.


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Why Pokémon Go can be good for your Health

It’s rare for anyone to suggest that a video game could be good for your well-being. After all, most releases are associated with youngsters and their consoles who find themselves confined to their rooms as they battle in front of the screen.

Too much time indoors isn’t healthy for anyone but that’s why Pokémon Go has bucked a trend to provide computer gaming with some better publicity from medical science. The game has been a roaring success since its release but it also deserves praise for its potential health benefits.

The Great Outdoors
New York, USA - November 22, 2012: 86th annual Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City on November 22, 2012. Pokemon Pikachu balloon at Macys` Thanksgiving Day parade.


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We love the idea of Pokémon spinoff games. It makes sense that there are already many, given the scope of the Pokémon world, and the opportunities that it represents, yet we can’t help but always hope for more. More games, weirder spinoffs, crossing every genre imaginable. Sure, not all of these can end up being hits, but there is always a place for a gaming Magicarp, even if just as a stepping stone to a gaming Gyarados.


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Pokémon™ Casino Slot: Play but This Time Collect Real Cash Prizes

Poker Mon

 There has been a chequered past between the characters of Pokémon and casinos. Having had scenes totally removed from the Pokemon Fire Red™ game because complaints from concern parents stated the scene would encourage kids with gambling. It’s fair to be said that there is an up and down relationship between the two giants.The now infamous gaming corner in Fire Red™ saw players/characters play out on 16 different slot machine games to receive virtual coin payouts from various win levels. It also offered puzzles to crack and a lottery section. The currency could then buy different powers for your Pokémon character to help players through the game. Anyway, it all kicked off and it was removed and banished to now myth and Pokémon scare stories. Alas, the battle was won in the end – You can now play a real Pokémon slot game! Where there is a will there is a way for some game makers and clear fans of the Pokémon craze.


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How Pokémon GO Changed the Future of Online Gaming

Pokemon Go Future Online Gaming
Source: Pexels

For as long as there have been video games, there has been a correlation between them and casinos. For instance, arcade cabinets have been compared to slots, as they both require small amounts of cash to be playable. By the turn of the century, seemingly innocent games including those in the Super Mario Bros. franchise were incorporating missions and mini-games that were literally poker games or blackjack.


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