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Pokemon Ranger
And the Temple of the Sea
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General information
 Directed by  Kunihiko Yuyama
 Produced by  Yukako Matsusako
 Takemoto Mori
 Junya Okamoto
 Choji Yoshikawa
 Written by  Hideki Sonoda
 Rica Matsumoto
 Kaori Suzuki
 Kyoko Yamada
 Yuji Ueda
 Ikue Ōtani
 Megumi Hayashibara
 Shin-ichiro Miki
 Inuko Inuyama
 Kaori Manabe
 Narrated by  Unshou Ishizuka
 Runtime  105 minutes
 Box office takings  $26.9 million
 Predecessor  Lucario & The Mystery of Mew
 Successor  The Rise of Darkrai
 Release dates
  Australia  N/A
  Europe  November 18th, 2007
  Japan  July 15th, 2006
  United States  March 23rd, 2007
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Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, or when directly translated from it's Japanese title "Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation the Movie: Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy" is the ninth film in the Pokemon franchise as well as being the fourth and final film in the Advanced Generation series.

Like all of it's predecessors this movie was directed by Kunihiko Yuyama. It may also come as no surprise to learn that a lot of stuff from the film is based on the Nintendo DS game Pokemon Ranger, as indicated by it's title.

The films initial release came on July 16th, 2006 when it arrived in theaters across Japan. Next it was broadcast in the USA on Cartoon Network on March 23rd, 2007 and then continued with staggered DVD releases across the world until it finally finished releasing in Europe just in time for Christmas 2007.

For the first time since the release of Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker a 20 minute Pikachu short was included with this movie, called Pikachu's Island Adventure.

This time for the first time in Pokemon International Movie release history 4Kids Entertainment were not charged with the English dub of the movie, as The Pokémon Company themselves had decided they were going to do it from here on. But thats not where the changes ended, this would be the first Pokémon movie that would be produced start-to-finish by TAJ Productions, and it was also the debut of a new English voice cast.

Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea is the longest movie in the Pokemon franchise to date with the main feature running for 1 hour 45 minutes.

Inspiration for the films settings and locations were drawn from Rome, Naples and the Island of Capri in Italy; locations which Yuyama visited personally prior to production.


Official Description

There's a legend out there, about a Sea Temple created by the People of the Water, where the Sea Crown is kept. No one has ever seen this Sea Crown, and very few people even know the story of the temple, except a few members of the People of the Water who wander through the Pokémon world. That all changes when a Pokémon Ranger named Jackie rescues a Manaphy Egg from a greedy pirate named Phantom! Phantom is absolutely determined to snatch the Sea Crown, and he'll need Manaphy to get to it. To stay one step ahead, Jackie will need to enlist the help of the People of the Water.

A chance encounter with the People of the Water puts Ash, May and friends right in the thick of the action, and May forms a very special bond with the Legendary Manaphy, even as the specter of Phantom hovers ever closer! Together, they must find the Sea Temple before Phantom does, unlocking the secret that connects Manaphy and the Sea Temple!

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