Talk about pokemon games that don't already have a forum. (Colosseum, Stadium, Dash, TCG for Game Boy, Puzzle League, Magikarp Jump, etc) You can also post about things that you wish to see in future games here.
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Re: Pokemoncraft

Post by White Phoenix » Thu 2010.Oct.07, 12:27

Honkaa, advertising is not permitted until you have had been a member for awhile. Please read our rules. Besides, right now we have only about three active members. Take a look around. Read the thread in the Pokémon Dungeon Discussion chamber. Make suggestions, if you wish. Today is the last day it will be open. After we are back in the groove, and you have stayed with us for awhile, then it will be worth your while to promote Pokémoncraft. In other words, we need you to join us to make this site a great site once again. Tell your friends, to visit and make suggestions about what we could give them that they haven’t been able to find elsewhere. We can always start new threads for suggestions.

Thank you for your support.
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